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Back To Basics

Character Name: Kim Kyung Mi (김 경 미)
Nicknames: Kim Kyung -her friends from club or troublemaker calls her.
D.O.B: 16/12/1996
Age: (18) (17)
Height & Weight
: 164Cm || 5'4" Ft || 54Kg
Ethnicity: Korean
Languages: Korean
Plotline: Band Shirts and Converse



Attitude Attitude Attitude

Personality: Every morning, she wakes up and thinks "What do I want to do today." She is very motivated by sense of freedom, of self-determination. Many people thought that she is energizing by breaking rules and it is the truth but actually it is more her desire to determine her own course of action. Still, she enjoys breaking rules. She really doesn't likes being told what to do. A free advice to anybody who wants to control her, if you don't want to face her anger or get your whole life ruins, don't. Every time someone try to restrict her, the more determine she wants to do it. She is full of life, energy and wit. She is bold and full of confidence. She never shy away from a challenge. She engages in the situation and master it with style. She always seeks for any situation because she wants to have fun. She never satisfied and always ready to play again.

A little bit of attitude, a pinch of rude girl, with a mix of feistiness is what you will get from Kim Kyung Mi. Because of her over the top, unfiltered personality, you either love her or hate her. She is someone who says whatever comes to mind or who speaks without concern for other's feelings. She is also peevish, short tempered and argumentative. She is looking at everything a little differently, doing her own thing, and being okay with the fact that it may not fit the world's idea of what she should be doing with her life. She does not feel the need to get everyone in line with her views.

She is a little bit intense. If she found something interesting, she will get engrossed, obsessed and completely absorbed. She is so focused that she doesn't completely notice what's going on around her; what's most important is that she is committed to caring about whatever makes she excited about being alive. She doesn't just bend over and take it up the tail pipe. If someone calls her out, gossips about her, or even says something nasty about her to her face, she will never back off. She never let anyone think he can get away after putting her down. She is never doubting herself or thinking she should have done things differently. She is definitely a confident person.

She grew up in an orphanage and always alone, because of that she develops a strong and independence character. Because of that, she never whines about anything. Of course she curses occasionally, but in the end she will always chokes down the situation or the reality. She never shares her problem or anything about her with others. Because of that she seems like a cold person most of the time. The police station is her second home, she is quite a troublemaker. But she will never trouble others with her attitude unless someone deserves it. Something that disgust her more than a spoiled brat is manner. Her gender in her identification card is of course a female, but it is only in the card. She acts no like a lady at all and sometime worse than male. So don't expect her to be full of manner and not even in front of someone older.

Although she appears harsh, she still has her feminine side. Her soft spot towards animal is limitless. She takes animal who has abandon by their master, sick or crazy back to her home. Although she has a hard time to feed herself, she still makes sure her pets have enough food. When she can't take care of them anymore, she will send them to a shelter home. Sometime, she will go to the shelter home and helps them with the animal. Already used to live alone, she can do house chores pretty good. Cooking and cleaning is so easy for her. At home, she will wears apron and starts to clean and cooks, so she rarely invites people to her house because she didn't wants them to see that side of her.

Background: Kyung Mi is like a normal and girlish girl when she stills a child. But when she is 6 years old, happens. Her parents died in a car accident and left her all alone at an orphanage in Seoul. For weeks, the innocent and young Kyung Mi cries for her parents to take her away from the strange place. Yet there is nobody cares to explain what happened to her. So she grows up and understands it by herself that her parent is died and goes somewhere up there. Heck, she don't know either it is heaven or hell. She can't even remember clearly her parents face. Nobody cares about her; of course nobody care about a poor orphan girl. She is happy about it because nobody will stick their nose in her business.

Since that she always is in trouble. She skips school, didn't finish homework, caught smoking, underage drinking, clubbing and much more. When she is 16 years old, she made her mind to live on her own. Nobody stops her, everyone is happy and relieved for her decision. Like always, happens and she is having a hard time because of money. Working for 24 hours and sometime didn't eat, rarely goes to school and goes to police station that is her daily life. What make her life more hellish are rich people. They have everything that she can only dreams. She never thought her life will become more horrible, awful, dreadful, terrible, and rotten until she received a white envelope. When she opens it, she is literally falls into the pit of hell.

-Beer / soju

- money

- riding bike

- break rule

- animal

- manner

- rich people

- rules

- wimpy

- people without principle 

- curse at everything

- glare at something she hates

- smile when money is involved

- having commitment

- driving a car

- She has a bike.

- She has a love hate relationship with horror movie.

- She is a good drinker.

- Whenever she drunks, she will acts like a pretty girl.

- She loves to sleep and grinds her teeth sometime in sleep.

- She love black metal and rock music.

- She becomes sarcastic when she is around people with manner.

- High Heels and gown is her worst enemy. 

- She has a dog, who she thought as her family and gets angry when people don't treat him like a person.
Story About Biggest Fear:
The reason she hates commitment is because she always alone and feel free when alone. If she starts to have commitment she feels as if someone has tied her legs and feels suffocated. If she really wants to have commitment, she wants someone that can protect her because she already tired protecting herself and wants to be protected. She can't drive a car because whenever she tried to, the memories when she is 6 years old come back. A big trauma for her 6 years old self.


