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Delete all brackets and this note before turning in
Replace the gif of ChangJo and Ricky with a gif of your face claim. And change the three tiny photo's to pictures of your face claim.
If your not fluent in English, please state so in the comment's section of this application.




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Jangnan Anieyo

Username: (Hyperlink)
Nickname: (What should I call you?)
Activeness: (1-10)


Back To Basics

Character Name: (Last, First) (Hangul)
Nicknames: (Who calls you them and why)
D.O.B: (xx/xx/xxxx)
Age: (Korean age) (International)
Height & Weight
: (Cm || Ft || Kg)
Ethnicity: (Must be at least half. If you are mixed, please explain how)
Languages: (You can only have three, and you cannot be fluent in anything other than Korean. Sorry)
Plotline: (self explanatory)



Attitude Attitude Attitude

Personality: (2+ Paragraphs. Be very detailed and as accurate as possible. The more accurate you are, the higher your chances of getting selected will be!)
Background: (2+ paragraphs. Be believeable and detailed. You cannot have a sob story unless your plot line permits it.)
Likes: (5+)

Dislikes: (5+)
Habits: (3)
Fears: (2)
Trivia: (Max 20. Be reasonable, no superhumans.)
Story About Biggest Fear:
(1 paragraph should suffice,  but feel free to write more if you'd like)


Ohana Means Family  (If your plotline doesn't have a mother or father, do not fill that slot out)

Father:  (Name | Age | Career | Personality traits | Closeness)
Mother: (Name | Age | Career | Personality traits | Closeness)
Siblings: (No idol siblings) (Name |Age | Job | Personaltiy traits | Closeness )
Best Friend: (only 1) (Name | Age | Personality Traits | Why your best friends)
(Max 3) (Name | Age | Personality Traits | Why your friends)


You're My Everything

Love Interest Name: (Last, First) || (Hangul)
Age: (15-19) || (International)
Personality: (1+ Paragraphs. Please please be detailed and accurate)
Background: (Remember they are the rich East Siders)
Likes: (5+)
Dislikes: (5+)
Habbits: (3)
Fears: (2)
(Max 20. Be reasonable)
Story About Biggest Fear: (1 paragraph should suffice, but if you wan to write more you can)



This Is Me

Ulzzang Name:
(Link Here) or [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] HQ Pictures
Backup Ulzzang:
(Link Here) or [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] HQ Pictures
Appearance/Style: (Brief Sentence)
Extras: (Tattoo's, piercings, birth marks, scars, etc)



Bye Bye Bye

Scene Requests: (These are optional but a wonderous thing. Please please write me a few.)
Password: (You know the thing)


Turn In || BTS: Crossing Boundaries


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heres my application :D
hope you like her

It's 2am, so I'm not in the most sane state right now. I was going to turn it in yesterday, but it was Christmas, so yeah~~
AProudVIP #3

Here my apps, hope you like it and just tell me if there anything wrong..
morninginmarch #4

Here's my app darl! Sorry it took so long but wow your app was one of the longest to fill out. I've never had to go into so much detail about the love interest before :S But hey I've finished now, hope you like her!
I am applying too For Rap monster >.<
Also I copied the source code but for some reason some of the coloring and a little of the alignment is off. I tried fixing it but if you know what I can do to get it perfect let me know. Thanks
Here is the link
I'm sorry this took so long, but here's my application~! o u o
Please tell me if I forgot or need to edit anything.