⍟ 𝑩𝑹𝑼𝑻𝑨𝑳𝑬! how brutal was life for you, 신다련?

inspired by youth of may


주님 예기치 못하게 우리가 서로의 손을 놓치게 되더라도,

Lord, even if we unexpectedly lose each other's hands,


그 슬픔에 남은 이의 삶이 잠기지 않게 하소서.

may the lives of those who remain in that sorrow not be drowned.


longing by na tae-joo


가지 말라는데 가고 싶은 길이 있다
even if i am told not to, there is a road i want to go

만나지 말자면서 만나고 싶은 사람이 있다

even if i am told not to, there is someone i want to meet

하지 말라면 더욱 해보고 싶은 일이 있다
even if i am told not to, i want to do something even more

그것이 인생이고 그리움

such is life and longing

바로 너다.

it is you.



youth (靑春)



청춘 (靑春) : 만물이 푸른 봄철,

youth: springtime when all things are blue


십 대 후반에서 이십 대에 걸치는 그 시절.

the period between the late teens and twenties.

170x 295

i thought it would last forever, the you and me of the past
i thought it would last forever, twenty five, twenty one



COMMENTS. hello there, silvi here! first of all, i apologize for the length of this app because it suddenly became super long like holy (ノД`). i had a lot of fun channeling some of this sentimental/emotional heaviness inside me and projecting it onto daryeon so i hope you enjoyed reading it <3


hopefully, the quantity covers all the details you need for daryeon (and her r/s). after finishing the app, i just realized i left off the fate of her two brothers after her drowning so i don't mind you deciding that instead OTL (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)



 ꕥ  mommy daryeon in action moments! she can cook, she can clean aND she can sew :3

 ꕥ  her co-zombies seeing yeongwon and judging him because nobody just comes in and swoops mom off her feet (even if daryeon didn't ask for their opinion LOL)

 ꕥ  someone pushing one of daryeon's wrong buttons and goes down like yIKeS,,,

 ꕥ  daryeon bonding with her co-zombie moments 



 ꕥ  obliviate by lovelyz.

 ꕥ  ponzona by purple kiss.

 ꕥ  piri by dreamcatcher.

 ꕥ  la di da by everglow.

 ꕥ  bad sad and mad by bibi.

 ꕥ  killing me by chungha.

 ꕥ  siesta by weki meki.

 ꕥ  only by lee hi.

 ꕥ  vivace by light sum.


PASSWORD. twenty five, twenty one by jaurim / my spring days by kwak jin-eon.

BIRTHNAME. shin daryeon 신다련

 ꕥ 申多戀  the reoccuring feeling of melancholy through yearning, nostalgia and longing.

 SILVI'S NOTE  from here on in the app, she will be referred to as daryeon even with the choice of a totally different stage name.


 ꕥ chonbuk national university's accounting goddess, 전북대 회계여신.  the nickname many knew her from tbanks to the whispers on the streets. "don't you know there's a goddess in chonbuk national university in accounting? i heard she looks so pretty in person," one would say before the conversation continued to revolve around daryeon. there were rumours that people from all over jeonju or even nearby cities would wait out around chonbuk national university for a chance to cross paths with daryeon or at least, get a peak of her beauty.

 ꕥ love / my love.  the form of endearment once used by her (past) lover, kim dowon. taken from the hanja of "ryeon" (戀), its meanings include "love". it was a part of their "thing" when they were dating.

 ꕥ lovers on seohae ferry, 서해 페리 연인.  one of the nicknames associated to her after her unfortunate death due to the circumstances and story behind her death. it is a nickname or headline so well-known that most people across the nation know about her.

 ꕥ mom, head chef, god daryeon.  some nicknames that have stuck onto her due to the life style and tendencies or habits she shows for the others when they life under the same roof together. daryeon really doesn't mind with them calling her this. it actually does make her feel appreciated.

DOB & AGE. may 5th, 1972 & 21AT DEATH, 25IN 2022
NATIONALITY. republic of korea.
ETHNICITY. south korean.
BIRTHPLACE. jeonju, north jeolla province, south korea.
HOMETOWN. jeonju, north jeolla province, south korea.


 ꕥ native korean.  has a very thick northern jeolla accent when she chooses to speak with it voluntarily. will have to train herself to adapt to the standard seoul dialect. talks like an oldie (sometimes, it shows so much when she doesn't know how to talk like one of the youngsters) but people see that as one of her traits as she comes off more mature than those her age. well... that's not completely wrong now, isn't it?

