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NAME : kwon hawon

°˖✧  haha, won, kwonha  the shortened versions of his name, used by family, wife and friends. basically, those who know him well enough.
°˖✧   wonjjari   used by his parents only, the most embarassing thing his parents have ever called him. it's also his baby bump name.
°˖✧   muse   he is her life's muse, the origin of many of her creations. you know it.
°˖✧   player won   wordplay off of 'player one', mostly used by his bros. the nickname came from him being the one with the most wins at mobile/computer games.
°˖✧   jellybean, darling, zachary, zack   the nicknames his wife calls her. the 'zachary' and 'zack' nicknames are a reference to when they dressed up as zachary "zack" siler and laney boggs from she's all that during their first halloween together.

BIRTHDAY : june 7, 1996 (25)
OCCUPATION : baseball player : outfielder, kbo future leagues, foster player at doosan bears
PROFANITY : uses profanity in his speech by choice when playing video games or hanging out with teammates and friends. it unconsciously comes out of his mouth when he's pissed, surprised or forced into a haunted house or watching a horror movie. would never use it around his wife. also the type to do so in bed. whoops, tmi alert.

°˖✧   native korean   his native tongue, being born and raised in south korea. is actually from busan, but has been living in seoul since middle school so he's forgotten how to use the regional dialect of busan. don't make him do the busan dialect, he doesn't know how anymore.
°˖✧   questionable english   merely knows the language. was mediocre, at best, in english when he was in school and can only understand simple english. proved his skills when he genuinely spelled blue as "blruw" during a team bonding session. he's not joking when he says he's really bad in english. don't lose him in a crowd in a foreign country, he won't be able to say anything.

FACECLAIM : kang daniel
BACKUP : im jaebum

°˖✧ has three tattoos. got her penname tattooed on his chest after they got married. he got one on his left shoulder that is his birthdate in roman numbers. the other is on his right side wrist he got after they got married as a couple tattoo that says "forever" while hers says "together".
STYLE : inspired by
uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco

( + ) outgoing, passionate, cooperative
aladdin, enfp, gryffindor, gemini
naive, critical, underestimated ( - )

kwon hawon, a youthful dreamer and romantic at heart, is fueled by his passions and ambitions. socially oriented and responsive to the voice of others, it's easy to take a liking for this guy. just ask his teammates, they'd know. the boy is a true team player and he never gives up for the people he cares about. he does his best for the sake of the greater good and is an idealist.

no matter what dark tunnel he's in, he firmly believes in the light at the other side and believes that he'd be able to succeed with consistency and never giving up. in addition to that, he's a fun guy to be around with. he loves to set the mood and hopes that his efforts to clear the air whenever needed are successful.

the boy was naturally born with a big portion of naivety. it makes him seem like a lightweight, no matter how serious he was about his ambitions and passions. others find his naivety charming, some find it concerning. many wonder, how could he achieve his goals in a team if nobody takes him seriously?

when cooperating with others, he will be underestimated, for his age and for the lack of experience. he can't avoid the fact that being cooperative makes him look easy. though many may not take him seriously, kwon hawon himself thinks highly of himself. being critical about the details that go into his work and the process of his success, he is his own enemy. 
°˖✧ his designated number is 122, hits left handed but throws right handed
°˖✧ favorite singers are tame impala, brockhampton, sabrina claudio, doesn't know much about k-idols, korean arists he listens to are zico, crush, ph-1, haon, hoody, baek yerin
°˖✧ has yet to sustain an injury but he's quite concerned about his left ankle
°˖✧ not the best cook but can be trusted with making noodles or pasta dishes
°˖✧ his version of a hangover soup works wonder
°˖✧ can't handle bitter or sour food
°˖✧ has a sweet tooth and likes to keep a stash of sweets near his side of the bed to snack on
°˖✧ will avoid eating live octopus and chicken gizzard, he can't stand the mere sights of it
°˖✧ alcohol tolerance is three glasses of beer, gets knocked out easily when drinking a mixed drink
°˖✧ loves to unplug with mobile games but also has a play station ready for game night with friends
°˖✧ has been in the team since 2016
°˖✧ always eats chocolate before a game
°˖✧ believes that he doesn't need to set an ideal type, he'll like someone as who she is
°˖✧ is that person who won't gain weight even if they eat like crazy
°˖✧ does the chores whenever he's home
°˖✧ likes to flex his muscles after a shower
°˖✧ believes he can deliver any cheesy or cringe pick-up line without exaggerating, does it for fun when told to or voluntarily with jieun
°˖✧ is bad at winking and funny dancing
°˖✧ known to lose a lot at rock paper scissors
°˖✧ likes to collect postcards from all over the world
°˖✧ has a driver's license since he was twenty
°˖✧ is a hugger when he sleeps and likes to mumble about his day in his sleep
born into a middle-class family, kwon hawon dreamed of being a baseball player due to his father, who is a big fan of the sport. he started pursuing his dream from a young age and was apart of the national youth team during middle school. baseball was the only thing he could see himself do in the future so he didn't even need to take the college entrance exams seriously (but still did to save face around others). 

