After years of procrastination, the mobile app fundraiser is what got this off the ground

I've had the AFF Badges idea on my to-do list for years now because it was a pain to implement but I finally managed to build it over a weekend for our mobile app fundraiser. Part of the reason I never got around to it was because AFF doesn't have a dedicated designer but we were lucky to find someone who volunteered their time for us on making these badges for our fundraiser. She did an awesome job in such a short period of time!

There are only three right now to focus on the mobile app fundraiser and you can check them out on our badges page. There will be just a few more that I'm thinking of having made for us: the Pioneer badge (for our earliest users who took the risk to join an unknown new site) and the x-Year Club (marking your x-number of years anniversary with us). I'm very appreciative of everyone who's supported us for so long and just wanted to show it in some fun way.

Have a good weekend!

...and St. Patty's day if you're celebrating it ;)


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keep up the good work boss xDD
i still doesnt really understand x_x
how to get that gold badge???
i dun hv credit card.. jason, anyone? indonesian? how to do it??
Woohoo you're back with great ideas again haha :D You rock, Jason! And I must say that the fundraising goes well :) We can reach the amount (altho it's a lot) in no time hopefully.

Happy St. Patty's day to you too :p
This great I love the badges but doesn't mean we have to start paying for our memberships do we?
Oppa, how can we participate without the paypal/credit card?
Ahhh!!! The badges look awesome! But I do have a little question... do we have to have a paypal account to checkout, Jason? ._. Because I was trying to see if I could checkout as guest and the option wasn't there.
I appreciate all your worl??? But... Have you heard about SOPA?
Will it affect us?

(psst totes celebrating St. Patty's this whole weekend, idc if work tomorrow, Stuttgart knows what it's doing yo)
The badges design is cute :)
Thank you, Jason for working so hard. It is much appreciated.
Those badges are great idea, *smile* I'll celebrate my 4th yr here in July lol
Say my thanks to the designer, I liked her work, she did a great job!
Is it possible to get all the badges?
I want to donate money for the fundraiser but I don't have a credit card. Do you have any other way?