 ꕥ sufficient mandarin chinese.  considering the era she had grown up in, she had become familiar with hanja, the chinese characters, and had to know about its utilization or writings in school because that time, south korea still used mixed scripts. due to that, she has sufficient knowledge about mandarin chinese in written form and literature but not so in the spoken language.

 ꕥ little to no english.  let's just say that daryeon really needs some help to understand english because it was not really common for people at her time to have any interest to deepen their knowledge in english compared to the current times.


GENDER. cis fem

PRONOUNS. she/her

UAL ORIENTATION. demiual - heteroual

FACE. jung chaeyeon.
BACKUP FACE. joy of red velvet.
MEASUREMENTS. 165 cm, 51kgREAL, 45kgFAKE

STYLE.thanks to her time being partially stuck in the early 90s and still being influenced by the style of her youth, daryeon has a very vintage and "old" looking style. thank god, her beauty covers the slightly "hit or miss" fashion she carries herself with. pinterest board that speaks of her aesthetics.

INSPIRATION. isfj-a. youth of may's kim myung-hee. yumi's cells' kim yumi. hufflepuff. taurus rising. melancholic.


 ꕥ compassionate, gracious,   likeable, organized, loyal, smooth-   spoken, thrifty, cautious, romantic,   down-to-earth, over-scrutinizing,   uninquisitive, world-weary, bashful,   conventional, self-critical, distant ꕥ 


pure, untouched, far, another level, courteous. those were the words that usually come from people who see shin daryeon in the past and with good reason. she was a kind soul who was everything for those around her because there is a burning heart of gold within her that fueled her behaviour and personality. though she has been agitated by her return to the living world, the remnants of her youth are still within her.


sure, as she returns, she shows a side of herself that is rarely seen—cynicism, anger, sarcasm, could-care-less, eye rolls—due to the aftermath of having bottled up her emotions habitually. more so, when she has to interact with eunwoo but over the span of the first few days, her emotions will settle and the waves will lessen which would cause her to go back to being who she was before. that would mean hopefully keeping her composure not to strangle eunwoo like when she first opened her eyes again


it just proves that when she returns, the play button on her emotional capsule is pressed and the pieces that remain are mixed between the good and bad. she's known enough hardships to keep a sense of worry or realism in her whenever she encounters anything or anyone. it's best that way because shin daryeon, underneath all that, is prone to critic herself. no, she doesn't think of herself as a perfectionist. it's just her not wanting to blame anyone for anything. her best bet is to self-reflect and see what she could've done better. the problem is that she does that every day but she'd rather die than let others know about her self-criticism. they'd say the opposite anyways so that she does some reverse psychology on herself.


however, once a kind soul will always be a kind soul. for daryeon, that means to care for others while keeping her mannerism with graceful composure and smooth-spoken words even if she is pushed to the edge. even if she was known to be a bashful and distant to many, she's goofy, silly and a good ear to have around. it takes time for her to be able to show that she is actually a lot of fun to be around but that's how she knows which people are worth the wait.


daryeon had always been not to pry in other's endeavours which caused her to be able to keep a moderate distance from being too entangled with people who may not fit with her. many may perceive this as a try-hard effort to be liked by others when it's honestly due to the fact she is prone to over-scrutinize things. a thought that starts from A may be thought by her to the Z and all this is because she is a careful person.


it has served her good when she puts much thought in doing things and only expressing words or actions when the time and intention is well-intended and well-thought through but often times, it causes her to be more passive. that is her dynamic with her family—try living in a patriarchal era, my dearest friends!—where she puts herself in an agreeable position to her parents just so she doesn't get into trouble but in return, she's educated and left her brothers with many lessons of attitude and etiquette.


daryeon has heard that she's too thrifty or frugal for her own good but that is because she knows where she stands. she is someone who would choose to give more to her brothers or parents through the allowance she's given rather than truly spend it on her own and she's okay with that. she'd rather wear second-hand, discounts or reworked clothes that she sewed herself in order for her brothers to have good clothes so that they don't get teased at when they go to school. she'd even repair any holes or tears so that they don't buy new ones.


it brings her joy to see others be happy. when she returns, she'll still have that thrifty side of her because imagine how shocked she'll be when she finds out how much the currency rates have changed and how much it takes to buy food or clothes. but, one thing's for sure, she'd be a good smooth talker to have when shopping at a traditional market because she has a knack for persuade the vendors to give her a discount.


nobody could resist the charm daryeon has (i mean, just look at her!) and many used to vouch for her because she's one that sticks to "her people" no matter what and would always put them first before herself. daryeon has a sense of loyalty that is rare nowadays and she knows how to appreciate how she would never lose faith in "her people" even through the hardships.