Ohana Means Family

Pet:  (Homie | 3 | just a dog | It acts like a dog | Homie is an overweight dog. He is the only family left for Kyung Mi, although he is just a dog. Kyung Mi first saw him when she is on the way back from her part time job. At that time, Homie is starving. Since she has soft spot for animal, without thinking much, she just bring the dog with her at home.)
Mother: (Name | Age | Career | Personality traits | Closeness)
Siblings: (No idol siblings) (Name |Age | Job | Personaltiy traits | Closeness )
Best Friend:  (Bang Yongguk | 20 | Brave, Charismatic, Strong willed, Mischievious | He is partner in crime with Kyung Mi. He is also an orphan and grew up in the same orphanage with Kyung Mi. Since they are children, Yongguk always takes care of Kyung Mi like her little sister but Kyung Mi always reminds him that she didn't have any brother yet they are always together. Kyung Mi always spends her free time at Yongguk's workshop.)
(Max 3) (Name | Age | Personality Traits | Why your friends)


You're My Everything

Love Interest Name: (Min, Yoon Gi) || (민윤기)
Nickname: Suga
Age: (18) || (17l)
Personality: He is the prince charming in the fairy tales. He is always righteous and never breaks the rule. Just do whatever his parents ask him to do. A little bit too uptight. But as long he does nothing wrong, I guess there is nothing wrong. But on the second thought, it is a little bit wrong. He seems like an idiot who just foolishly follows his parents order. A man without his own thought and kind of lifeless. He is no better than a robot who is been control by his parents. 

But if you know him better, likes his friends, you can see he is just too kind to say no to his parents. He loves and respects his parents and didn't think they will do asks him to do anything bad. He lives in his own fairy tales and didn't feel the real taste of life yet. He just needs someone to show the reality of the world. He is also popular among the girls because of his prince personality, and that makes him feel good but still he didn't dates with any of them. He just attends the arranged meeting his parents. He thinks moralistic woman is beautiful.
Background: Min Yoon Gi was born in a wealthy family. He has a brother who is 3 years older than him, Min Yun Shin. He used to play with his brother since he is a child. But as they grew up, her brother behavior changes. He starts to rebel and didn't do he responsible as the one the heir of his family legacy. He goes clubbing, skips school and breaks rule. At first he finds it is fascinating what his brother did. But his parents told him it is a bad things and starts to separate him from his brother. Every day, his parents being strict to him so he will become a righteous person and to be able to take the responsibility as the heir. They didn't want him to become like his brother and puts their hope on him.

One night when he is 14 years old, his brother sneaks into his room. He told him about his plans to run away. He asks Yoon Gi to runs with him. But remembering about his parents and about how his parents told him about his brother is a bad person, he declined that offer and begging for his brother to stop rebelling. His brother just smirks at him and said about one day he will regret his choice about not following him and how he will never be able to live the life he wants. That is the last time he meets with his brother or heard any news about him. His parents didn't make any effort to look for him too.

- Books


- Learning something new

- Rules

- Home cooks


- Immoral person

- Exercising

- Wasting his time

- Bad temper

- Morning

- Scratch his head when he is in an awkward situation

- Tapping his finger if he has to wait

- Laugh out loud when he is confused or in ridiculous situation

- Lost his beloved one

- Fighting

- He favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

- He hates to do aegyo. He said aegyo is not for man.

- He loves photography and always brings a camera with him.

Story About Biggest Fear: He always respects and loves his brother no matter how bad his brother acts. When his brother run away from home, he always miss him. Because of that he swears to protect his beloved one and will not hurt them. Since he is not one of the athletic among his friends, fighting is not one of his best skills. Once he fights with some of the bully when he is 10 years old, and injured severely. Since that, fighting is the last thing he will do.


This Is Me

Ulzzang Name: Lee Dasom
Backup Ulzzang: Moon Dambi
Appearance/Style: Skirt, laces, high heel, gown, frails, pink is totally not her types. She wears pant and shirt and converse. Anything comfortable easy to move arounds. She can wears anything beautifully because her perfect body. But sadly she doesn't give a thought about dressing beautifully.
Extras: She has 3 piercing in her right ear and 2 in her left ear. She has a barcode tattoo in her right arm.



Bye Bye Bye

Comments/Questions: English is not my first language. If there anything need to be change, just tell me.
Scene Requests:

- Suga calls Kyung Mi to save him from an arraged meeting. Kyung Mi comes to the rescue with her bike and save him. At the end, Kyung Mi asks suga to pay her.

- Suga's parents give Kyung Mi money to leave suga and Kyung Mi accepts it because she believes Suga can't protect her and it is better she ends their relationship like this.

- Kyung Mi brings Suga with her when she is breaking rules.

- Suga tries to tutor Kyung Mi but end up fails.

- Suga tries to dress up Kyung Mi in girlish cloths.


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