five to eight
BIRTHNAME : lee ruri 이루리
❏ wish, wish eonni: 위시, 위시 언니. the nickname by those who know her sns platforms, now including close friends and family members who love to pick fun at her. and know her of over various social media platforms and out of a play on words as her full name loosely translates to "hoping everything will come true". 
❏ lee rurira: 이루리라. the way of introducing herself on her channel by herself as a self-introduction, friends as a joke and her fans. loosely meaning "hoping everything will come true". most people started calling her this as a nickname. it become a fun nickname.
❏ lula 룰라. the nickame she used to be called by her first love. she used to have all these trivial butterflies and occassional chills whenever he called her this. of course, she would because she liked him but she could never tell him that. after a few turn of events, she has come to dislike the nickname because it always takes her back to the memories of him and frankly, ruri would do anything to forget those moments.
DATE OF BIRTH : september 27, 1999
BIRTHPLACE : incheon, south korea.
ETHNICITY : south korean
NATIONALITY : republic of korea
❏ korean: fluent, native tongue. doesn't use a regional dialect on a daily basis, but can imitate dialects that are used in dramas or films for laughs.
❏ english: proficient, constantly learning and improving. does have an accent in her english. learnt in school and university, some lectures, reading sources and textbooks being in english. uses her english now to sing pop songs, randomly in her daily speech, read comments or dms, and travelling purposes.
FACE CLAIM : kim yerim, red velvet
BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : kang hyewon
HEIGHT & WEIGHT : 164 cm, 50 kg
APPEARANCE : queendom era yeri.
there's a legend that you could know who is lee ruri from a mile away. they say you could know it's her when the fresh aromatic smell of lavender perfume fills the hallways or tickles your nose as she passes. another noticeable trait of hers would the variety of purple and light pink nail polish she has. she makes sure her brows are neatly done every day and applies sunscreen before she goes out all the time. her lips are often in the mauve, pink, or peach hues. she does simple makeup and in the midst of it, making sure her simple and light cat eye is on flick but often times off campus, she tries on bold cut creases or shimmery eyeshadows.

as for her fashion sense, ruri dresses to impress with her trendy way of clothing. she pays attention to what's currently hot on the market and often expands her wardrobe through the references. she can do a lot of different styles. heck, she could make a sweatshirt and jeans look good without having to put much effort. if there was anyone whose best fit to be an instagram fashion inspiration, it's ruri after all.


confident, clever, observant, punctual, independent, ambitious, reticent, calculated,
acerbic, stubborn
ruri is the sort of person who carries herself with confidence. she knows what her capabilities are and believes in them. she doesn't let her surroundings affect her emotions. she's not wavered by a challenge and somehow, whenever she's speaking out, you'll always be assured by the sense of certainty in her words. she focuses on her strengths and is always prepared to take on the initiatives. she was born a leader and it helps hers as she has always been quick on her feet to figure out things out. she's able to learn something fast and apply them for clear results.

when faced with a difficulty, she's able to come up and suggest a quick and clever way to overcome it. this is all supported by her ability to notice things quickly. she's aware of her surroundings and others' actions. she pays attention to the words of others and takes note of them. she's usually the first person to compliment you on your new bangs or new outfit. even if you thought she wasn't paying attention, you'd be surprised by how much she knows through observing the room. 

perhaps, her most noticeable traits would be her punctuality. her "on time" ability is one that she gains praise from. she's able to organize or manage her time to be able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation without passing the deadline. she's the type of friend who'd arrive earlier than the promised hangout time. she has this mindset that it's better to be ten minutes early than five minutes late. 

she has her own double-edged swords. her childhood shaped her to be a complex person for others. she's rather difficult to read and understand her. this helps her protect her emotions from harm as it's harder to pierce through her. the way she's had to fight on her own feet since a young age has made her self-reliant and her confidence in her abilities helps her feel like she can overcome anything by herself. this only makes it hard for her to rely and trust on others for things that need to be done together and others find it hard to find a mutual ground with her so it's easier for them to not get in her way.

having to compete with her older siblings all her life, her strong desire to be more successful led her to become competitive in life. she competes with herself and against others. when she competes with herself, she makes a lot of progress in her productivity. it's good but she lets this migrate into her private life as she also competes against others, it often strains her relationships with the people in her surroundings. one prominent evident in the relationship she has with her older sister.

to pair with this is her ambition. yes, she knows what she wants to do and the steps to constantly move towards it. she has strong drive to achieve that ambition of hers but she often forgets that ambition is not essentially the ultimate goal of life and ambition should not replace higher priorities such as kindness and humility. her competitiveness paired with her ambitions sometimes make her forget about the simple achievements that can make herself happy in the process.

in order to guard herself, she shows a reluctance to express her feelings or thoughts. she takes a while to warm up and what you see her portray in front of others is what she does as her emotion-focused coping mechanisms. she does the bare minimum of manners and answers to give her time to adapt and open up in her own time. people often wonder how on earth she could work as someone on youtube when she's rather more quiet but it's mostly due to her multifaceted approach to life, she's able to be talkative according to the situation and ambiance thus more often than not, people misread her as an extrovert rather than an introvert.
ruri's mind is her super villain headquarters and that is where she deliberately plans to get what she wants. she has everything calculated to be done in a seamless fashion that is natural or unsuspicious and after calculating, would steer away from anything that poses more of a loss than a gain to her. she is crafty or devious this way and frankly, she's quite unapologetic about it.