"shin daryeon is such a keeper," her classmates would coo at her wishfully as many envied the person who'd receive her love in the future. even if her views are still conventional (or old-school), there is a lot of romance and attraction inside daryeon. she is an affectionatee person, after all, even without seeing how she is when she loves. she puts her all when she loves and with that silver tongue of hers, the whispers and expressions that come out of her are like something out of an old movie in sephia tone.


after all, shin daryeon is another level. she knows how to keep herself grounded and walk with a sense of modesty. that may attribute to her first impressions that often come off as bashful but she doesn't mind. she would never let herself be arrogant because she hates those kind of people most. that's why she works hard at everything no matter how trivial it may be. with the responsibilities she has, she knows how to arrange herself and make her own system or space that would allow he to be able to fulfill all those responsibilities. huh, no wonder even kim dowon fell hard for her. she is a hidden gem.




the upbringing of shin daryeon is one that is simple and conventional in a way. i mean, what do you expect of "growing up in the 70s to 80s"? daryeon lived in a time where things were simple and rather analog in practice. it was a neighbourhood of street alleys and semi-old housings that were a mix of a western layout and hanok model. her mother an owner of a restaurant near the traditional market in the neighbourhood and her father a bank worker, daryeon was entrusted (read: silently enforced) with an adequate amount of money every day to care for her two younger brothers: shin doyoon ('73) and shin dongsoo ('74).


perhaps it was in her genes or some inheritance from watching her mother and helping her after school running the restaurant in the kitchen but daryeon had always been skilled in cooking so that was the deal she made with her brothers. get along with one another, don't do anything illegal or unholy and don't be picked on by others in exchange for three meals a dayit's almost laughable for daryeon her parents think she's good at caring for her brothers. no, she's smart enough to make sure they'd want to behave and not get into trouble in exchange for a well-fed stomach.



little did she know, her younger brothers were also doing her a favour because daryeon had always been an eye candy. the neighbourhood kids knew that, the younger ones and the oppas alike (not to mention, the jealous females) which led to daryeon always having people around her befriend her only for her surface-level kindness or beauty. daryeon knows that for a fact thus she became picky with the people who she allows closest to her. she preferred to indulge in books or studying rather than socializing very often and spending too much on herself rather than on her brothers. 


the three siblings were all only a year apart from each other thus when daryeon is a third year, doyoon is a second year and dongsoo is a first year. this causes the brothers to make sure to cancel out anyone near them who dares try to get near her. even if daryeon attended an all girls school from middle school to high school, news still travels fast through the neighbourhood. from a glance, that led them to become some siblings who have good teamwork. she taught them how to be a respectful boy (or young men) and often pointed out how to do house chores or simple cooking even if her parents told her not to. after all, men at the time shouldn't dabble too much in housework when that's the women's load. daryeon, even back then, knew that was bull and she often rolled her eyes. if her parents cared that much on how she cares for her brothers, how not educate them themselves and not rely on her?



there was one person that her brothers didn't manage to swat away and that was a regular customer she saw at her mother's restaurant, kim dowon. he had only recently returned from his military service and frequented the traditional market doing any sort of labour that gets him paid for his pocket money. for nineteen year old daryeon, dowon had this glow and energy that sparkled. it was as if the world was screaming at her, that gorgeous guy is the one for you, honey!


it didn't take her long to have this seemingly hopeless puppy love on dowon: the little peeks and glances, the small efforts to hover around him subtly, the shy and brief chit-chat she has with him once they lock eyes at the restaurant. dowon had grown on her mother because he is a polite, kind and good-looking loyal customer and also on her father as a neighbourhood guy who often played basketball or soccer with the brothers on the weekend in his stead (dowon whispered to her one day at the restaurant that he gets paid to do so every one and then).


it made him look even more perfect in daryeon's eyes, especially when he offers frequently to walk alongside her after she stops by the restaurant on the way back home so that she'll be safe. he became her first love that way. it's just that she knows he would never feel the same way for her. she's probably a friendly little sister figure in his eyes, right?


upon being busy as a college freshmen, daryeon went to all sorts of social activities like group meetings or group blind dates (sometimes, paid by her friends so that she attract hot guys who'd want to go). she wanted to be so busy that she didn't have time to think about dowon that way or interact long with him even if she and him still got along well. it's funny how dowon seemed to appear more often than before when the last thing she wants to think about is him.


yet, it was not long before she learned that dowon was a student there too when she heard his name being murmured across campus. in fact, he's one of the most popular business administration students to the point where a lot of female students would try to have a look whenever he played basketball or soccer. why? because he is very good-looking.


to think that she had tagged along to all sorts of group meetings or faculty gatherings and even group blind dates when dowon could've gotten news of all that! daryeon hopes word doesn't fly to the business admistration students but that hope soon proved to be useless.