call him privileged but he's not one who gets all the credit, being a player who does most of the defending. he and his fellow defenders usually gets most of the critic whenever they lose innings. those in his position usually share the glory as a team, rather than being picked as an individual rising star. hawon is fine with that, he believes a team success is the same as his own. 

he was offered a development contract with the doosan bears several months after he turned twenty in korea. having achieved so much at a young age, kwon hawon wanted to continue on to become a son and brother his family could be proud of. he is now a foster player in the second tier team but has a considerate pay.

currently, he goes back and forth between living in the players' dorm but most of his stuff have been moved into their residence in eden hall. though, he does go back to his family home to get a taste of his mother's homemade meals (and take away more of it for later). 

°˖✧  PEPPER  2, the rescued female stray cat, the "child" they're raising together

INTERACTIONS : the stray cat that used to appear in front of jieun's apartment, they decided to take pepper in their care before they got married. often addressed as their baby or kid, it's good practice for the couple. pepper isn't hostile to jieun and loves to cling on to hawon whenever he's around. maybe the parenting concept they adoopted for pepper is starting to get into her head because she's always sharing the bed with them at nights where they don't have their ual business and can be seen spectating their banters on the couch during game night. she listens to jieun well so she's been taught not to stray and enjoys it when jieun turns on her music on her vinyl player or sleeping next to her when she's focused on watching her movies.


°˖✧  KWON HAYOUNG  19, his little sister, always popping up nearby, adores her sister-in-law

INTERACTIONS : with his brother always busy, the younger sibling is always unaware of what he does but nevertheless, brags about him in front of her friends (who are clearly interested in his hotness). hayoung always clings onto her brother whenever she can and is a bit nosy about her brother's life but it's all out of her curiosity. hawon, in exchange, treats her well and won't let anyone hurt her. hayoung was surprised when she found out her brother was getting married because but the moment she met his wife, she began adoring her. her sister-in-law was like the sister she never had and you could see the stars in hayoung's eyes when she's with his wife. 

hayoung is always popping up around their residence unannounced during the weekends. sometimes, she comes to visit hawon but other times, she goes to bond with her sister-in-law. hawon feels bad for his wife because gosh, his sister is so nosy and curious about a lot of things. he does try and restrict her a bit but everyone knows, hawon has a soft spot for his sister and isn't the most strict brother to hayoung.

°˖✧  JANG SIWOO, YOON KANG  25, his dumb and dumber, best bros and wingmans

INTERACTIONS : meeting each other in their freshman year of highschool as fellow teammates for their school's baseball team, the three had the same frequency and quickly became friends in and off the field. they weren't always in the same class but the three would always be seen together as a trio. their friendship goes over deeply because they always talk about baseball. sometimes, they de-stress together with some games and food. the three guys have each other's backs. both siwoo and kang were present for hawon's wedding. the two were actually the ones who provided relationship advice for hawon when he was dating his wife at the time.

in present day, siwoo was led to the doosan bears foster team by hawon after he returned from military service in february 2016. kang is also a foster player at doosan bears alongside hawon. the three best bros make a great addition to the team and can be seen elevating the team morale inside the locking room. they are known for being a wild trio so approach with caution.


fellow residents at eden hall

INTERACTIONS : maisie was the one who showed him and his wife the place they'd be living in when they move in the eden hall while hyemi was the overly-excited owner of eden hall who adores hawon for his smile and jieun because she read her book. sehun was the guy who shared some advice with him due to the married life and warned of hyemi's shenanigans.

hawon and jieun are constantly adored by hyemi because of their chemistry and also because jieun is such an interesting person to get to know to. hyemi does pop around jieun quite a lot to chit chat about her book and asks a lot about what jieun likes in hawon. hawon talks less with hyemi because of his job, but she'll always rush to greet him and tells him about jieun and gives advice. while maisie and hawon don't talk often because hectic work hours, he knows that jieun and maisie bond a lot while sharing some chit chat on their married life and husbands over a cup of tea. sehun and hawon will probably bond through their wives, but as of now, they're both busy.


