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It's All Fun And Games Until...

Jungkook is a jock and all-around golden boy living his best life EVER. Until the day he steps into his 7 AM class, and his TA smiles at him. OR Jungkook quotes 80s teen movies when he’s nervous, and Hoseok makes him very nervous.

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But I Don't Really Like You, Apologetically Dressed

By asterevens Published
Tags  romance   hanbin   junhoe   ikon   junbin 
Characters hanbin, junhoe, bobby, rest of ikon
With 3 chapters, 15 votes, 78 subscribers, 4670 views, 14 comments, 6919 words
Status Completed

They were all a little surprised after all, Junhoe had always hated Hanbin.    

You, Me, Him

By 280391 Published
Tags  indonesian   hanbin   bobby   doubleb   junbin 
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 25 subscribers, 4230 views, 8 comments, 7307 words

no description

Conflicted Feelings and Love Taken Away.

By GbabyBong Published
Tags  jiwon   hanbin   junhoe   doubleb   junbin 
Characters Han-Bin, Jun-Hwe, Bobby and the rest of iKON as cameo.
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 3 comments, 1129 words

I'm not a writer and english is not my native language but sometimes, you just got to write in order not to get crazy with the ideas inside your head. Comments and constructive critism are pretty much needed. The plot here are just a fragment of my imagination that is getting out of control. 

June's Confession

By Ristaa Published
Tags  hanbin   bobby   junhoe   doubleb   ikon   junbin 
With 2 votes, 233 subscribers, 3130 views, 11 comments, 87 words
Status Subscribers Only

June finally open his heart for someone, someone that really close to him. Jinan hyung? Nah, it never been him in the first place. So who? Its none other, his roomate and his leader, Kim Hanbin. And how Bobby will react to June's confession?


By baekyeolismylife Published
Tags  ikon   junbin 
Characters Goo Junhoe, Kim Hanbin
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 40 subscribers, 2360 views, 6 comments, 1298 words

A collection of JunBin one-shots.

Love-Hate Chatting

By kjsykjkhkdgjjc07 Published
Tags  hanbin   kimhanbin   junhoe   goojunhoe   ikon   junbin 
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 20 subscribers, 1780 views, 6 comments, 520 words
Status Completed

Just random chats from JunBin. 

Song to Sing

By rinrula Published
Tags  fluff   donghyuk   hanbin   bobby   junhoe   junbin 
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 48 subscribers, 2130 views, 10 comments, 4585 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Junhoe is just, clueless, that's it. Well, he hopes so. "Seriously? " is only not Donghyuk being a noisy up on his request. Junhoe sighs and scratches the back of his head. "Yeah, I need practice though." It's hard to be act all usual when he knows that he doesn't want it that way. Today, he saw something- this morning to be exact. And that view bothers him, like, a lot. He just want to distract his mind. Donghyuk holds his lips into a line, knowing Junhoe for more


By rinrula Published
Tags  fluff   hanbin   junhoe   ikon   junbin 
Characters Junhoe, Hanbin
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 39 subscribers, 1810 views, 9 comments, 829 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Thy are simple, without need any words to describe.


By rinrula Published
Tags  brothership   semiau   hanbin   junhoe   junbin 
With 2 chapters, 32 subscribers, 1390 views, 12 comments, 3444 words
Status Members Only

Human is complicated,  he is as well as complicated as others. But Hanbin doesn't want to be one. He has his little Junhoe after all. Everything will be fine for him now. "Aren't you just hallucinating, Hanbin-hyung?"  If just none doubts him.

With You

By rinrula Published
Tags  hanbin   junhoe   junbin   humorandfluff 
Characters Junhoe, Hanbin
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 29 subscribers, 7 comments, 1796 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Hanbin has got enough with all this . It becomes more than a burden now.  It's too much. "It will be nice if you spoil me often," "....." He chuckles and elbows the latter's waist. "Yah! I'm your boyfriend duh!" "And still my hyung to be bullied heh."

The Little Prince

By kjsykjkhkdgjjc07 Published
Tags  indonesian   donghyuk   hanbin   junhoe   yunhyeong   ikon   junbin 
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 16 subscribers, 1130 views, 6 comments, 9978 words

No descriptions


By rinrula Published
Tags  fluff   humor   hanbin   junhoe   junbin 
Characters Hanbin, Junhoe
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 39 subscribers, 1740 views, 5 comments, 1550 words
Status Completed, Members Only

BASTARD /ˈbɑː.stəd/ n. offensive, an unpleasant person   That is how Hanbin will describe Junhoe. 

Our Little Pet

By EXOticWolf23 Published
Tags  junhwan   junhoe   ikon   junbob   junbin   junhoexeveryone   junhoexbobby 
Characters Junhoe Bobby B.I Jinwhan, Chanwoo, yunhyeong, donghyuk, Ailee,
With 27 chapters, 3 votes, 839 subscribers, 13660 views, 39 comments, 31875 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By shrooms Published
Characters iKon, Koo Junhoe, Kim Hanbin
With 4 chapters, 21 votes, 571 subscribers, 6400 views, 62 comments, 9723 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

They Don't Know About Us

By kang14 Published
Tags  hanbin   junhoe   ikon   junbin   binjun 
Characters Hanbin Junhoe Jinhwan Yunhyung Bobby Donghyuk Chanwoo B.I June
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 35 subscribers, 2100 views, 1 comments, 1631 words
Status Completed, Members Only

This story is about Hanbin and Junhoe who caught my anttention beside i love JunBob/BobJun,, the two of them just ruin everything about my JunBob feeling,,, but i just love iKON,,,,

He lives and dreams in colours

By shrooms Published
Tags  jinhwan   hanbin   bobby   junhoe   ikon   junbin   binjun 
Characters Koo Junhoe, Kim Hanbin, iKon
With 1 chapters, 9 votes, 133 subscribers, 2310 views, 12 comments, 3130 words
Status Completed

They say that eyes are the windows to one’s soul, but his are so unfathomably deep that once you submerge yourself, you won’t be able to swim back out. (Hanbin/Junhoe sappy romance AU oneshot)