"all this time, you didn't want to tell me you went to chonbuk national university?", daryeon would ask one day as they walked together from campus to eat dinner at her mother's restaurant. "in case you wanted to follow me there on purpose," he replied with a smirk. "who am i to think of that? we're just neighbourhood acquaintances anyways. isn't that why you treat me so well? because i'm just a friendly neighbourhood little sister," she clicked her tongue with a pout. "you're someone important who i have wanted to protect for a while. i don't treat other girls like i do to you because you're special," he answered nonchalantly before continuing, "so, just come to this oppa of yours."


daryeon saw him extend his arms as if to wait for a hug and without a doubt, she went in. this was the moment she had been waiting for and dowon's embrace was warm like the person he is. he smelled of lilac. "but please, from now on, don't easily go to those meetings or blind dates. i'm afraid someone will sweep you off your feet," he chuckled as he looked into her eyes. "only if you take me on dates that are more fun," she retaliated. "that is a deal, shin daryeon," he said before closing in for a kiss. her first ever, to be exact.


that was how she started dating the first love of her life and no, she didn't get into chonbuk national university fueled by her puppy love for him. it was the only university near her that could be a feasible option for her which also meant she could still be close to her family and live with them as she commuted back and forth.



"let's go take a boat on our way back," dowon told daryeon as he pointed to a boat not too far from the place they were eating cold noodles at.

daryeon nodded in agreement even if deep down, she hated how they had to work even on saturdays. she and dowon only had two days and one night to explore the island before leaving on a boat through the yellow sea back to jeonju. well, at least they were happy.


the couple boarded seohae MV with urgency. they had to be back that very day as permitted by both their parents or else, they would be in for a mouthful. well, dowon, at least for not bringing daryeon home at the promised date or hour.

who knew that seohae MV would be overloaded and overweight by cargo and passengers, to the point where it succumbed to extremely rough weather? for sure, dowon and daryeon didn't.

daryeon remembered locking eyes with dowon as they kissed for possibly the last time. they locked their hands and in dowon's arms, daryeon whispered to him, "i love you, i love you, i love you." dowon answered, "i love you until the end. wherever you are, i will be there." daryeon started to tear up as dowon tried to calm her down. "it's alright, love, it's going to be okay," he said even if he too felt his guts swirl and his heart sink. "forever, it'll be okay. together," she answered.


so, the two lovers, as if destined by some eternal being, slowly met the end of their lives in each other's arms as MV seohae tilted further and the waters of the yellow sea started to rapidly enter the inside of the ferry, leaving them no route of escape and chances of surviving.


that day was october 10, 1993 and shin daryeon and kim dowon were two of the 292 passengers who did not survive the sinking of MV seohae. they were known as the lovers on seohae ferry, a love story of two youths that met a tragic end.


there is a memorial for the two built on the campus of chonbuk national university. there is now a myth passed down by generations of students that if a couple prays in front of the memorial together, they'd be blessed by the love and resilience once had by dowon and daryeon.


daryeon's motto—live the way you want others to remember you by—encompasses her way of living. that's why she gives herself enough distance from the others. sure, daryeon likes to go out with the others and relish being a part of the living crowd in all its hustle and bustle but... there's something about exploring this new developed world and society on her own, gathering information with her own eyes and revisiting addresses she once went to see what has changed. that balance of alone and together is what keeps daryeon afloat and healthy in her mind.



 ꕥ 6:00  getting ready for morning session: brush teeth, wash face, etc. no breakfast, just a banana or some snack bar.

 ꕥ 6:30-9:30  solo dance practice.

 ꕥ 10:00  late breakfast (or is it brunch hours?). cooking for herself only to have people peep in and make their portions too. she'd also make some in advance for those who are still practicing.

 ꕥ 11:00-14:00  solo practice for anything between vocals, acting or learning english (or modern korean words and slang).

 ꕥ 14:30  decides what she wants to do and whether or not she wants to go out alone. if the others have plans and asks her to join them, she goes. the worst is she's too lazy to go out so she decides to stick her nose in a book or learning english and modern korean terms. maybe even practice cooking some new recipes (western food) and indulge in some skincare for that "self-love" young people are always talking about.

