Belated Birthday Gift


Today, as I was watching Music Bank, I stumbled upon VIXX's new song "Thank you for my love" (or thank you for being born if you don't like the engrish-y official title) and guess what?

It was just like a belated birthday gift for me!

I don't know, when this guy (who was the best looking in my opinion) sang: "일년에 딱 한번뿐인 너의 생일.
잊을리가 있겠어?" (Your birthday comes only once a year. How could I forget?) I almost lose it. Somehow, I felt like it was directed to me (since my birthday was last week) and I felt so happy and warm and fuzzy ^.^

I know it was actually released before my birthday (cause Music Bank airs 2-3 weeks later where I live), but it's still in January~~ And it did miss my birthday's actual date.


Funny thing, before my sister got into BAP, I stumbled upon BAP's "Happy Birthday" the day of my older sister's birthday, and I found it so amusing I showed it to her. Turns out it was released on that exact same day, and she ended up shoving it in my face all the time.

Her: A Kpop group sang a birthday song for me~~

Me: -.- Lucky you, but you don't even like BAP!

Her: Well, now I do.

Me: What?!

Her: Do you expect me to dislike a group that sang a birthday song for me?

Me: Lucky muggle...


Well, now a Kpop group sang a birthday song for me! *Runs to shove it on sister's face* I think I like VIXX now. (Lol, your birthday comes only once a year, how could I forget? XD)




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Omo_Louisee #1
LOL VIXX HUH? Which member~~~~? OMG LUCKEH MUGGLE. T^T (I listened to B.A.P's Happy Birthday non-stop on my birthday lol)