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Back To Basics

Character Name: Jung Sooryun 정수련
Nicknames: Soori || By her parents and friends because saying the whole name is just too freaking long.

The nerd/the wallflower || By most classmates and people who don't know her too well. Well, it's not like she stands out much anyway.

D.O.B: 1.5.97 (May 1st, 1997. It looked confusing.)
Age: 17 || 16
Height & Weight
: 1.58 cm || 5"2 ft || 47 kg
Ethnicity: Korean
Languages: Korean (fluent) || Japanese (few random words and phrases picked up from reading)
Plotline: Bashful



Attitude Attitude Attitude


Sooryun is the sweet, mellow type of person. She is extremely shy and will usually go unnoticed. Most of the time, you'll find her curled up in a corner, enjoying some sappy romance novel or listening to soft, calming music. She doesn't enjoy being in large crowds, nor being the center of attention. Since little, and up until now, Sooryun has thought she's better off at the back, where she can't be seen. Because of her timid demeanor, she has a hard time making new friends. However, once she feels truly comfortable with you, she'll be your friend for life. Sooryun deeply cares for her friends and tries her best to aid them whenever they're in need. If she ever did anything wrong, she'll do all in her hands to make it up to you. Sooryun absolutely hates being a burden, so if she doesn't redeem herself, guilt might end up eating her alive.

You could say she's the typical nerd with the trademark nerd glasses and the shabby clothing. When it comes to studies, she's extremely responsible and hardworking. Sooryun would never turn in an assignment late, even if she's sick and about to die, and she normally scores 90 or above in all her tests. But why is she such a nerd? Since her parents have done a lot for her, Sooryun hopes to give back to them and make them proud. One of her biggest dreams is to be able to go to college, be a professional, and maybe become rich (nah, that won't ever happen). Sadly, she most likely won't make it into college since she is from the West. Despite knowing it's practically impossible, Sooryun can still try, no?

Sooryun is usually calm and collected, but if she's put in front of a crowd, her brain will melt like jelly.  It is said that some people are born to be in the back, and she's more than glad to be one of those. She can't even handle walking up to the board to solve problems, let alone bigger situations. Sooryun stutters when she's in front of other people, especially boys (Jaehyun is an exception, though. Sooryun might not even consider him a boy). She has had a couple of crushes before, but being her bashful self, she never had the courage to confess to them.



It all started when Jung Jaejong and Lee Eunyoung met. The two were from poor families from the Western side of Korea. He worked as a carpenter while she worked as a teacher. The two fell in love, and all that, and got married. Despite it seeming like a rose-colored ending, it was just the beginning. The two were expecting a child, but were definitely not ready for one, at least not economically. The two started working extra hours, and even contemplated on getting other jobs. Regardless of what happened, they'd make sure their kid would never have to go through all of what they experienced.

Eventually, a little girl was born, and she was named Sooryun. Jung Sooryun lived an ordinary, lower middle class life. She can't say she lives a life full of luxury and pleasures, but she is definitely better off than many others, all thanks to her parents, who literally work their asses off every single day to make sure their daughter can life a nice, comfortable, and worry-free life. Knowing what her parents have done for her, Sooryun is eternally grateful to them. She wishes to be able to give back at least some of what her parents have given to her, and thus, works hard in every single thing she does.

Since little, Sooryun had an attraction to dancing. It started off when she saw The Nutcracker on TV at the age of four. The more she was exposed to dancing, the more her attraction grew. Eventually, she fell in love with dancing and knew she had to be a dancer to be happy. Sooryun even begged her parents to be sent to ballet lessons. Of course, the two knew they weren't in the best financial condition, but how could they deny it to their adorable daughter? No matter what the prize, they were willing to pay as long as their daughter was happy. That's how much Sooryun's parents love her; no wonder she feels lucky to have them. The little Soori got her ballet lessons, just as she wished. That's when her dancing career began.

It didn't last long though. After an injury on her first solo performance, Sooryun swore to herself she'd never dance again. No, she'd never even step on a stage again. Her ankle should already be completely healed and ready to dance by now, but Sooryun insists that her ankle is still bad and she can't perform ever again. After quitting ballet classes, she finally realized how expensive they were, and how all the working affected her poor parents' health. Feeling like the most selfish burden ever, Sooryun told herself to waste less money. She wouldn't waste money on clothes, on makeup, on hangouts, on nothing! She'd save every single penny possible, and even started eating less, so less money could be wasted on food. Sooryun tried to get a part time job to financially support her parents, but they immediately dismissed the idea, saying she was too young to work.