 ꕥ 19:00  if she goes out alone, this is the time she usually heads back. what does she do in that time span? bring a book, read it at a cozy place before strolling around to snack on street vendors or restaurants while having earphones plugged to have some great background music. takes pictures. if she shops, she tries to buy some trinkets for the others.

 ꕥ 19:30  dinner time.

 ꕥ 20:00-22:00  revising and learning modern korean phrases or english.

 ꕥ 23:00  writing her journal entry and night time skincare before sleeping.



 ꕥ  poetry books; analog photography; jasmine tea; forget-me-not flowers; the smell of rain; mauvey tones and matte finish makeup looks; the "newtro" or "retro" aesthetic; old songs; hanok villages; meals with a view or an ambience; traditional markets; discounts. 


 ꕥ  autumn; winter; ignorance; natural sciences; back-handed compliments; lack of respect for elders; raw seafood; wearing school uniforms; putting on soft lenses on her own; wearing too little clothes; bikinis; scuba diving; boiled eggs.


 ꕥ reading books.  call her boring but it's one of her ways to pass time and get immersed in something other than counting insurances, income taxes or auditing theory. she reads a lot of self-development or poetry books for her own mind compared to reading fiction. she does read fiction but more by korean writers compared to foreign ones.

 ꕥ journalling.  she likes to collect momentos from small moments in life and make them a part of her journal. she preserves memories and writes her feelings down. it's her own way of stress-reliefing and she's hooked on journalling.


 ꕥ "back in my days~"  daryeon is an unconcious user of "라떼는 말이야" which is more often used by older people but is taken as a sarcastic joke by youngsters. she slips it inside her speech more often times than not which can be funny for content.

 ꕥ vintage preferences  eunwoo hates her for this but she's given up on daryeon and her oldie preferences: the song choices, the outfits, the books and even her movies or dramas. "if you want your time and knowledge to be stuck in the 80s or 90s, then be my guest. hopefully that could be your edge but i doubt it," she said. to hell with eunwoo.

 ꕥ explaining  she's used to helping out her friends with course work and discussing about things so daryeon has this knack for explaining and teaching others step by step. it's in these moments that daryeon seems like such a mom figure because she had the patience to teach the others how to do laundry or cook. that's probably why she had been liked by her peers for being a great tutor.

 ꕥ learning or revising 24/7  she may seem like a big nerd but she's always compiling words or phrases or even songs that she doesn't know in this one small notebook that she carries around everywhere for her to learn and revise all over again back at the house. "learning is really a forever thing, isn't it?" she'd say whenever one of the other zombies tap her on the shoulder to ask what she's doing so seriously on a desk near midnight.


 ꕥ water/the ocean.  it no longer sits with her well whenever she goes closer to any water reservoir or waves of the shore. yes, that includes the recreational swimming pools she may encounter at holliday villas or hotels. she's scared, shaken too deeply inside, more so when it reminds her of the ending she met at sea. others will learn to not force her to go swimming. it's a fear daryeon wants to overcome, though, in the near future because she can't keep shutting down in fear, can she?


 ꕥ calculating/math skills.  though she had a tough time, daryeon is still proud of her time as an accounting major. she may not always like counting and adding up the numbers but she's become quite crazy good at it so it'll be fun to see how she phases being asked hard calculating questions or speed quizes.

 ꕥ acting or "modelling".  she doesn't want to brag but way back when, she had dabbled in activities or events that helped her university gain attention when she posed for newspaper shots (yes, those were a thing back then) and student interviews. she had posed in handmade or reworked clothes for her accounting major friends to raise funds at the university fair or festival. she doesn't want to brag but they sold out fast.

 ꕥ cooking and baking.  due to her parents both working, she had to take care of her two younger brothers on her own and it was really a handful (though she'd never admit that to them). she had to cook for them and sometimes, had to make them cakes or sweets to save money instead of buying them at stores. she's really skilled in cooking korean food and sino-korean dishes while she'd like to admit that she's still learning how to bake.



 ꕥ  her legal name or "birth name" that appears in her profile or search engine is shin dahee out of her own personal request. she made that name so that nobody can draw resemblances because it sounds different than her real name.

 ꕥ  is not the worst at understanding electronic devices because she had one flip phone or "folder phone" as the koreans say it but damn, the modern day iphone and samsung is so cool. no wonder kids these days are addicted to it.

 ꕥ  is somewhat happy that "old" or "vintage" stuff are becoming a trend to the youngsters. she remembered how she loved to swing by this one pub near campus to hear the songs played on the record player.

