Before anyone hates I saw a blog post about this a while back and I want to put my intake on it. As much as I love getting subscription and upvotes me as writer I personally would love it if people would COMMENT on my story or anyone else story. When I read stories I leave comments on every single chapter because it helps the writer get inspired or feel good about their writing. As a writer, I don’t expect everyone to love my stories, but a simple ‘This chapter was good’ wouldn’t kill anyone. Especially does of us that ENGLISH is not our first language, like I get reviews and sometimes they take points away because they focus on the grammar being perfect. No one is perfect darlings, but the storylines we work on take time and falling in love with stories is hard. I love my stories and Ive deleted a lot of them and now I regret it, mostly because I never got one single comment on them. Please, PLEASE be mindful when you subscribe to a story be kind and treat others the way you expect to be treated <3

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If you need a commenter, please comment below your story I will happily read your fanfic and comment on it my thoughts <3 I need new stuff to read <3 I’m into anything and my favorite groups currently are EXO, T1419, ONLYONEOF, SHINEE, SHINHWA, TEENTOP, UKISS, NCT, GOT7 ETC…I’ll read anything as long as its more than one chapter xD I hate ‘To be Continued’ especially if there is a part xD LMAO jk please comment below your story <3 


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I have the same thoughts as you. I am so grateful to readers who drop comments every time I update even if I only update once or twice a month because I was always so busy or that writer's block visits me. XD I was so glad when some commented down they missed my fic. ♡♡♡

I'm a yuri lover tho hahahaha but yeah, comments are on the next level, it excites and motivates writers to do better.

And if any g×g writer who passes by my comment and wanna share their work, y'all can reply on my comment and I wilk read your fic/s. A lot of the fics I've been reading are on-going and I have nothing to read rn. Sksksjs
Can't agree more!! 👍🏻 Comments are indeed necessary for author to strive n be motivated more to write ❤️
Honestly, I agree. I'm not saying that I get angry when I don't see comments, but it's just so nice to see comments and upvotes... They're like a little pat on the back, and they bring me utter joy and motivate me to continue. Thank you for this blog post. I will surely give your stories a read (and I always leave comments!). From one writer to another! <3
Ah thanks for giving my post a shoutout, I appreciate it <3 Would be happy to read your fictions!
Thank you for speaking out about this it's definitely something that needs to be spread around and I think it's sweet you're willing to take your time and actually comment on a story suggested to you. You're an awesome person for making this blog 💙💙💙💙💙