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Shinhwa 100 Theme Drabble Challenge (Click!)

Hey guys!

So I decided, for a little bit of extra challenge for me, for you guys to request/suggest a drabble you want to read for me to write. I challenge my writing skills and you guys get to read what you want, so it's a win-win situation xD It's really simple, I'll post the form below, and you just fill it in and submit it as a comment!

EDIT: This drabble collection is now only limited to Shinhwa. Please don't request other fandoms. You can request anything, be it crack or angst or whatnot, for ANY Shinhwa pairing. I ship OT6. :D

So without further ado, here is the form!

Theme: Pick one from here or here, please don't choose the ones I've already done; you can see what I've already done here. I'm only going to write a theme once, so first come, first serve!
Genre/Feel: Angst/Romance/Random/Crack/Friendship/Horror/Humor/whatever you can think of that you want me to write, don't be afraid to combine genres, but please don't get too carried away as this is only 100 words or less (or slightly more, but not too much), and also NO combining of contrasting genres (eg. Romcom and Angst) because it's not possible to do in 100 words.
Fandom: Group you want
Pairing: Couple in the group you chose that you want me to write. Keep in mind that I don't write pairings for some of the fandoms listed above, so if you fill this in, I'll automatically write a friendship/random/crack/ambiguous relationship fic for the pair.
Characters: Other people you want in the fic. Don't get carried away though xD, this is just 100 words or less (I may ocassionally go over, but not often)
Extra: Describe your fantasies to me, and I'll make it come true. :D (If you have a specific scenario that you want to happen, write that in here)

Yeah! So there we go. Hope you guys partake in this, as I really do want to challenge myself to be forced to write a specific prompt. I think it will keep me on track, too. You guys can request as much as you want, maybe with your help I'll finish up all 100 quickly :D

Woops, one other thing I have to make clear: I don't write M-rated stuff! Hinting at it is okay (suggestive), but anything outright writing it or saying it, I don't do!

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