 ꕥ  has great sewing skills and also knows a lot about first aid. the former she knows because she had to learn how to repair her clothes and her brothers' as well as reworking old clothes to look new or differerent. the latter she got in school because the female students had still been educated to know basic first aid skills in that era.

 ꕥ  it's funny when she remembers that she had more photos taken in black and white than in color... on film camera.

 ꕥ  initially hates winter with a passion because jeonju gets so cold. to add to that, after her death, she hates autumn and the entirety of october because it always brings her back to october 10th and that's bad.

 ꕥ  knows little to no information on the current k-pop groups. hell, she doesn't even know why the term "generation" is used in k-pop. she's basically like a boomer when the others try to educate her about k-pop.

 ꕥ  with that being said, she sticks to her indie bands or singers more as well as the k-r&b or hip-hop scene... which is unexpected because nobody would take her as that type of person.

 ꕥ  after all the emotions and realization has settled down in her mind and heart, she's trying her best to not want to slap eunwoo in the face or grab her by ythe neck. she's professional around her, reluctant to open up and she prefers it that way because she would like that elbow room of distance with eunwoo.

 ꕥ  however, she may be one of the first to pounce at eunwoo if she ever shows any mistake or weakness.

 ꕥ  she tries not to disclose the fact that she and some of her college friends had to go through some alley fights with female students from other universities over the problem of taking their so-called "spot" at the pub. that means... yes, she knows how to fight and throw some punches or kicks.

 ꕥ  is the person most of the others go to for relationship advice. strange? yeah, she doesn't know why either.

 ꕥ  doesn't mind to brag but has had her fair share of secret admirers, group meetings and group blind dates back in her day. 

 ꕥ  still wears the pendant necklace dowon gave to her the day of the MV seohae sinking. the design is an oath to a love, affection and devotion for one another as long as their hearts beat.

 ꕥ  her parents had still believed in the practice of confucianism but she herself used to pray more to the Lord even if she is technically atheist.

 ꕥ  as of now, she's not affiliated to any religion. she's still trying to figure things out again.

 ꕥ  is a heavy drinker, can go through 2 bottles of soju with 3 bottles of beer. for the heavy liquors from western brands, she perhaps can go through 6-7 shots. when she goes over her limit, she just dozes off to soothen her big migraine.



 ꕥ  "back in my day..."

 ꕥ  "ouch! oh, it's my back, i hope it's not gone."

 ꕥ  "is that what young folk say or do nowadays?"

 ꕥ  "aw, honey, you're so adorable."

 ꕥ  "alright, let this old lady teach you how to..."

 ꕥ  "what advice do you need exactly?"



"eonni, you listen to so many old songs," seolbi would tell her. daryeon would just smile as a song by lee moon-sae plays in the background. "there is a classic glint of nostalgia in every old memory, every old song, no?" she would just say.


 ꕥ  me to you, you to me by jatanpung.

 ꕥ  fate by lee seon-hee

 ꕥ  the time we were together by sweden laundry

 ꕥ  run with me by sunwoo jung-a.

 ꕥ  she by jannabi.

 ꕥ  red sunset glow by lee moon-sae

 ꕥ  never say goodbye by choi seong-won

 ꕥ  today by o.when

 ꕥ  everything by the black skirts

 ꕥ  parched blue by kim hyunchang

 ꕥ  white night by zitten


"darling, i have loved you for many years so i'll continue to do so for a thousand, one million and even more"


NAME. kim dowon, 김도원 (金度智)
DOB/AGE. 1968 / 25AT DEATH

R/S. past lover.

FC. seo kangjun.


he is the three syllable name that marked the beginning and end of her youth. he is the warm spring and the cold winter all at the same time. that can pretty much summarize what he means to her but there is certainly more, especially after daryeon was necromanced (most likely, against her will).


dowon has become both a fond past and unforgettable part of her that can't be erased. she has expressed herself plenty of times that she can't imagine a life that goes on without him. she can't believe that she's now breathing when his body is still burried in the ground, now free to frolick the afterlife. she may not seem like a crybaby but some of the girls (and surely, eunwoo) has seen her cry her eyes out whenever she visits his grave (next to her own) or the memorial of their death at chonbuk national university.


daryeon can't help it when his last diary entry, a poem dedicated to her, became his epitaph on his tombstone. it is as the following:


많은 것을 알기에 꿈꾸지 않는다

as i know many things, i do not dream


다만 지금, 여기

내 앞에서 웃고 있는 너

however, now, here, you who is smiling in front of me


그것이 내가 아는 세상의

전부이기를 바란다.

i hope that (it) is all of the whole world i know of.



hope by na taejoo


"i can't promise you much but know that i will be a friend in your journey so let's take good care of each other"


NAME. kwon seolbi, 권설비.
DOB/AGE. 2000 / 19AT DEATH  21NOW

R/S. fellow zombie.