Still feeling like a burden, Sooryun dedicated her time to studying. If she couldn't get a job now, she'd get a really good one later on. That's how Sooryun's life as the nerdy wallflower began, and, as expected, it wasn't exciting at all. Or so she though. One day, an elegant, pure white envelope came by mail. It had the royal seal of the East, so what was it doing in the West? Maybe some sort of joke? Sooryun knew there HAD to be something wrong; it was addressed to her! Just why?! She simply stared at the pretty envelope, utterly dumbfounded. Little did she know, that envelope would completely change her life...



Reading is one of her favorite hobbies, but who doesn't like being able to travel around the world, or live out thousands of fantasies? Through books, she can be all she doesn't have the courage to be.

Sweets. They are her weakness. She's currently trying to tone down on them because they're expensive and will make her fat, but who can resist a creamy chocolate bar or a sweet caramel nougat? She can gobble down sweets easily, so better keep them away from her.

Sooryun, like any sane person, likes music. She's especially fond of soft, mellow, classic music. She has yet to venture into the world of rock, pop, hip hop, and whatnot.

Cats. Sooryun likes all furry creatures, but she has a bigger soft spot for felines. She just finds those silent, mysterious, yet extremely cute creatures endearing.

✩The colors lilac and white.



Being the center of attention. She just hates it! Whenever teachers call her to solve a problem at the board, she'll start sweating like crazy and her heart will start beating 100x faster. "What if I mess up? What if everyone sees my mistake and thinks I'm stupid?!" Even though she is one of the best students in her class, when she's put in this sort of positions, she'll most likely mess up and embarrass herself.

✩Being a burden to others. She has the tendency of putting all the blame on herself, and she hates being troublesome to others. 

Spicy food. She just can't stand it. Spiciness isn't really a form of taste but a form of pain, and Sooryun isn't a masochist. This might be weird since Koreans are known for liking spicy food, but she just has low tolerance to it. 

Scary movies. Need I say more?

✩Cold. She can't handle spicy and hot to well; she can't handle cold either. Sooryun's ideal climate must be nice and warm because she hates it when it's too cold. This could be the reason why she wears sweaters often. Sooryun dreads whenever winter comes.



Sooryun will usually curl into a ball at some corner when she's embarrassed or needs to cool down. She finds it comfortable.

She stutters when talking to someone she's not close to. In the worse of the cases, she'll run away.

✩Sooryun does all sorts of things when nervous, from bitting her lips to twirling her hair. She turns into a klutz when too nervous.



Stage fright. She hates being the center of attention, so how would she deal with being on a stage with all the crowd's eyes on her? Just the thought of the blinding lights on makes her cower.

Lizards. She hates ABHORS these freaking creatures. Sooryun has an irrational fear and hate towards lizards, and if they could vanish from the world, she'd be happy. But why is that? When she was younger, a kid placed a lizard on her head and the little bastard almost enters . Now, whenever she sees them a feeling of disgust and fear overcomes her. Lizards are indeed scary, who can blame her?



The name '수련' means water lily; likewise, water lilies are her favorite flowers.

She owns a little pet cat called Neko (which means cat in Japanese, such a creative name). Whenever she's sad or frustrated, she'll tell Neko all her problems. Whether the cat listens or not is a secondary factor.

✩Though Sooryun aces every single subject, her best subjects are Math and Literature. She's not really into Science and History can at times put her to sleep. Oh, and Sports? She doesn't count it as a subject, she considers it torture.

Sooryun always, ALWAYS wears a star-shaped necklace her best friend gave to her. It means a lot to her because he saved money for more than a year to buy it for her. Whenever she's in a tough situation she'll clasp the necklace and pray for it to get better.

Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice (such a girl...) and she's not into scary novels like Stephen King's writings.

Like most girls, she writes on a diary. It contains all her feelings, details about her crushes, things that happen in her everyday life, basically it contains everything about her. She keeps it very well hidden because once, her best friend found it and laughed at all that was in it.

She hasn't really given up on dancing; instead, she just dances whenever there's no one watching.