there is something to ruri's speech that is direct, clever, and unmasked. her words rarely steer away from the truth and ruri personally thinks that being honest may hurt but it's better than being a liar if it means not being hurt by others. why work in a way that can stir misunderstandings or malicious rumors when she could just be transparent about it? she often unknowingly hurts the feelings of others in the process. when she feels cornered in an argument or discussion, her languages or actions often become hostile but due to her stubbornness, she's determined not to change her stance as she's attached to her own beliefs, opinions, and tastes. she becomes defensive when there are people who disagree with her and she's doesn't back down. deep down, this is her method of avoiding the pain of being controlled by others.
lee ruri comes from an upper middle class where her orthopedic surgeon father is the breadwinner. her mother had previously worked as a flight attendant who had to retire when she became pregnant with the first child and ruri's older sister, hwanhee. her family had expectations for their children to become great people in the fields they chose to work in.

born as the third and youngest child, ruri had to be able to compete with her two older siblings. her older sister was preferred for her charms and ways with words as well as her academic track record while her older brother became the pride of the house because he was the only son and had the "nicest" personality among the three. young ruri hated it to an extent. she had always felt like she lost the battle to win their favor and the way her sister boasts about it to her irked her. at least, she had her kind brother to give her a pat in the back but even then, she felt like she was being pitied. 

they did shower her with love because she was the youngest but she always concluded inside her mind that deep down, they're only doing it out of pity because she was the only child who had nothing special to bring to the table. she was frustrated because at school, she never failed a test despite the occasional low grades. though, she had to admit that rahoon was definitely the nicest out of the siblings.

for most of her teenage years, she kept thinking that she was the leftover, the least favorite in the bunch. she never really knew how to find herself or her passion. she always wanted to have a spark, after all. the privilege that came with having a high-paying father was that she was able to have support in doing so, especially since she's showered with the love the youngest child usually receives. she had quit most of the athletic activities starting from archery to tennis to badminton because she didn't enjoy it but there's something about sports that she enjoyed watching from a distance. just not as the person doing it.
ruri remembered how she used to enjoy watching other students play sports as she took sips from her chocolate milk carton and how oftentimes, she was entrusted with the first aid kit, filled with all sorts of ointments, band-aids and equipment for whenever a possible scratch or injury may occur. to this day, ruri has yet to question why it was always her that had been trusted to run with the first aid kit and treat wounds here and there. legend has it, they used to call her "the first aid fairy". then again, the school nurse at her school back then was too handsome for ruri not to stop by and ask about certain things relating to the topic. 

the school nurse had smirked every time she came by. "at this point, you should try and consider yourself the unofficial first aid of the school. your classmates trust you too muchwith their eeny meany scraps that it's quite entertaining. try and think about it," the good-looking school nurse once told her. those words resonate to ruri too close to her heart for her not to think about it. it meant she could have something that sets her apart from her siblings but when? where? how? she didn't know how to accept this new truth. she can't help but contemplate on her life. i really want to be different. i want to be better than hwanhee and rahoon in something. just anything.
if it meant that her faith was always intertwined with wounds, injuries and sports, ruri didn't mind. after all, it was interesting. so, in that moment, ruri asked her father who knew these things better than her, what should i do for a living as a dream? her father encouraged her to pursue something related to what interested her. she was suggested to look up kinesiology and the possibilities that come with it. as she digged deeper into the prospects and focuses of kinesiology, she felt a tight connection or a strong pull of some sorts as if the gravity of her focus shifted to it easily. she felt like she gained a purpose, something that connects her deeper with her father than her siblings. all this before she entered the dreaded last year of high school.