FC. karina.


though daryeon knows nothing about seolbi, she is keen on keeping her company. seolbi does come off as a  (she said it herself) but they bond over how much they hate eunwoo which will cause them to bond over a lot of other things. "it's as if you're like my mom, always looking out for me," seolbi would tell her. well... seolbi wasn't wrong: daryeon could easily have been a mom if she were still alive to marry and give birth.


thank god daryeon wasn't the only who hates the satisfied grin on eunwoo's face... she's acting as if she was god. and for daryeon, she could only pray that the Lord give her (and perhaps the other zombified people) enough strength not to kill eunwoo herself.


"and if you wondered if i hate you (i do), ty of you to make me feel just like this. what would i do to make you feel the same way?"


NAME. eunwoo

R/S. manager but god, does daryeon have much to say.

FC. kim sihyun.


she hates eunwoo, it's as simple as that for daryeon. she was awaken from her peaceful sleep in the afterlife. with her shenanigans, she separated her from dowon. that reason alone is enough. 

of course, for professional purposes, daryeon forces herself to get along with her. though, she doesn't make it convincing enough but daryeon's trying to get over it. it's not going to be easy.


NAME. here.
DOB/AGE. here.

R/S. here.

흐드러져 피는 꽃 바람마저 달콤한 이곳은 꿈 너와 함께 있다면 어디든 마음이 나풀대며 불어올 그림 속 난 네게 취해 아득한 향기에 기대 시간 따위 버려두고 널 바라보고 하얀 달이 뜨면 달에 비친 너를 보고 낮과 밤이 전부 너야 빈틈 없이 꽉 채워 모든 숨소리가 너인 것만 같아 덧칠해 좀 더 짙게 이 밤 깊이 번져가고 있어 벗어날 수 없게 눈 감고 내 안의 널 또 찾잖아 난 취해 좀 더 취해 이 꿈속에 빠져들고 싶어 넌 다가와서 내게만 스며들어


NAME. here.
DOB/AGE. here.

R/S. here.

흐드러져 피는 꽃 바람마저 달콤한 이곳은 꿈 너와 함께 있다면 어디든 마음이 나풀대며 불어올 그림 속 난 네게 취해 아득한 향기에 기대 시간 따위 버려두고 널 바라보고 하얀 달이 뜨면 달에 비친 너를 보고 낮과 밤이 전부 너야 빈틈 없이 꽉 채워 모든 숨소리가 너인 것만 같아 덧칠해 좀 더 짙게 이 밤 깊이 번져가고 있어 벗어날 수 없게 눈 감고 내 안의 널 또 찾잖아 난 취해 좀 더 취해 이 꿈속에 빠져들고 싶어 넌 다가와서 내게만 스며들어


NAME. here.
DOB/AGE. here.

R/S. here.

흐드러져 피는 꽃 바람마저 달콤한 이곳은 꿈 너와 함께 있다면 어디든 마음이 나풀대며 불어올 그림 속 난 네게 취해 아득한 향기에 기대 시간 따위 버려두고 널 바라보고 하얀 달이 뜨면 달에 비친 너를 보고 낮과 밤이 전부 너야 빈틈 없이 꽉 채워 모든 숨소리가 너인 것만 같아 덧칠해 좀 더 짙게 이 밤 깊이 번져가고 있어 벗어날 수 없게 눈 감고 내 안의 널 또 찾잖아 난 취해 좀 더 취해 이 꿈속에 빠져들고 싶어 넌 다가와서 내게만 스며들어

STAGE NAME. cheon heeryeon 천희련. 

"eonni, why did you choose a totally different name? it's not like you're cha eunwoo. it shouldn't matter that much," one of the girls would ask. daryeon smiled, albeit there being a bitter touch to the grin. she would then answer, "it's a tribute of what once was and of what should be. of dowon oppa and i. a memento of my melancholy, oh how i hope and wish for a thousand years' of happiness up there in heaven with him."

 ꕥ 천희련, 千喜戀  longing or yearning for a thousand years' happiness or joy.  

