Site Update: Replaced the Chapter and Blog Page Navigations

Another quick update today. Turns out some people's devices couldn't handle the chapter dropdown in stories (that we've had since forever) so I replaced it with simpler links above where it used to be. The "Table of Contents" link should scroll you to where the current chapter nav is (but is a little bit buggy because of the comments loading after). The "⇐ Foreword    ← Previous Chapter    Next Chapter →" links should be self-explanatory and should work exactly the same as the bigger buttons below the story content. We've had the chapter dropdown since forever ago so I was a little hesitant to remove it even if to help fix some mobile issues. If you use it all the time and really need it back, comment below. If you don't mind the change, comment below too so I can get a feel for how this affects everybody. If nobody comments, I'm just going to assume nobody noticed! Thanks!

Update: Well it looks like it's unanimous down in the comments so I'll keep the chapter dropdown and get rid of the table of comments link. I'll just keep the next and previous links for the people whose dropdowns aren't working for whatever reason.

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