Story About Biggest Fear: After enrolling herself in ballet lessons, Sooryun often performed with other kids in school performances, community plays, and whatnot. At that time, she was still honing her skills, so she was usually placed in the back in case of any mistake. Her parents, who faithfully attended every single one of her performances, adored seeing her, but complained on why their daughter was never placed on the front. Because of this, Sooryun was determined to improve and dance on the front of the stage for her parents to be proud of her. Then it finally came. Her ballet academy was invited to perform at a Summer Festival, and for this special occasion Sooryun was chosen to dance a solo. Her parents were extremely proud of her and even bought a new expensive camera to record their daughter. On the day of the Festival, Sooryun prepared herself for her solo. She had been working so hard, and yet, when she saw the huge crowd and the blinding lights right in front of her, she froze. Since she was usually at the back, the overwhelming crowd's stares frightened her. From behind the curtains, her ballet instructor urged her to start dancing, so she took a small step and began the performance. Sooryun was so nervous and scared, her every step was wobbly and weak, and it was just a matter of time before she fell. She made a wrong turn and tripped down badly, her ankle spraining in the process. The injury was not the worse though; the whole crowd started laughing mercilessly at the poor girl. Sooryun was so embarrassed and scared, she never wants to step in front of a big crowd again. From that moment on, she told herself she belonged in the back, where no one would see her.



Ohana Means Family

Father:  Jung Jaejong || 48 (Korean) - 47 (International) || Carpenter || Hardworking, caring, affable ||A good father would be the most condensed way of explaining Mr. Jung's personality. Unlike his daughter, he grew up under very harsh conditions, and he never wants his only daughter to experience what he did at her age. He works really hard to provide his daughter with all she needs. His greatest wish is for his little girl to be happy and fulfill whatever dream she has; he still can't understand why she worries so much over him. ||  Very close

Mother: Lee Eunyoung || 46 (Korean) - 45 (International) || Teacher || Hardworking, bold, bright ||You could say she wears the pants in the family. Just as equally hardworking as her husband, Mrs. Lee is a lot more strict. She's usually the one making decisions, and the one that hopes Sooryun succeeds the most. Despite being a bit brash, she adores her only daughter and wishes to see her succeed. The one thing she can't understand is why Sooryun dropped her dancing lessons. She loved seeing her daughter dancing gracefully on stage, but it seems as if she'll never see it again. || Close

Best Friend: Park Jaehyun || 18 (Korean) - 17 (International) || Annoying, loud, cheerful || Remember Sooryun's fear of lizards? And guess who the stupid boy who put the lizard on her head was. The Park Jaehyun has been friends with Sooryun since she was seven, and despite him being the most annoying human being on Earth, he deeply cares for his friend. He loves teasing her because she has some very funny reactions, and she always starts laughing afterwards. To him, it's his way of cheering her up. For her 13th birthday, he bought Sooryun a necklace he saved for over a year to purchase. Despite going to different schools the two are almost inseparable.

Friends: Park Jaerin || 19 (Korean) - 18 (International) || Outspoken, sarcastic, witty || Jaerin is Jaehyun's older sister, and while being friends with Jaehyun, she sort of came as a bonus. Sooryun and her met when she visited Jaehyun's house for the first time. Since the two siblings looked really similar at that time, Sooryun confused Jaerin for Jaehyun. Because of this, Jaerin hated Sooryun at first, but eventually warmed up to her. Jaerin likes how Sooryun is always nice and caring towards everyone, including her stupid brother; whereas, Sooryun admires Jaerin's straightforwardness and bold personality.



You're My Everything

Love Interest Name: Kim Taehyung 김태형
Nicknames: V || Cause he's the victory in the team (secretly, V stands for virus because his weirdness is infectious)
Taetae || His name is Taehyung, so yeah, Taetae. Plus, Taetae sounds cute~~

D.O.B: 30.12.1996
Age: 17 (Korean) || 16 (International)

The Kim Taehyung is quirky, weird, yet extremely fun to be with. It seems as if he were in his own little world most of the time. Taehyung is the second youngest in his group of friends, and therefore, is childish and goofy. At times you really wonder if he's the youngest or not. He loves teasing his hyungs and the maknae, and you'll often see him playing around with whatever he can find, or staring into space while making weird gestures. He might be weird, but he's freaking cute. Not to mention he's also incredibly handsome. What else can you ask for? This is why many girls like him, but he pays no heed to them.