she felt as if she could really achieve her purpose if she only worked hard to maintain her grades in high school. that's why she tried her best not to fail anything and that's how she managed to attend yeong-ung university. ruri enjoyed every second of her time as a student enrolled at yeong-ung university. more so, when in her freshman year, she updated a vlog of a day in her life and a study with me video as a yeong-ung student as a means to preserve several memories of her college life. this caused her to suddenly rise as an upcoming lifestyle content creator, something ruri didn't realize she would do. she enjoys life as a content creator, though, despite the shortcomings she realized in herself such as lack of aesthetic touch or video editing. since then, ruri sees her content creating channel as a "just for fun" facility to express herself, to preserve the moments and memories in life, to leave a mark of her own on the world and perhaps, most importantly— take pride in having a concrete proof of a product of her own skill and creativity. as some of her classmates say, "if there's anyone from us whose most suited to be a youtuber, it would be ruri and we should've seen it coming."
 cold weather
 matcha ice cream
 mystery or thriller movies
 video games
 woody oriental scents
 damp weather or summer days
 bad grades
 off-shoulder tops
 greasy or oily foods
 scaredy cats
 always seen with a high chin and never breaks eye contact
 massaging her temples when she's stressed
 doodling on paper when she's disinterested or bored
 pulling all-nighter when required
 always on time, arrives earlier than the determined time
 playing her brother's video games every now and then (animal crossing, fifa, overwatch, league of legends, pubg)
 listening to music
 watching movies or series
 swimming or stretching
 reading webtoons or books
being labelled a failure
losing, be it herself as a whole or just in something that she feels confident in
not living up to expectations
 was hella proud of herself when she got sorted into slytherin
 handles alcohol well, amuses her housemates every time she pulls off these skillful snap of the wrist when opening bottles of soju or beer (or virtually any liquor)
 there's a rumor that you can't beat her in drinking games
 really likes coffee that she calls it her second best friend or saviour
 needs to listen to music when she's studying. she rejects the idea of classical music as her studying partner and prefers upbeat songs to keep her awake and motivated.
 her sister calls her "slyther" all the time and she'll retaliate saying "well, you're just a snake"
 has a variety of silk and satin pajamas for when she's chilling. other choices of clothes to wear at home are lace tank tops and sport shorts or sweatshirts.
❏ doesn't brag about her video gaming skills, saying "it's usually the braggers who the most"
  the current head-to-head score line between her and her brother rahoon on fifa20 is 4 : 2 while san is painstakingly losing at 5:1
 can't cook for her life but  doesn't really try to improve or learn at all since she tolerates her cooking skills as long as she doesn't starve
 very interested in photography as she really likes to take pictures of scenery or crowded places, currently getting into analog cameras
❏ seems to make dude or bro friends much easier than with other girls.
❏ loves dumplings of all types and will love anyone who would buy her dumplings.
❏ aspires to be a part of the physical trainer or conditioning team of any professional sports team in korea or even national team athletes after graduating. 
 her celebrity crush? she'll show you what she calls "the hottest picture of sebastian stan that ever existed" but she wouldn't deny that ariana grande is a very close second
 would say she doesn't have an ideal type in any form but everyone who knows her seems to disagree. she's attracted to guys with softer personalities and has a nice sense of fashion. visual-wise, ruri would say "okay, it's probably the actor jung haein or lee dohyun."
이루리 Ruri Lee
may all good wishes come true.
www.youtube.com/c/이루리라AS YOU WISH
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flight attendant / '93 / charming, sociable, expressive, competitive, crafty, prideful (fc: bang minah)
ruri's sibling interactions with her big sister always had warmth missing in them.both daughters had inherited their father's stubbornness and from a young age, the two sisters are always at each other's throats. hwanhee, as the firstborn in the family, was always set as an example for rahoon and ruri. growing up, ruri had a lot of unsettled resent for her big sister. hwanhee had always been successful in winning the favor of their parents through her academics and crafting a whole different personality in front of them.

as much as they insist on firing sarcasm and insults to each other whenever they see each other, there are surprisingly rare instances they cease fire. the teamwork they showcase in the face of a mutual enemy is quite frightening. as long as it benefits them both, why not? they'd gladly agree to work together to elibyeolte an external threat who tries to sneak their way in the middle of their quarelling. hwanhee would tell her straight away, nobody tries to outsmart us, right, sis?
entry-level staff of finance team / '97 / astute, wise, dutiful, aloof, quiet (fc: jeon woong)
the ravenclaw brother in the middle of two slytherin sisters, rahoon is the exact type of sibling ruri loves. this is why she's so whipped for her brother. he's always stepping to pull the two sisters away from each other and is the peacekeeper in the house. rahoon is always taking care of ruri and gives her the warm attention she craves. he's always there for her and she's grateful and relieved that he didn't grow up to turn out like hwanhee. 

she cried a river when she found out he was to report for his military service a few months ago. without him around, she'd have to withstand hwanhee by herself whenever she's not on duty. like he always does, he reassures her and wiped her tears. it was painful for him, too, as he'd lose twenty three months of his life to serving in the navy but he didn't let it show in front of ruri as he said, "you've always been a fighter, ruri, even without me."
student, digital forensics science major / '99 / hardworking, responsible, sensitive, insecure, quiet
they have rather contrasting auras despite having similar traits within them, considering that byeol tries hard (maybe too hard) to be extroverted and cheerful as an introvert while ruri doesn't even have to try (or rather, there's no need to for her). it's quite easier for her to heads with byeol as the two have ways to roast one another and actually have the banter escalate into a full-fledged war, especially since byeol often gets hurt by ruri's words easily. 

a responsible and hardworking person, it's not surprising if byeol and ruri can work together professionally well as their work ethics and style match despite the contrast in personality. perhaps, byeol finds everything about ruri rather admirable or cool in a way from her confidence, smooth talking, quick thinking, and "on time" work ethic even when byeol easily backs down from ruri's headstrong moments and sometimes needs help in recovering from the harsh comments of the younger yet taller girl. as long as the other girls can keep the two in a cooperative and good mood, there shouldn't be any problems between the two.
student, dance major / '99
choi san, compared to his twin byeol, is perhaps more closer to ruri for some apparent reason. san is more chill and just a comfortable "dude' for ruri and they often mesh together well. san is the perfect mutual presence that can help byeol and ruri get more acquainted and less hostile or feisty with one another, albeit sometimes san is caught in the line of fire as byeol and ruri go neck-and-neck through their roasting or banter.

