Shinhwa 100 Theme Drabble Challenge


Collection of 100 (or slightly more/less) word drabbles for a 100 theme challenge. Mainly JinDy, but of course I will also write Shinhwa as a group and other Shinhwa pairings (I ship OT6). Will range from funny, sappy, cheesy, scary, thrilling, etc. or just plain tear jerking (which is my forte, after all xD).

This and this are the challenge lists I'll be using (I'm taking themes from both, since there are some that I don't understand from the first one and some I really, REALLY want to write on the second one. Maybe 50-50, but I can't guarantee how much of the lists I'll be using. I'll just be doing 100). Edit: I've decided to just keep this to Shinhwa. All I've done for this is Shinhwa at this point, so I don't really want to post anything for other fandoms. Maybe I'll just do random drabbles for other fandoms if I happen to think of them, but I'm going to be putting that as a separate story.

Wish me luck, guys! I've gone absolutely insane over this. xD

Ah, and I've decided to edit the foreword and make it into a table of contents of some sort. I thought that it would be easier that way, so that you guys can skip to what you want to read.

I'm taking drabble requests :D Click me!

***The wonderful poster is made by the lovely people over at Simply Graphics. :D


JinDy (Romance)
1. Beginnings
2. Spell
3. Ice Cream
6. Forever and a Day
7. Boundaries
8. Love
12. Reality
14. Future
16. Breakfast
17. Neglect
21. Memories
28. Heart
30. Witchcraft
31. Rivalry

Shinhwa (Random Pairings- Romance)
11. Pretense (RicSyung)
18. Only Human (RicSyung)
19. Fantasy (RicJin)
22. Nature's Fury (WooDong)
23. Dangerous Territory (MinDy)
24. Torture (WanDy)
25. Fragile (RicWan)
33. Health and Healing (MinDy)
34. Forgotten (MinJin)
35. Warm (MinDy)
36. Patience (RicMin)
37. Innocence (MinSyung)
38. Tears (RicDy)
39. Troubling Thoughts (RicJin)

Shinhwa (All genres)
9. Unsettling Revelations
13. Picking up the Pieces
20. Death
29. Pride
32. Sacred

Shinhwa (Random Pairings- All genres except Romance)
4. Trapped (Jun Jin and Andy)
5. Rain (Jun Jin and Andy)
10. 33% (Dongwan and Andy)

15. Umbrella (Jun Jin and Andy)
26. Lesson (Dongwan and Andy)
27. Gunshot (Eric and Andy)


If anyone gives me a MinJin prompt for this, I'll do that first. I don't know why, but I feel like writing about our beloved Special Stupid duo. xD
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