“ darling : emery / main vocal, sub-rap

"Oh snap!"

username. HeagyThemrs
nickname. jen
activity level. 10
full name. Baek mahri
other name(s). n/a
nickname(s). optional
dob / age. 04/15/1994 | 22 Korean | 21 international |
birthplace. Busan
ethnicity. korean

​“ Korean / her native language/ fluent

  english / she learned some from watching american TV shows : basic

faceclaim. Jung eunji (apink) | [gallery]
backup faceclaim. chorong (apink)
appearance. she has earrings and a belly ring. she has a ball and chain tattoo on the back of her right shoulder. she went through a rebelious phase and this was her reminder of what made her grow up.
style. sporty and chic! She likes to dress comfortably but like all girls, occassionally loves to dress up in a dress and heels and wear make up.
personality traits. comedic, loud, SAD (season affective disorder)
  • comedic! i love to make you laugh : Mahri loves a good laugh. She's funny and easy going in a way that makes you want to be around her. she's loud and inappropriate at times, but not everyone's perfect and that is a flaw that gets on peoples nerves. she doesn't know when to quiet down. that won't stop her though, as long as people are laughing, why should she stop?
  • Loud! well it comes from my family: mahri has 7 brothers. she's the youngest of 7 so growing up was a bit of a pain. she had to always scream and shout to be noticed. growing up in an environment like that stuck with her. if you're in a room with her, you can pick her out anywhere because her voice booms. the more animated she gets, the louder she talks. it's even worse whens he's on the phone with her family as they're the main catalysts.
  • SAD (season affective disorder)! Even the funniest of people have flaws: When mahri was 7 years old, she started to feel different. She felt a change in her mood and outlook. to a child, that's really scary especially as you have no idea why you suddenly lash out. She was diagnosed with a disorder where depression comes about related to the changes of the seasons. it begins and ends about the same time every year. for mahri, it starts in the fall and ends after winter, like clockwork every year. that's why she's funny and loud so that it covers up and diverts her disorder from the attention of the world. its really hard to control but mahri is determined to live normally. she won't let her biggest flaw affect her. when the onset happens she can immediately feel her energy and mood being zapped. 
  • mahri has a HUGE family. and by huge, i mean she's the youngest of 7. her parents had always wanted a big family, so the thought of stopping never crossed their minds. when mahri was finally born, her mothers body had become weak from the many pregnancies and was forced to stop having kids, making mahri the youngest.
  • growing up was a challenge for mahri. she had seven older brothers, all of whom could push her around. not that they were mean to her, but being the only girl in the family, bathroom time was really hard to covet. she was a bit of a tomboy until she entered high school when she finally made a friend that had some fashion sense. 
  • because mahri was the yongest of 7, you would think she would have been paid the most attention to, but that wasn't true at all. being the yongest, she was often times forgotten and had to yell or do something crazy to get their attention. it's why she's so loud now. because of the lack of attention, mahri started to rebel. she skipped classes, started to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol, and trespassing. she even got a tattoo of a ball and chain on her right shoulder one night when she was drunk. it also happened to be the turning point in her life.
  • that summer, her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. mahri was devastated. she prayed to any god that would listen, promised to behave and do good if her father could live. She promised to be the daughter they deserved if God could save her father. she changed that year at school. she dyed her hair back to it's natural black color, took out all her piercings except for her ear and belly ring, and even joined show choir because of her voice. she ditched her deadbeat friends and started to make ones in her new club. 
  • despite making all these changes, her father did not survive the cancer. mahri was angry for a long time afterwards. if it wasn't for the amazing friends she had in show choir to keep her straight she couldn't even imagine where she'd be right now. the tattoo she got that night served as a reminder. a reminder to never go back to that lifestyle. 
likes. singing | roller coasters | kpop (ofc) | cooking | KBO (korean baseball organization) | flower pressing | running
dislikes. snakes | delinquents | waking up early | cocky people | carrots and most vegetables | EXO ( she feels they didn't deserve their popularity, they just got it because of SM & sunbae's)
hobbies. flower pressing | learning boy group dances | collecting baseball cards
habits. she forgets to lock the door | she has to leave the lights on when she's home alone | scuffles her right foot when nervous| 
trivia. she can do really good impressions of people if she studies them enough | she knows every single KBO player on her favorite team | she has a lot of stupid puns and one liner jokes that crack people up | never runs out of ways to make people laugh
mother / Baek Jinri / 50 / stay at home mom
[I'm only listing her mother because her mother is the only one I think she should talk to in the story if you bring in family]
her group members
relation / name / age / occupation
height ; 100 / width ; up to you.
"Deez nuts.... Ha! got em!"

love interest. JinYoung (b1a4)
backup love interest. Kim Seokjin (bts)
dob / age. 11/18/1991 | 24 Korean | 23 international |
personality. Jinyoung is a prince. he's got the perfect hair, smile, and looks. he can sing very well and is an overall generally nice person. he can be a bit insensitive as he isn't really perceptive about feelings but he never means to offend people. 
history. mahri met jinyoung at music bank during their debut. she was lost trying to find her way back to her dressing room and she accidentally opened b1a4's and saw jinyoung in nothing but his boxers. after being thoroughly mortified she apologized profusely and slammed the door. but she couldn't get his face out of her head ever since. once jinyoung's shock wore off, he laughed at the cute red faced girl who peeped at him by accident. since then, jinyoung's kept his eye on her. they haven't talked a whole lot but she for sure registers on his radar.
interactions. i'm gonna let you decide that one author-nim if you choose mahri.
status. aquaintences but jinyoung wants to be more. 
stage name. emery
persona. comedic goof off
position. main vocal, sub-rap
backup position. leader, lead vocal
talent twin. Song JiEun (secret) | (younha-solo) |
training years. 3
trainee life. Mahri was at first considered a low trainee with literally no chance at debuting. She was often excluded and made a fool of. But after putting in hours of extra work and over time of practice, she managed to scrape by and debut. 
plastic surgery. optional
scandal(s). When mahri's disorder sets in, she gets super tired because of the depression and her doctor gave her a propofol perscription for dire emergencies. the netizens find out that she takes propofol (not the reason) and a huge investigation moves underway
she's caught in an awkward position with jinyoung at one of the music shows and it blows up into this huge dating scandal that causes the group a lot of flack
her old criminal record (juvenile) gets leaked to the media and shows all her tresspassing and underage drinking charges which changes everyone's view of her in the industry. 
pre-debut experiences. optional
comments. I hope this is okay! I like your story idea and I absolutely love AOA. however, I think that their new song heart attack would be an even stronger debut song but i still like 'like a cat' so it's a great choice. if anything needs to be fixed let me know!
requests. a really passionate kiss scene or a day out at the baseball game together on a date
password. fanclub- sweethearts (ik it's lame but I am horrible at coming up with names lol)



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