seeing that ruri and san are close, byeol does often her brother about ruri and talk about her to him in which san always comes in and helps her understand or get to know ruri better. having san around does help ease whatever happens between the two girls so slowly but surely, the two will get comfortable with one another and perhaps get to call each other friends. in the meantime, san and ruri are often seen joking around with one another as normal friends do but not as close as besties yet not as distant as acquaintances; their friendship is something that is enough distance and fun at the same time and ruri could not ask for a more reliable friend.
archivist / '98 / strong-willed, sociable, realistic, opinionated, hothead (fc: bae inhyuk)

the best friend of her brother since childhood, gye sunwoo had always been this prince charming in ruri's eye. he was different from her brother; smart, sociable, fun and witty (at least in ruri's eyes). it didn't take her long to have this admiration for sunwoo which she realized early on during high school. to ruri, it was not just a long-time crush but gye sunwoo was the first love that has brought a strong impression on her life. the flutters whenever she was in close proximity to sunwoo had always made ruri act unlike her and that was rare for someone with her demeanour. she never confronted sunwoo with her feelings, only staying within the safe lines of being a close friend and "best friend's sister" due to considering the possibilities of being dumped and she didn't like to be on the end with disadvantages. that was just not her.

after she enrolled into yeong-ung university (the same university as her brother and sunwoo), she decided to confess to him when she turned twenty. it was one day after she had finished her lab class and met him on the way to a nearby cafe. "ah, thank you for liking me, ruri. i really cherish you as a little sister a-and i really never saw you that way, ruri-" before sunwoo could continue, ruri intervened, "well, then, thank you for being everything that was good, for being the highteen first love of my life. it's been great knowing you, sunwoo sunbae." with a sad hint in her smile, ruri extended her hand to sunwoo in which they ended up shaking hands. sunwoo knew deep down that he has certainly ed up; he had hurt her deeply to the point of no repair to their relationship. this was the end of the era, the time they knew one another. did sunwoo ever notice ruri's feelings for him? no, he always took her as more easy-going than several others and so, he thought ruri also saw him as a friend because of how comfortable and casual they were with one another since they were kids. he spoke the truth to ruri. she was indeed just his best friend's sister.

after the hand shake, ruri excused herself as she felt tears flooding her eyes. sunwoo's beckoning of her faded out to the background as she walked away from the scene. such was the final scene of her first love. sunwoo is now currently an archivist working on a research piece somewhere in europe (or so rahoon tells her) and ruri has never crossed paths with him ever since his graduation from yeong-ung nor does she have the intention (or guts) to kindly welcome him if she does see him after how the last page of her first love ended. she has promised to keep alive only the good memories but well, such is much easier said than done, especially with a significant part of her life.