now playing: serendipity by albert posis


°˖✧  you came out of nowhere  
they first met in winter 2016 when hawon went to one of jieun's book signing events to get her autograph. they exchanged some formal greetings and small chit chat where hawon admitted that he became a fan of her writing and the message of the book resonated deeply to him. jieun was flattered but didn't think much of him. yet, at the end of the day, he was one of the more memorable ones in the crowd that day. his baseball jumper, his voice, his smile, his height. in that short moment, he caught her eye.

so, imagine how surprised she was when she saw in her instagram that he mentioned her in his instagram story. she replied accordingly, thanking him and hoped he liked the book. it was from there, they started to converse through instagram dms. she found herself one night inside the bears field, the stadium used by the foster team hawon was playing for, watching him on the field. that became the first time they met after the book signing. 

they had dinner together, chatted for several hours nonstop to get to know each other more. they didn't drink alcohol that night, but the atmosphere even without it was already sweet. jieun's attention was constantly on him, capturing all his details. his first impression still stood. he was captivating, somewhat interesting and his attitude made her want to get to know him more. for hawon, she was everything he dreamed of. he could feel his ears go red and his heart was beating really fast. he knew he had to get a hold of her so he was the one who asked for her phone number.

°˖✧  fell in love unexpectedly  
they started to fall for each other the more they texted, called and met. conversations were hardly ever broken, they could laugh over any small matter in their lives, the feeling of mutual understanding was there. they also have a similiar style in humor. jieun felt herself bloom, not holding any skeptic feelings for him. she was impressed over hawon's maturity and his big dreams. he was doing what he loves and that was one of the things she admired in him. hawon just liked her for who she was. she was strong by herself and she has her own ground rules that she follows as her life's rules. it was something he had never seen in girls his age and he liked that in her.

hawon was the one to ask her out first. he went to her studio to pick her up and they walked through the crowded streets together. he made sure to walk her to her apartment. when they reached the building, hawon told her that he got a gift for her. it was the guitar pick that she had wanted to get, the difference was that his initial and hers were both engraved on it.

"to remind you of me when you work, when i'm away", he said as he avoided eye contact.

"i'll write a really good song with this"

"um, jieunnim, can i say something?"

"of course you can, why hesitate?"

"because i like you a lot and i want us to be together even when i'm at work"

"oh, won, i like you too much to care for anything but you"

°˖✧  this ain't no accidental  
time is their biggest problem. with hawon's practice hours and tight schedule before games, jieun had to fight off not seeing him or being around him. the video calls and instagram dms and text messages weren't the same with being with him. as her mother says it, "that's the hardest part with loving an athlete". at least, jieun is thankful that she knows he's not doing shady business. he was doing his sport, and she can't hold that against him. 

of course, with all the time he's away, she has so many things to tell him that she can't. when he is around, she can't bring herself to say them because he already has the upcoming game to worry about and she doesn't want to burden him. she has to rally his morale so she bottles them up and one day, had them explode everywhere.

she had drunk so many alcohol that she fell asleep. her best friend called him and thankfully, he was available to take her home. he made her his hangover soup and he was surprised to hear her rant on and on about him. 

"you're never around, i miss you so much but i can't call or see you, i want to tell you about my annoying boss, my day, how i played with pepper, how your sister came but i've been anxious and worried a lot. not saying what i want to tell you. being careful. being patient. it's just too hard to not share anything with you. i don't want to feel like this. but hey, that's just me," she said before her tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"you don't have to, i can do better, you don't need to worry about a thing," he wiped the tears off her cheek.

hawon forgot his girlfriend was intoxicated. until she took his lips in hers and he could smell the intense scent of soju on her. he made sure she had her ice cream and some hot water before tucking her in bed.

"pinky promise on it?" she said as she mumbled drunkily.

"anything for my laney love, i pinky promise never to make you sad ever again and to take the first step closer"

of course, jieun was met with embarassment the next morning as she remembered every single word she said and a heavy headache to add on it. she walked out of her room and saw the hangover soup he prepared for her. he wrote a note on how to heat it up.

she smiled. this was the guy she loved with all her heart.