Despite being childish and playful, Taehyung has a big, kind heart. He is kind of like a vitamin (maybe that's why he was dubbed V XD); if he sees someone sad or angry, he'll try to cheer them up. He doesn't like heavy, tense atmospheres and will try to find the exciting side of everything. He sort of lives by the motto, "Everyone looks better when they smile." Taehyung is not afraid of making a fool of himself as long as it's fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Taehyung may seem too free spirited and spaced out, but he can actually be very responsible. He's the eldest son of an important family, so of course he has to be responsible. He's just not the prim and proper type, but when the situation calls for it, the 4D boy can be cool and serious. Taehyung doesn't have the best relationship with his parents, but he definitely respects and obeys them.


Kim Taehyung was born to one of the richest families in Eastern Korea all Korea. Because of this, he has been pampered and fed with a silver spoon since he was born. Well, that sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Maybe not... Yes, Taehyung got all he ever wanted or needed freely, without having to move a single finger, but there's always an exception to everything. Since his parents were always busy with work, he never got to spend much time with them as a kid. Heck, he'd be lucky if he could at least see them! Some people may see their parents as a nuisance, but on Taehyung's case, he really longed for his parents' presence.

You can say that Taehyung pretty much grew up alone. As a kid, he'd often have adventures on his own. Whether his parents where there or not wasn't going to stop the little boy from having a good time, right? That's what he thought until the mishap during one of his adventures around the age of eight. After that adventure, Taehyung decided to take someone with him in all of his adventures. He would never go out of the house alone.

 Later on, he met these other six guys. They were the sons of other important families of Eastern Korea, and Taehyung immediately befriended them. He loved messing with them, playing pranks on them, doing stupid stuff with them (well, one of the virtues of true friends is that you can be stupid with them, no?); it was like Taehyung had gotten six new brothers, and he was definitely happy.

Things changed a bit when he was ten. At that age, Taehyung got what he had always wished for, a little sibling. Well, it wasn't exactly as he wanted. He wanted a little brother to play with, but got a little sister instead. Still, Taehyung promised himself that he'd take good care of his sister, so she wouldn't experience the loneliness he suffered ad s kid. For some reason, the little Kim Taehee isn't exactly fond of her older brother, but the two get along just fine. Unlike with Taehyung, their parents seem to have more time to take care of the little Taehee, which makes Taehyung a bit jealous.

When the news of the arrival of seven Westerners reached his ears, Taehyung was... confused. Not that he bore any hatred towards the Westerners; he just didn't really care about them. So the news of having to interact with these "commoners" just took him aback. He's not really expecting anything of them. It's just a year after all.



Lions. He's been told he looks like one, and please, all felines are just adorable.

✩Eating. But who doesn't? His favorites are meat and chocolates. He can't really cook, though.

✩Singing and Dancing, and maybe even some rapping. He's not the best, but if it's for fun, why does it matter?

✩Playing with his sister. She's not that fond of it, though.

✩Watching Anime and reading Manga. He's interested in Japanese culture.

✩Cute things. Just because.



✩Thunderstorms. They're like the two things Taehyung most hates combined.

✩Chimpanzees: And they dislike him back. He was spit on by a chimpanzee when he first went to the zoo. The two are like rivals.

✩Being alone. The hyper, cheerful V needs someone to tease and play with, no?

✩Being ignored. Since Taehyung loves his company, he doesn't really like when others don't pay attention to him. It's not on the attention level, but if you ignore Taehyung for too long, he might go crazy.

✩Moments of tension and long, awkward silences.



✩Biting his lip, looking around, or smiling stiffly whenever he's in an awkward situation. He can't handle awkwardness too well.

✩Taehyung will turn on the TV or put on loud music when he's alone. It makes him feel accompanied.

He has really bad sleeping habits. He'll talk, scream, kick, and whatnot in his sleep.

✩Doing weird, random things is basically all he does.



Thunder (Lol he's scared of Cheungdoong~~). Okay, I know it sounds girly, but he can't help it! Since little, the roaring sound of the thunder is something he simply can't stand.

Monophobia (fear of being alone). It's not very severe, but Taehyung definitely prefers having someone with him. This could be because he spent a lot of time alone as a kid.



Taehyung's blood type is AB (which is known for being the blood type of eccentric people).

✩His favorite season is autumn. He'd like to take a stroll at a park during autumn with his future girlfriend and watch falling leaves and do other cheesy stuff with her. The other members laughed at him when he told them this.

He can play the violin.

Taehyung is nice and friendly to everyone, but rarely takes interest in anyone.