THE BEAUTY ruri bonds quite well with the beauty as the two can often converse over cute ootds, makeup, trendy cafes and music. the beauty is one of ruri's friends since freshman year because of those casual conversations that easily occur. often times, people label them as contesting beauties or "queenkas" of yeong-ung university which makes people wonder how the two can get along (spoiler alert, they never acknowledge such a status that people attach to them). the two have complimenting personalities and thank god, they don't have any issues that make them  heads with one another because such a scenario already sends headaches and fatigue to their other dormmates at the thought of the two girls bickering.
THE NERD not the most noticeable presence amongst the girls, ruri admires the nerd because well, she's hella smart. that's something nobody can take from her and how she carries herself with positivity and optimism even if people bully her has often earned an approving grin from ruri. this has caused ruri to come to the nerd's defense whenever she gets bullied by others which causes people to back off (who would want to anger ruri? nobody). the nerd would often quietly tap her on the shoulder to ask for styling advice and ruri would often let her borrow her makeup products. the nerd is the blank canvas that lets ruri style her as she trusts ruri's fashion sense and the two girls bond over such things. this prom, the nerd will definitely get some finishing touches from ruri as per usual.
THE MOTHER despite being younger than her, ruri appreciates the mother's company because gosh, she's so caring and attentive! as the two of them are both from medical related majors, ruri and the mother bond over ever since freshman year. the tiring hours they have in the lab become bearable somehow. they often laugh over jokes related to their majors. ruri is perhaps the only one who takes care of the mother or takes time off her own life to ask if she's okay. if it weren't for the mother, ruri would be the one who'd receive all sorts of questions from the girls about certain "muscle pains" or concerns. well, ruri still receives those question but not as much as the mother with her bandaids and ability to tend to everyone.
THE FIGHTER one of the girls ruri is not so close with because of that temper of hers. well, they do get along out of formality's sake whenever they exchange greetings or small talk on the day-to-day basis but other than that, ruri somehow is not able to open her heart to the fighter. she feels like the method the fighter uses to face her feelings are valid but unhealthy in a sense because she's always so fired up and reckless. the fighter is rather friendly with her but the same goes; she's not comfortable enough to open up to ruri. the two tiptoe around one another in order not to hurt each other's feelings but there is still hope since ruri is always the one who silently gives her advice or solutions to tend to her literal scars or scratches from physical fights.
THE TALKATIVE another person ruri has bonded well with ever since freshman year because the talkative takes initiative to greet her and is always updated with ruri's videos or instagram posts somehow. ruri feels like the talkative is one of her major support systems because of that and turns to her for final opinions before posting a picture or a video. she appreciates the lively and bustling aura of the talkative and up until most recently, is always welcomed to tend to her dilemmas or concerns. ruri remembered how she'd always give her love life advice (even though, she's perhaps not the best person to receive such advice from) but strangely, she hasn't heard further stories or updates from the talkative which has left her worried for her usually open and expressive friend.
THE MYSTERIOUS like most people, ruri doesn't know how to feel about the mysterious due to the lack of knowledge she has on her and the fact that they don't interact often. well, actually,  the mysterious doesn't let many interact with her regardless. there's a sense of curiosity that makes ruri just want to talk to her but the responses she gets back is mostly short answers that don't provide room for follow-ups and whatnot. ruri does enjoy observing the mysterious from afar thus she knows about that one passionate admiror of hers even if the mysterious hasn't noticed him just yet. things might get interesting this prom and ruri can't wait to see if she can finally befriend the mysterious.
THE JOCK the one person who engages in actual arguments with ruri that makes ruri wonder how the jock is still respected when she's a bit lacking in modesty or ability to build genuine bonds with others with a lack of sportsmanship in the conduct of her daily life but she knows the jock has got the wealth and prestige anyways so it's not too surprising. well, ruri and the jock are prone to saying things that may spoil the atmosphere and often go to the point where they are this close to grab each other's hairs. the other girls like the mother and the talkative try their best to make sure such don't occur but it's sometimes tough. hopefully, when the jock grows out of that attitude, they can let bygones be bygones and finally get along as genuine friends because they're quite similar.
Hey, here we go again 눈부신 햇살 아래 아이처럼 활짝 웃는 너 (Hmm yeah) Oh hey! 같은 꿈속에 우릴 계속 불러 댄 먼 기억 너머의 Wonderland We are Queens in the red castle Don’t need crown 타고났지 Dazzle 함께 만들어 온 Paradigm 확실히 다른 Stereotype 볼수록 빛나는 Pose Problems? 저 하늘 위로 던져! We are makin’ the rules ‘Cause we are Queens and Kings 손을 더 높이 모일수록 아름답게 Shining bling bling 비가 내려도 Strong and beautiful 모두 다른 색깔로 완성한 Rainbow Ladida-do Ba-badida Ladida-do Ba-badida 다시 한번 시작해볼까 That’s our Queendom yeah Ladida-do Ba-badida Ladida-do Ba-badida 너와 손을 맞잡은 순간 That’s our Queendom hoo
Hey, here we go again 눈부신 햇살 아래 아이처럼 활짝 웃는 너 (Hmm yeah) Oh hey! 같은 꿈속에 우릴 계속 불러 댄 먼 기억 너머의 Wonderland We are Queens in the red castle Don’t need crown 타고났지 Dazzle 함께 만들어 온 Paradigm 확실히 다른 Stereotype 볼수록 빛나는 Pose Problems? 저 하늘 위로 던져! We are makin’ the rules ‘Cause we are Queens and Kings 손을 더 높이 모일수록 아름답게 Shining bling bling 비가 내려도 Strong and beautiful 모두 다른 색깔로 완성한 Rainbow Ladida-do Ba-badida Ladida-do Ba-badida 다시 한번 시작해볼까 That’s our Queendom yeah Ladida-do Ba-badida Ladida-do Ba-badida 너와 손을 맞잡은 순간 That’s our Queendom hoo
PLOTLINE : the wallflower (other ideas for her plotline: the shutterbug or the fashionista?)
BACKUP : the talkactive or the beauty
known to many as "wishes by ruri" or "wish eonni", lee ruri is much like the word "wallflower". oh, you thought it was the noun that describes a shy person? surely not, especially when it comes to lee ruri. wallflower, or erysimum cheiri, is the symbol of fidelity. she glows the irisdecent purple and mauve, embraces the bold orange and yellow hues of the sunset and is admired like an erysimum flower. she is someone who keeps the memories preserved, be it through photos or videos, and not many can come to deny that that's what makes lee ruri special or essential in a sense. she is sentimental unlike her usual demeanour and she is more than what she presents on the multimedia but such is lee ruri as the "wallflower"— intricate, kaleidoscopic and often pinned towards a certain imagery in the minds of others more oftentimes than not. lee ruri is truly a testament of how beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
MAJOR : kinesiology, minor in exercise science
ACADEMIC GRADE : a-, gpa 3.65
CONDUCT GRADE : very good.
07.00-13.00 internship
14:00-17:00 motor learning and human performance (lecture)
07.00-13.00 internship
14:00-17:00 tests and measurements in physical education (lab)
07.00-13.00 internship
14:00-17:00 exercise physiology clinical/laboratory (lab)
07:00-13:00 internship
15:00-18:00 physiology of exercise (lab)
07:00-13:00 internship
14:30-17:30 physiology of exercise (lecture)
— she takes time after class to stay in the library to sort out her stuff or materials so that it's all organized and done right away for about an hour or so.
— outside of the hours mentioned, she would often spend her time partying, hanging out with friends, go around town alone or just return back to the dormitory and rest.
— due to her internship being done during the semester, she is not often seen on campus before the afternoon. where does she eat lunch? she'll probably grab a quick bite somewhere by taking out something as she commutes back to campus, either through subway or taxi, which wouldn't take more than 20 minutes.
— depending on the lab assignments, she may have to return to campus and borrow the lab for a bit if necessary.
— doesn't always bring her camera everywhere she goes since it depends on her workload on a daily basis (a DSLR camera, no matter how small, is still heavy and takes up space).
— but, what about video editing, you may ask? well, she usually shares the responsibility with one other person. 
❏ UNION OF PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENTS. one of the senior officers in event and project management division. considering that she's going to graduate, she's approved of her successor and has stepped down from her post.
considering the fact that she has that nimble snap of the wrist and a sense of fashion, the other girls tend to make her their stylist in charge (their "coordi eonni", as they've joked many times) and also, makeup artist (which at this point, ruri receives her pay through snacks or coupons they give her that has been promised to them). they often go to her for the final check of their #ootd or makeup. ruri enjoys having the girls as her canvas or models because that's a way for her to relax or pass time in the dorms without having to think about muscle movements or human anatomy. if that's not the case, she'd have her DSLR camera propped over her study desk or bed to film some sort of "day in her life" or "study with me" or "lookbooks". it's only through the permission of all girls (yes, including the fighter and the mysterious) that she'd be able to film a closer look of their dorm life so such occurences seldom happen due to some of the girls wanting their privacy kept and their appearances editted out of the final version.
ruri stays true to her shutterbug title that way while at the same time, recovers from her academics and other activities through the social interactions she has with the girls. if everyone is way too busy and she doesn't cross paths with them, she'd just unwind through self-care routines in skincare, mask sheets, wash-off masks, watching series on her ipad and listening to music with her airpods. she'd sometimes go into video or voice calls with her brother or actually go to one of the other girls' to rant or talk about her feelings.
LIFE OUTSIDE OF YEONG-UNG : receiving an allowance from her parents on top of the income she makes through her youtube channel and endorsements, you could say that ruri is comfortable financially without any additional part-time jobs. weekends are reserved for chilling out, getting drunk, partying or clubbing with friends or going back to her family house for a visit. well she sometimes does book a spot in pilates or yoga claases during the weekends (pilates on saturdays, yoga on sundays). if not, she'll go to the nearest gym to workout.
her mac book is often brought virtually almost everywhere out of fright that she would have to do something in accordance with her internship from her supervisors or anything associated with her youtube channel (making captions, description box, uploading videos, reading comments).  she likes to go out by herself if nobody asks her to go somewhere with her and are prone to spontaneous adventures walking around the city or cafe hopping. she doesn't really mind having people join in on her spontaneous trips, though, since she likes the company still.
scroll down.
scroll down.
LOVE INTEREST : kim youngkyun → kim hwiyoung (renamed before entering high school but is still often called youngkyun as a joke or nickname)
BACKUP : lee minho
MAJOR : sports science
patient, charming, attentive,
sedate, inner-directed
competitive, prideful, self-critical, aloof, unsystematic
there is a lot to hwiyoung that many fond upon: his patience, charming looks, calmness and astuteness. he's (unexpectedly) caring and considerate of those who he values dearly, going to extra lengths to be of service to them through empathy, sympathy or practical advice. some say they didn't expect such a trait from him, considering his icy cold first impression and lack of a smile on his face but that's because he's more of an action-oriented person so he's prone to say less and do more. the ability to remain calm and perservering through any given condition no matter how stressful it is has become an inherent talent of hwiyoung's, though he is not acknowledgeable of his calmness. it's simply because he doesn't put pressure on himself and goes on life with little expectations for himself. that why he doesn't get disappointed or iritated when things don't go his way. it transfers to his patience when dealing with his workload, people around him and unpredictability that life presents as he is the type to let bygones be bygones because that's his worldview from a young age.