°˖✧  i swear we're meant to be  
the two have such chemistry with each other and it's interesting to see the two mesh as one. hawon is fun and outgoing while jieun takes a little time to warm up. hawon's clear and consistent with jieun (which makes her at ease) and jieun gets to him by reassuring him every day. hawon gives jieun her space when needed and jieun makes sure she doesn't get on his nerves before or after a game. the two communicate a lot and use it to resolve any tension.

it's always going to be hawon that reaches out to jieun in any tension. it's a gesture to her that he's let down his pride for her, something jieun has trouble since she doesn't want herself to feel weak. hawon feels like it's his part to match his pace with jieun's because jieun's speed in relationships is a bit slower than he is. hawon takes care of her well and all the warmth jieun felt through hawon over the past two years made her decide that marrying hawon was something she would never regret.

the one to propose was jieun. she told him she'd be sending him a draft of her next song she made with the guitar pick he bought her when they first started dating. it was actually her proposal. she wanted to convey her feelings in her own way and she found no method than through her words. she sent it at night, at a time she knew he would be free to open his phone.

title: give you my heart
written by lee jieun

I have nothing to give you
So I give you my heart
There are so many things I have received from you that
I cannot express them all

No matter the reason we encountered
and fell in love with each other
No matter the reason
you came and stayed with me

For you, whom I desperately await
more than any other news
So that we won’t miss each other across the path
I’ll wait for you here

For all four seasons, and 12 months long, with you every day, 
till we run out of breath,

we shall be in love and stay together

he was overwhelmed with happiness. he couldn't hide it and tried to cover his mouth to not let out a squeal. of course, he wanted to marry this woman. she was all he sees in his future, all he could think about when he's lonely, all that makes him motivated. he went straight to her to accept her proposal. she greeted him with the biggest smile. they hugged.

"sing it with your guitar, sing it to me over and over again"

"you're one lucky guy, kwon hawon"

"and you, lee jieun, are the best present i can ever ask for in my life"

"not even a wedding ring, darling?"

"we can decide that right now, bring in the sample photos, who's scared?"

"then, jellybean, we should get started"

"should i be excited or nervous?"

"both... maybe a bit aroused, too"

"love, i like where this is going"

"thus would be being married to me"


now playing: sunkissed by khai dreams

°˖✧  i can't help but fall for you, love  
got married on 8th april 2018, recently celebrated their second year of marriage.

°˖✧  it's so lovely loving you  
hawon stayed being hawon and jieun is still as jieun as she can be. it's amusing to see how jieun lights up when she sees hawon. you could tell there are stars in her eyes you never thought she had. she's unexpectedly touchy and cute around hawon that you'd doubt it's the same lee jieun you know on a daily basis. she likes to initiate skinship and hawon appreciates the courage she's built to do it first. it's become so natural for him to hold her hand or link arms with her. they spare nobody from witnessing their shenanigans.

communication has always been key in their relationship. they use texts, video calls, gifs and emojis alike to keep each other updated when they're apart. when they do meet, they open up to each other as they share the small details in their daily life. it's now become almost automatic for hawon to ask about jieun's day and vice versa. hawon has a lot of reaction memes in his disposal that can make jieun laugh so when they meet, expect hawon to do live impressions of memes. this adds a lot to jieun's extending gallery of funny hawon moments.

they discuss finances a lot, actually, when they do get to do the serious talking. jieun handles their household economics. they opened a shared bank account where they transfer a sum of money they separated for transactions made for their home, like groceries, bills, or rent. they take turns when buying cat supplies for pepper, though. other than that, they keep their bank accounts separate and they rarely talk about how much they exactly make. they are ually active. sometimes, she says no because she knows he's tired for a game or sometimes, sleep over .

°˖✧  you can leave it all to me  
hawon's married life, to some extent, revolves around her every word and action. what jieun doesn't have the final say is anything regarding baseball. jieun gives him that, she knows that he is in charge of what he's doing. they like to share their plans in advanced before going out. also, people shake their heads when they act like they haven't seen each other for a long time whenever they're apart because... they haven't been apart for long.

fridays and/or weekends when they're both free are the best. they could lazy around and binge watch or nap together. they sometimes pretend pepper is a dog and "take her out for a walk". anything done togther they could think of, they'd do it. they like to game together and take inspiration from games they see on variety shows. they love to mess with each other and bet on silly things. sometimes, they'd find them having to spend time as a trio with hawon's sister who suddenly pops up at their residence.

