chOi MyungHee

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basic profile.

name — Choi, Myunghee.

nickname(s) — Myunggie or MyungBean. Her father called her that ever since she was little because of her love of beanpaste (especially mocchi) and always insisting on eating it in some way at meals.
CODENAME — KONG (콩) (stands for Bean)

birthday & age — April, 15 1994 | 23

birthplace & hometown — Gwangju born and raised.

ethnicity — Full Korean

language(s) — Korean and conversational Polish [she's weird like that]. 

face claim & backup — Park Chorong [gallery] | Minah (Girls Day) [gallery]

me, me, and me.

style — Myunghee is very fashion forward, often opting for anything pastel and dresses are an absolute must for social outings.Even though she leads one hell of a gang life, she never forgets the importance of fashion, when she's not, you know, fighting of course. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


personalityEasygoing. Myunghee is fluid like water, always ebbing and flowing. She's a go with the flow type of gal, not one to really lead. It takes a lot for Myunghee to loose her cool or get upset, be it at herself or other people. I wouldn't really call her apathetic per say, just too lazy to react half of the time.

Basically if it doesn't directly relate or effect her in anyway, than essentially she could care less. The ONLY thing that can truly rile this girl up, since she is so fluidm is politics. Set her off and then it's another story ENTIRELY.

She's very deep into politics, always willing to hold an intelectual debate about world affairs and the government. It also, however, get's her into trouble because she gets so passionate about politics that she doesn't know when to shut up. Especially as a Saenuri-dang (center right/right leaning party), it always riles her up when her values are threatened or made invalid by a Jeongui-dang (Left/center left party).

She also loves a good dirty joke. Myunghee is all about that erted humor and she also loves men. You can often find her checking out guys on the street or in clubs, always looking for her next eye candy. Tall and muscular? YES PLEASE!

In addition to her personality, she is the queen of Dad jokes. I wish that I was making this up, but, sadly what MyungHee thinks is funny isn't actually funny at all. Her favorite jokes are the ones that are so stupid to others you can't help but laugh. The best dad joke? Well she's got a few she throws around.
      -"What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y."
      - "How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie in it!"
      - "Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted."

And her all time favorite Dad joke: ""Two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks." HAHAHAHA

However, there's always a weakness, a fault or a flaw that every human being is born with. Myunghee's is her inability to empathize with others. Her apathy really puts her at an emotional disadvantage. Stone? Her heart is like one emotionally. She couldn't be bothered to care about anyone other than herself. 

She knows in this line of work that you can trust no one but yourself, and ultimately, you would think that being so apathetic would be perfect for this life, right? Well, MyungHee thought that too, until she met Moon JongUp.


likes — Baseball | Politics | History |Cooking | Hot Men | Byuntae things|.

dislikes — Snakes | Chocolate | Waiting three minutes for Ramen to cook | exercise | Running.
HOBBIES — Politics | Reading | Cooking/Baking.
HABITS — She always forgets to lock her door when she leaves her place of residence | She always buys a new pair of high heels when she's incredibly sad | She bites her nails when she's nervous.

funfacts — She can name all the U.S Presidents in order (She loves U.S History)
 Her favorite MLB player is Shin Soo Choo |
She's tongue tied
Myunghee has a tattoo along the side of her ribs. It's a blackbird with music notes surrounding it and in fancy cursive the lyrics to her favorite Beatles song are written. 'Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly.'
MyungHee had her appendix removed when she was five
MyungHee is the only member of her family with hazel eyes.

home is where the heart is.

background — MyungHee's mother went to jail when she was 3 years old for a drug possession charge and Myunghee barely remembers her. MyungHee knew both of her parents had dark pasts in the gang world and they had gone into hiding because MH was conceived. They didn't want a harsh lifestyle for their little baby.

However, when MH was three, her mother was cruelly taken away on a drug charge. Her father refused to speak of her mother ever since. MH barely remembers her m other anymore. Because of this, it's always been her father and her, father and daughter, living together and navigating through life's trials. MyungHee's father owns a small chicken shop in Guangju and they've always made just enough to get by. MH by no means lead a cushy lifestyle, because her father always had to stay on the DL, but she always had food in her belly and a roof over her head. 

So it's no wonder that naturally being the offsping of two gang members would lead her into the world of gangs. Except her reason is simple. She wants to find out about her mother. Why, if they were trying to escape a life of violence, that she would still be dealing with drugs. It didn't make sense. Something didn't add up to MH and she would get to the bottom of it. So she went through initiation and joined a gang. The best part? Not one male is apart of it. 



▪ Choi SonMo | Father | Always does his best to look out for MH. Would have a heart attack if he ever found out about his daughters gang affiliation.

▪ Choi  MooRa | Mother | Went to jail when MH was three on a drug charge. Has not been seen or heard from since.


▪ Ravi | Ally | Part of the gang VIXX, he owes MH his life, when she saved him from the clutches of Monsta X. Since then, he has felt the need to help her out in anyway he can, like he would his little sister. She does not know his real name and he does not know hers, but they still help each other and give each other information. They also enjoy drinking together every now and then.


the one and only.

love interest — Moon Jongup (B.A.P).

backup(s) — Sungyeol (Infinite) or Hakyeon (VIXX).

personality — A little on the serious side. He is one of the younger members of his gang, but he acts more mature than some of the older ones (coughhimchancough) 

He's sharp, quick witted, and a damn good underground dancer. He knows how to get the info he needs, going to any lengths and do anything to get it. 

He meets MH at a routine drug stop one night. She's running from a few gang members and he's got about a pound of on him and a few thousand dollars that he's been pushing all night. Not wanting to get involved he purposely walks the other way.

A few hours later, when he's finally emptied his entire bag of , he comes across a bloody and unconcious girl in a pile of trash in an alleyway. 

He recognizes her as the girl from earlier. He was going to just leave her be, walk away. It wasn't his problem and he couldn't really be bothered to help. Then he notices the three dead men a few feet away from her, all with gunshots through their heads and he thinks twice.

He pulls down the girls mask and his eyes widen in surprise when he realizes who she is.

He's utterly horrified to find his first love. Choi MyungHee. 

relationship — MH doesn't recognize him at first, but Jongup is the little boy she played with in her childhood neighborhood before he moved away during their second year of high school. He was a year younger than her and he had always loved his noona. They were very close when they were younger and MH was always protecting JU because he was such a frail and weak boy, often getting sick a lot. 

JU is in no rush to jog MH memories. He likes that he's able to fluster her and make her blush. He's extremely happy that he can and become close to her as a man, and not as that weak little boy. They have a very hot relationship. JU is always trying to seduce MH and make her heart race, and since MH likes that it's really no surprise they're dripping with and she knows she leaves JU ually frustrated.

It's like a game of cat and mouse and she absolutely loves it. 

Ironically enough, JU eventually comes to find out that her heart has always belonged to the little neighborhood boy she used to protect when she was younger and now JU has to literally fight against himself for MH affections. Will MH ever realize he is that little boy? 

last messages.

comments/suggestions — Should be a good read! Always love a good gang fiction. Even if I'm not selected, I will still read this fiction because it's really caught my interest! ALSO, I hope that you don't close this fiction down, I really would like to see what you make out of it.

Also, this is the first time in YEARS I've actually felt compelled to apply for a fiction that wasn't my own apply fic. So that should say something about your plotline. 

scene request — I'd really love a scene where Jongup practically throws Myunghee on the kitchen counters in a steamy makeout session after a heated argument. I'd also like to see a scene where JU and MH go on a mission together and kick .


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