"i can't change the world so all i can do is change myself for the better, yaknow?" is something hwiyoung would definitely say. a lot of his motivation is inner-directed, purely driven by his own decisions, actions and thoughts. not to mention, his gut feelings. it's a good thing when he's fully immersed in his work but becomes bad when he's prone to adapt the "my way" approach and seem rather demanding, intimidating or dominating in a certain situation that he feels he has control of. being a varsity level swimming athlete doesn't help either since his competitive spirit is always ignited. it is good for his sport when he does have that fire and drive driven by the desire to make it on the podium. it becomes bad when he treats small things in life like studying, doing classwork, interviews and petty fights with drunken men as something similar to a swimming meet since he often forgets: there's no definite win and losses in life so you can't make everything into a swim meet. a lesson that's like a hard  to swallow until today.
hwiyoung's flaws is more directed towards himself: his pride, his critics, his reluctance to approach others and his lack of routine or organization. there's many things inside him that eat him up. his pride and ambitions keep him staring at his ceiling, pushing back his sleep for an extra hour or two because he's hungry. he has to stop wanting to fulfill his own standards and actually act like the nonchalant "giving no s" person that he tries to portray on the outside. so prone to jot down his wrongs and scold himself for it, hwiyoung becomes a perfectionist in areas where he has confidence in and sometimes, it tires him down quicker than others. more so, when his reluctance to get acquainted wih others makes it difficult for him to blend in with the others around them. for clarifications' sake, he does indeed want to get attached but is not prone to make the first move due to his introverted tendencies and often comes off disinterested or indifferent. though, he is rather awkward when it comes to social situations that prompt him to take the lead (he's not confident in that for sure). not to mention, he's a mess with his work flow or actually, has no work flow and routine. he's definitely not the most planned student but is trying to fix that as he learns soft skills like that through his internship. well, overall, he just has to get these issues sorted so that he can finally stop surviving in life and start living.
❏ I. high school memories 
they come from the same high school but never have they been allocated to the same class through those years so you can't say they were on "talking acquaintancess" terms. sure, they know each other's friends and perhaps have shared some small talk when their friend groups combine into one during recess or during lunch time in the cafeteria but there was nothing more. especially, when considering that hwiyoung, at the time, finally saw several wins in swimming meets (was it the effect of changing his name as adviced?) so he spent more time in the chlorinated swimming pool at the school than in the classroom.
hwiyoung surely remembers ruri since she was always the one person that even the school nurse trusted to carry the first aid kit anywhere. ruri perhaps is the one who doesn't remember hwiyoung since to her, he was just one of the guys she encounters. well, as painful as it may be, it was that way when they were in high school since there was nothing more that they had in common at the time. plus, ruri was having a major crush on her brother's friend, sunwoo so would someone like hwiyoung who she didn't know or interact with often catch her eye? chances are, for high schooler ruri, was no.
❏ II. yeongung univ era
it was only after enrolling to the same university and the same school category (public health, physical education and physical science) in yeongung university that they actually bonded with one another. hwiyoung had been the one to contact ruri first upon knowing the list of people from their high school that enrolled into yeongung university. ruri was delighted that she had someone coming from the same high school with her in her freshman year orientation group. that one shared fact between the two was enough to make them turn to one another whenever they needed anything for the freshman orientation since they were each other's familiar faces during the period of adapting to the new environment at yeongung.
surprisingly, they got along well with one another to the point they became very close friends who helped each other whenever they needed help for the common freshman year introduction classes or company to hear one another's rants. hwiyoung often invited ruri and several others to his swimming meets so they could hang out afterwards which resulted in many funny and dumb moments together. they slowly became a part of the same friend group. if ruri were to be frank, she never knew there was a guy as nice and as fun to be around like hwiyoung. if she had known that much sooner, she would've made him her best friend already by now.
❏ III. "don't worry about it too much, i have you and uni life for starters."
considering his initial success in swimming at high school level, hwiyoung had a genuine shot at trying out for the national team as he was indeed a part of the youth national team previously but did not make it into the qualifying top 5 results at the qualification meet. yet, hwiyoung didn't really regret it. unlike ruri who came to his swim meet and ended up pouting when they met up after the meet for a meal. to the sight of her pouting (inside, hwiyoung thought she was super cute), he told her as he nonchalantly munched on his food, "don't worry about it too much, i have you and uni life for starters."