✩Taehyung dislikes rain because it makes his shoes get wet and it can often be followed by thunder.

At times, he stares at others with an unamused, blank look. It doesn't mean that he dislikes you or anything; he's just like that.

✩He can speak Japanese (conversational) and wants to go to Japan some day.


Story About Biggest Fear: When Taehyung was about eight, his parents held a big party at their mansion. Of course, the little boy didn't care much about big events, all he wanted was some fun! His wish wasn't granted though; while his parents and the mansion's workers were too busy preparing for the event, Taehyung had no one to play with. Completely bored, the little boy went out to explore the gardens of his mansion, but in those freakishly huge gardens he'd obviously get lost! After running aimlessly for a while, Taehyung gave up and decided to wait for someone to come find him. Unfortunately, a storm was coming, and no one seemed to have noticed the disappearance of the little boy. Soon, rain started pouring down mercilessly, along with many loud bangs of thunder. At this point, the poor kid was truly horrified. With nothing else to do, he just crouched down on the wet grass and covered his ears, hoping for it all to end soon. Since that day, Taehyung can't stand thunder, much less if he's alone.


This Is Me

Ulzzang Name: Kim Shin Yeong
Gallery:  Link+ Some random gifs (x) (x) (x)
Backup Ulzzang: Hong Young Gi
Gallery: Link+Gif Gallery
Appearance/Style: Sooryun isn't one to care much about fashion, and she's not fond of spending money on clothes. You'll usually see her wearing oversized sweaters and t-shirts or plaid shirts. She might occasionally wear skirts or dresses when trying to look prettier, but the thought of having them blown by the wind keeps her from using them often. Sooryun likes to wear beanies too. To her, if it's comfortable and cheap, it'll do.



Bye Bye Bye

Comments/Questions:  This is my first time doing something like this *hides in a corner* It was fun though~~ I wonder, can't the Bashful character be a singer instead? Why dancer? I just think that since she's Taetae's couple, and well, he's part of the vocal line... I don't know, just a random thought of mine. Oh, and finding gifs of Kim Shin Yeong was such a pain >.< Why don't you have more gifs, Kim Shin Yeong?! *sighs* It's around 1am, so while writing the scene requests, my brain will be completely fried, and they might be filled with pure nonsense. Lastly, sorry for my weirdness, I talk a lot and V's weirdness is starting to spread to me.

Scene Requests:

When they first meet! Taehyung's extravagant purple hair (if he still has purple hair at that time) immediately caught her attention, and she couldn't help it but to stare. He, feeling that someone was looking at him, turned to face her and gave her his usual blank look. She was scared by this sudden action, and, being unable to reply in anyway, she decided to run for her life.

Sooryun for some random reason started dancing alone in an empty room and Taehyung found her. Rather than interrupting, he silently watched her performance. Once she finished, he started clapping out of reflex, and as soon as Sooryun realized she had been seen dancing, she trips over thin air. Where did the graceful dancer go?

Taehyung gets trapped in a dark room in the middle of a storm. Suddenly, thunder starts falling, and he freezes, utterly scared and not knowing what to do. Sooryun find him in this state and urges him to curl into a ball at the corner of the room. He, still frightened because of the storm, starts questioning her, and she just replies, "Because it's comfortable." Then she proceeds to sit next to him and gives him an earphone. While listening to calm music, the two forget about the storm and eventually fall asleep.

It's Taetae's birthday~~ She really wants to buy a present for him, but she's not sure of what, and the two aren't even that close yet. She settles for a lion plushy and leaves the gift in front of his house, not stating who it is from. Now Taehyung has to discover who was the mysterious person who got him the gift.

✩Taehyung takes Sooryun out on one of his random adventures~~ While at it, Taetae finds a little lizard creeping by and tries to catch it. Before he knows, Sooryun is gone.

✩For some reason, Sooryun is ignoring Taehyung, and it's practically driving him insane.

✩Taehyung finds out about the necklace Jaehyun gave to Sooryun and gets upset because it is very important to her. He goes out and buys a very pretty and expensive necklace for Sooryun and gives it to her, hoping that she'll prefer it over Jaehyun's necklace.


Just. Freaking. Adorable! >w< V likes bubbles too, so it'd be perfect~~

✩A part in which the boys visit the West and get to see the harsh conditions in which their love interests had to be raised on.


Password: Erm, that's asking for a freaking gif spam to me~~ Merry belated Christmas by the way ^.^







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