°˖✧  don't want you worried about a thing  
during weekdays, jieun works from around eight a.m. until whenever she feels like her work's complete. she does work for more than ten hours a day though, most of the time. hawon usually heads back to the players' dorm early in the morning so he's gone by the time she's awake. hawon tells her when he thinks he won't make it home in advance. he usually stays at the players' dorm most of the time. he's usually not home for a week before he comes back for another. sometimes, it goes for longer when the games are scheduled to be played back-to-back.

when he's not home, jieun lives in her space in her own pace so she does all the housework by herself and does invite people over to hang out. sometimes, she orders delivery so she doesn't have to be bothered with cooking and cleaning the dish. it's not always a bad thing not having your husband around. it reminds jieun of her independence and freedom. it's nice to know that hawon makes it up to her by doing the chores whenever he's around because he knows, when else will he have the time to help out? 

°˖✧  i know you'd do the same for me  
°˖✧ hawon hasn't enlisted in military service yet, but it's possible to exempted if he wins a match as a national team representative. it's either that or he'll enlist by the time he's twenty-seven or twenty-eight. note that those over twenty-seven can't apply for the military baseball team. he knows when he has to go serve, jieun and him will cry a lot
°˖✧ them arguing over the possibility of taking in another stray cat
°˖✧ hayoung's overwhelming presence in between the two of them will have its consequences in the future
°˖✧ injuring his ankle badly would cause them a lot of sad conversations
°˖✧ jieun possibly experiencing a stalker in her life or a ual harassment at work and hawon doing all that he can to protect her
°˖✧ maybe hawon getting an offer to play in the japan baseball league or in america and a possibility that jieun is not willing to move to japan

°˖✧ hawon's number is saved as "my one and only"
°˖✧ jieun's number is saved as "laney love"
°˖✧ has a wall dedicated to all the photo booth they take together. 
°˖✧ has a separate public instagram account for all their couple shenanigans, @hwnjn__couple
°˖✧ has quite the adventurous and active life whenever they get the mood
°˖✧ loves to have game nights, either on the play station or card games
°˖✧ has a "family" photo of the two of them and pepper together in their living room, dressed in retro style
°˖✧ it has become a tradition for them to have a night in where they binge watch how i met your mother together!
°˖✧ jieun wouldn't blink during a horro movie while hawon is long gone, closing his eyes ever since the first five minutes of the movie
°˖✧ jieun always greets hawon with a big hug, canned beer, and a late night snack after a game
°˖✧ jieun isn't a cat person but can live with seeing hawon and pepper sleeping while hugging each other
°˖✧ for jieun, seeing hawon sleep soundly with their "child" is something she loves waking up to. she has successfully taken a picture of them with her analog camera
°˖✧ they either backhug or link arms while sleeping
°˖✧ hawon would ask her to storytell for him before they go to sleep whenever he's having trouble sleeping, jieun would ask him to do the same
°˖✧ hawon is known by jieun's friends as "the dream husband" because jieun's stories of hawon have evoked envy
°˖✧ his dumb and dumber, siwoo and kang, love it when they see jieun because he can't banter with them when jieun's watching
°˖✧ his teammates joke by saying they love jieun more than they do hawon, but who can blame them?
°˖✧ jieun has a gallery of embarassing hawon snapchats, videos, and photos
°˖✧ hawon loves sending videos without context to jieun
°˖✧ showers each other with stickers and emojis, jieun especially loves sending emojis without context to hawon
°˖✧ they love singing songs together, their version of lovely originally by khalid and billie eilish is a must-listen
°˖✧ have their own version of carpool karaoke and it's lit
°˖✧ has a couple playlist that they update on the daily
°˖✧ hawon can tell if she's going to catch a sore throat, will make her his hangover soup or some porridge for her in a lunch box
°˖✧ hawon's actions speak louder than words while she's the exact opposite with her words being louder
°˖✧ loves to match the colors they'd be wearing for a date, jieun is particular about the aesthetics
°˖✧ their names are too awkward to merge with each other so they haven't decided on a ship name, but is called the "haji" couple by their friends
°˖✧ jieun loves to surprise him with flowers or does romantic gestures for him when he least expects it
°˖✧ they'd take turns driving on dates to keep fair play and share the load


BACKUP : bae suji

°˖✧   dlwlrma : 이지금   her penname she uses during work, the name you'll see her credited as. it's a wordplay on her birthname, meaning "right now". uses it also for her social media platforms and for her author name.
°˖✧   laney, love, jieunnim  nicknames he calls her as a part of 'their thing' together. the 'laney' is a reference to when she dressed as laney boggs during their first halloween together.
°˖✧   captain nemo  she works with several other people in a studio named 'nautilus' where they decided to pick nicknames through a random ladder game to see who would be called who and she got 'captain nemo'.
BIRTHDAY : may 16, 1993 (28)
OCCUPATION : lyricist, fiction writer
PROFANITY : she rarely uses such profane words. only seems to use it when she's really angry, you could tell the situation is about to go downhill when it happens.