in return, hwiyoung had a chance to enjoy university life as it is and make friends. he's clocking in more times on campus with his friends during lectures or afterwards than during high school which is a big difference. sure, he still had his swimming practice and physical training but he was enjoying life and so was ruri, albeit the stressful lectures and lengthy lab hours on her end. he wasn't competing as much as he did in the past so he found that there was a wide range of things he could possibly do.
like ruri, he became part of the union of public health students but in creative design. he had dabbled in various posters, video editing, content planning, content directing and the list goes on. that's when ruri saw his talent and they struck an agreement that hwiyoung would help her edit and add some eye-catching touches to her videos before she uploads them. not to mention, he would get fourty percent from the videos if there were any profits at all. if he were honest, he didn't really think about the money; he thought it was wiser to work with ruri as a side hustle than take up anything else that needed commuting or whatnot.
regardless of his contribution to her youtube channel and videos, ruri is and will forever be thankful that she has a dependable friend like hwiyoung since he's always being sincere and level-headed when tending to her babble or overthinking, especially when it comes to her crush for gye sunwoo. "yo, thank you for always giving me your dude opinion because i know you know it so well," she'd often tell him after a good rant. he's a great colleague and friend to her so it's become so natural for her to search for him in the crowd at the campus library or outside of the lecture room. she tries to repay him by offering to give her "girl" opinion for him (though, she does listen to his stressed sports science rants) but he doesn't seem to be attracted to anyone for her to be able to do so.
❏ IV. "no wonder they say first loves don't happen."
of course, hwiyoung never expected to actually develop feelings for ruri. it was never in the plan. he was never someone to fall for a presence he saw as a friend. his past relationships had always been formed through a strong attraction and pursuing them through a "something". so, this time, it was all so different. she was always near him unlike high school. there was no unknown curiosity towards ruri anymore. heck, he knew her all too well now and perhaps, that was the very point that fueled everything inside him.

why couldn't he be in gye sunwoo's place? why couldn't he be him?
he started to really resent gye sunwoo but couldn't bear to tell her that. it'd break her. he stayed quiet until one day, as he was waiting for ruri in the library, the very person he didn't like appeared.

"kim hwiyoung, is it?"

"yes, what seems to be a problem?"

"i think you know all too well about lee ruri, don't you? she's a really nice girl but you already know that, don't you?"

"what seems to be the moral lesson here, sunbaenim? i don't seem to catch it."

