Hey, guys.

To be completely blunt, I've lost interest in K-pop. Because I've transferred schools and I'm finally studying what I've been wanting to study all these years, work is now my leisure, so I just don't have time for writing fics anymore, which I did to get my mind off of the school I really hated. So, sad to say, this may be the end of the road for me. Maybe I'll come back someday, but with school looming over me (the workload is insane, I tell you) plus other extracurricular things keeping me busy, I just don't have time for this hobby anymore.

It was good while it lasted, and I'm grateful for everyone's kind comments that right now I am still blown away by. Thank you all so much for all the support. I made very good memories here that I will forever cherish, and that's something that will always stay with me.

I still listen to k-pop music every now and then though, but only rarely, and I just don't have the time or energy to fawn over groups anymore. I just have so many other things going on, that some things have to be given up. I knew that I was eventually going to move on someday; I just regret that it had to be so soon. But alas, it must be done.

I will say this much though: Shinhwa is still part of my life, and I think that much will never change. To me, they are distinct from K-pop in general. I can never and will never find the heart to leave these wonderful men who have changed so much of my life, helped me get through my darkest moments, made me laugh when I just want to cry in a corner, and caused me to meet many wonderful people. It's just, I don't think I'll ever get the feel for writing fics for them again. Maybe someday I will once more, but that day isn't any time soon.

I may still get on here once in a while just to check for messages or whatnot, but otherwise, that's it. If you want to reach me, just leave a message on my wall or private message me, and I'll give you my other contacts.

Anyways, this has been bittersweet enough. Thank you all for being wonderful and supportive; I don't think words will ever be enough to convey how grateful I am. I will never forget all of you.


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