( + ) logical, independent, caring
jasmine, intp, ravenclaw, taurus
skeptical, overly-fussy, opinionated ( - )

lee jieun is incredibly independent and strong in many ways. she's not afraid to speak her mind, or convey her opinions through her work. she uses her logic over her heart and has set her personal beliefs she holds on dear to. she's also caring towards those she holds dear to her heart and will not hesitate to prove her loyalty to those she feels for.

the girl is not without her flaws. she can, at times, be too fussy and opinionated (overly assertive in her own opinions). it takes her a lot to be able to accept her mistakes, though she knows what exactly they are. admitting her mistakes is what she views as a weakness. in addition, she can also be skeptical towards new people who approach her, but it gets better once she opens up.

she may not be a romantic at heart and doesn't believe in the existence of true love, but it takes a great man to get her to realize what true love means to her (in her own thoughts). she is the type who is not confident in love, though being confident in other areas. she is one who requires honest and staightforward appraoches that won't make her anxious and uneasy. that is exactly what kwon hawon managed to do for her.
born into an artistic family, her mother an exhibition designer and her father a curator, jieun was heavily influenced by her parents' occupation that she was inspired to be someone artsy like them. she tried all sorts of art; music, painting, writing, poems, photography. she ended up going to an arts high school, where she decided to take on literature. this led to her present day, now becoming a fiction writer and lyricist.

she is currently a part of a music studio called 'nautilus' where she is a lyricist. she mostly writes for indie groups and international indie artists because her proccess of writing lyrics begin with writing them in english but has some working credits with artists from the korean r&b scene in the likes of sam kim, hoody, ovan, and kim e-z. as for her salary, she gets quite a lot due to the royalty from the songs she is credited in. also, she writes fiction with several of her works have been published. she mainly writes fictional stories about coming of age, self love, and most recently wrote a compilation of realistic short stories.
°˖✧ is more of a badminton fan and also follows the english premier league
°˖✧ alcohol tolerance is four glasses of beer or three bottles of soju but is known to mix soju and beer together
°˖✧ favorite singers are the maine, post malone, blackbear, the only idol she listens are red velvet
°˖✧ knows how to play the guitar
°˖✧ loves to wear clothes with the 80s retro vibe
°˖✧ is good at cooking korean food and dessert
°˖✧ fall in love with her strawberry milkshake and pancakes, they are superb
°˖✧ collects vinyl and has a vinyl player
°˖✧ a scented candle a day when she's stress helps ease her head a little
°˖✧ in possession of two analog film cameras, a yasica t5 and an aikon a2

°˖✧ manages two accounts. she has her public personal account (@dlwrlma__) and also has an account (@jieuns_film_)
°˖✧ catches a sore throat easily

°˖✧ enjoys dying her hair in different colors
°˖✧ her skin routine is quite the regime, it didn't turn out that way overnight
°˖✧ loves playing card games, has a deck of bridge cards that is multifunctional
°˖✧ her friends have told hawon before that she was the "poker king" during their highschool days and hawon seems to believe that whenever he sees the way she handles cards
°˖✧ has a wide knowledge of movies and tv shows, just ask her for any recommendations

°˖✧ has the soft skills for makeup, loves it and appreciates it when people give her makeup as presents
°˖✧ is bad at don't laugh challenges, which is basically her married life with hawon where the laughter is everywhere
NICKNAME : silvi
ACTIVITY RATE : 88% living on aff
COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : it's my first time revamping a previous app so thank you for allowing me the chance to stroll memory lane. i decided to stick to jieun because i think she's still the wife material i want to match with hawon 2.0, kwon hawon and also the blue color scheme because blue is my fav. i kept most of the details in their relationship but changed the overall vibes of their relationship.

hope you still enjoyed reading hawon :)
°˖✧ hyemi adoring hawon and pestering him
°˖✧ hawon proving his loyalty to jieun by coming straight to where she is when she was dared by her friends to ask him to
°˖✧ hawon insisting that pepper needs to be walked and takes her out on a walk as if she was a dog and then pepper meets shark
°˖✧ jieun giving  relationship advice or life advice out of her experience being in love with hawon
°˖✧ just hawon x jieun being dorks in love
°˖✧ everyone going to support hawon and then, hanging out together
°˖✧ what happens to the two after hawon comes home with a win


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