"i'm just saying that she's nice in general not because she's rahoon's sister but since she's his sister, i don't see her in the way she sees me so do me a favor and brace for impact as her bestie? ciao~"
the sly dude didn't even let him follow up on anything as he cheekily waved at him before walking away from him. .

hwiyoung should've understood it the moment sunwoo said that. it meant ruri was going to be dumped. that won't end up well. he should've said something directly to her but he had no right timing as the world bombarded him with editing videos, swimming practices, swimming meets and physical training all at once. he hated the world for once. he couldn't tend to ruri and ruri understood the message since he's busy as it is. she just didn't expect the rejection from sunwoo.

so, she called hwiyoung on the taxi ride on the way back in a tearful voice.

"hwiyoung... hwiyoung.."
he didn't like the tone in her voice. was this the moment sunwoo warned him about that he needed to brace for?

"no wonder they say first loves don't happen. mine didn't. he said no."

hwiyoung knew he messed up for not doing her better. he could've helped her prepare but he didn't and he was beating himself for it even if ruri continues to reassure him that it's not his fault. they ended up on a silent consensus that it was out of their control and none of their faults. they can't control or change fate and their lives need to go on.
❏ V. current situation
hwiyoung is having a silent crush on ruri whose living life without love after being dumped by her first love. ruri doesn't know about it but due to the past of how he helped her handle rejection, she can't help but get more attached to him. he's such a nice person, after all, whose always there for her. for god's sake, even her subscribers agree after hwiyoung using his power as editor (it'd be up to your guess to decide if it's deliberate or not) to insert some short moments where he appears in the frame and their interactions make the viewers melt.

ruri enjoys the grey area they are in, frankly. it's a safe retreat at the fear of being hurt or rejected once more as much as she hates to admit it. she's recovered from rejection but she's still scared regardless. she may not be aware of the underlying feelings that hwiyoung harbors for her but his presence in her life is starting to permeate in a good way that she will have to realize it sooner or later. he makes her a better person, softer in her words and less calculated. she can't deny how valueable he is in her life since he allows her to run loose without worrying about faking herself to be just real. 
he just gets her . 
honestly, he can't stop fluterring whenever he sees the grin on her face or hears the high-pitched laugh she hides most of the time as he proudly thinks to himself, that's the lee ruri i like. there's no other reason he puts up with her ordeals as patient and as effective as he does. he does it because he likes her and wants to make her happy. it's as simple as that. there's no such thing as "true friendship" between them the moment one starts falling for the other, right? 
❏ VI. "pinky promise"
how they decided to go to prom together as each other's dates, written out in the blog page "hello, sunset"
ENDING : definitely together after hwiyoung finally confessing his feelings to ruri and ruri coolly accepts.
COMMENTS : hi, there! it's been a while since i squeezed an app out. ruri is a revamp of an old app's personality and background but i felt like combined with her initial image in my mind, she could bring a different color to the plotlines since the gang might need that resident insta/youtube star with a nice fashion sense to add a bit of fun in the dorm.
i went to twist the philosophy or meaning of wallflower because i see a lot of applicants are quick to interpret wallflower as shy or awkward. i thought it would be fun to bring a different view on the word "wallflower" and use it as an analogy of the actual flower so i can understand if you had initially thought that ruri and the plotline itself has disparities but i hope i was able to link it well.

+ i noticed that an applicant had listed hwiyoung as their ex so with that in mind, it'd be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out in spite of what i wrote for ruri's relationship with that plotline because yikes! 
++ i just realized this as i was 75% done with app that i may have a mistake in her age because you mentioned byeol and san were '99 liners due to a possible mistake. but since ruri was born in september which is the later half of the year, perhaps we can take the route of her being in the same batch as '00 liners due to her birth month if that's possible. 
— here
— here
❏ pose by red velvet for her own personal arc or story; the feeling of her life story suddenly encountering a plot twist and all her focus suddenly shifts to this plot twist, earnestly praying to herself that she keeps herself and her mind grounded even if she is facing this unexpected turn of events. why? because lee ruri doesn't mind such a development as long as the plot twist can at least acknowledge the feelings she's feeling. she denies that she wants her feelings to be reciprocated but then again, she's lee ruri, isn't she? how could that not be possible?
❏ knock on wood by red velvet ruri from the perspective of her love interest, in a sense; the feeling of life suddenly encountering a plot twist and all the focus suddenly shifts to this plot twist, earnestly praying to one's self to keep themself together and keep the mind grounded even when facing this unexpected turn of events. why? because perhaps anyone doesn't mind such a development as long as the plot twist can at least acknowledge the feelings they;re feeling. well, for hwiyoung, he denies that he wants his feelings to be reciprocated but then again, it's lee ruri after all. how could he ever hope to have her?
❏ hello sunset by red velvet lee ruri is much like the pinkish purple, orange and yellow hues of the sunset and the abundance of mauve and sunset in the erysimum flower— ruri is often appreciated only for surface level purposes or attention but she, too, wants to be eternalized in the memories, phone shots and video frame of one true love. it took long for her to realize just how special love is and now that she's come to see love in front of her, she will cherish it as much as summer only comes once a year and the long wait of the other side. knowing how precious the excitement of seeing a sunset is, lee ruri is certain that she has been blessed with a love as familiar as the sunset and exciting as the lingering end of the summer.


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Hello hello i believe i am the applicant you mentioned? Because i am super excited to see how the drama will turn out!!! Plus the interaction you wrote seemed pretty nice and friendly cute neutral friendship hahahha but if our characters ever chosen imagine what can happen! Omg im excited!