POSITION. actress, visual, lead vocal #2

 ꕥ the reminiscence of first love, 첫사랑의 아련함.  the persona for daryeon is owed to the melancholy trapped in her being and the emotions of its kind captured in her eyes. she really has a way to convey such a faint glistening sensation of emotion just through her eyes so paired with an improved gentle and soft dance style that she gained through her training, there is something special about daryeon that brings people back to a time in their lives they can no longer grasp again. a first love once lost is found again only through memory or vision.


VOCAL TWINS. red velvet's seulgi.
DANCE TWINS. aespa's ningning.
VARIETY TWINS. red velvet's seulgi.
ACTING TWINS. jung soojung (or jung chaeyeon, i'm still quite indecisive).



daryeon doesn't slack off when in training—the remnants of her mind and self-motivated self from her chonbuk national university years don't allow her—and that's even more the case when she knows she has never danced properly (does dancing in the night club count?) or sang in perfect tone (singing in the coin karaoke definitely doesn't count). so, training for daryeon is both a hard and easier thing to do rather than adjusting to current life. she knows she can be better so she tries harder, maybe harder than the rest of the zombies. she doesn't know why she tries hard in training when she has hella no interest in being an idol but at least, that way, she has a purpose to keep striving for.


daryeon has been through worse—try growing up in a house looking after two whiny, growing, cranky little brothers!—so she's glad that she has enough personal space. just an adequate amount of energy and interactions here and there but more than that, it will burn her out. well, at least the others like to call her to ask how to cook a dish or clean the stove or any other house chore that they are not used to. daryeon's used to it so every time they ask, she teaches them because well, at least they ask nicely unlike her brothers. she's often seen being the most natural in the so-called dorm house, tracksuit or sweatshirt with a high bun and prescription glasses that make her look like a nerd. but then again, she'd too pretty to be a total nerd. that's just how daryeon is and it makes her a good housemate to be with because she minds her own business and rarely raises her voice. the others will know better than to get on daryeon's bad list. otherwise, they won't have food.



PLOTLINE. deja vu.

DEATH DATE. october 10, 1993



 ꕥ anger.  "how dare you, a mere human, go against the Lord and bring me back to life," daryeon growled as she tightened her grip on eunwoo's neck. damn, this lady's strong, eunwoo thought to herself. daryeon was furious when she opened her eyes and saw that she was on the shore of a beach she was familiar with. eunwoo begged daryeon to loosen her grip and daryeon, not wanting to be a murderer, did let go. "i do not know who you are but you do not play god and expect yourself to be sinless after this. you are insane to revive one who has slept in peace over there," she shouted to eunwoo who looked at her with a blank look as if waiting for daryeon to calm down. "be angry all you want but the deed has been done," eunwoo simply replied.

 ꕥ sadness/remorse.  "oppa, guess what? i'm breathing again.  i know this was never a part of our plan or maybe even the Lord's so please watch over me from there until i come back," she would often tell him every time she visited his grave as she rubbed the tombstone. daryeon hates it—a world without dowon, a blank canvas without anyone she knows in this time. she cried herself to sleep the first few days after her revival. was her death really that easy or trivial to be undone when it was so heartbreaking in the first place? why did one have to make her go through that pain twice? why her of all people?

 ꕥ hope/strength.  daryeon would soon try to find the positives in the entirely bleak reality she is now stuck in. she has a second chance to try everything she has yet to try, be it food, work or experience... though she would initially cross "love" off the list. daryeon may still not completely let this reality sink down her but after a good week (or less than a month) of remorse and constant crying over small sentimental moments, she will settle on the mindset that she has a lifetime to wallow in sadness and self-pity so the quicker she just works hard, the better she will recover and... get on with life. at least, for the sake of her loved ones whose time has stopped or ended.

 ꕥ reaction to death.  after their encounter at the beach when daryeon opened her eyes post-necromance, eunwoo drove her right to chonbuk national university where she showed daryeon (who may have growled at her several times along the way to get the away from her) the memorial dedicated to her and dowon. the year 2018 marked the 25th year anniversary of the sinking insident of MV seohae and fate was fickle to drive eunwoo to necromance daryeon just a few days before the silver anniversary event for MV seohae in jeonju. eunwoo gave daryeon some space as she turned her back as the newly revived lady faced the reality. it was sure that daryeon did not take it well the first few weeks. thousands of thoughts crossed her mind: how did her parents react? their hearts must've been broken and devastated as they prepared for the funeral rituals and burrial. how about dowon's family? she couldn't help but be engulfed in guilt. are her friends even still alive?  they must've cried so much. what happened to MV seohae? 

 ꕥ adaptation.  it was definitely tough for someone like daryeon who had been extremely out of touch with the wrinkles of time to adapt. her trying to adapt to the newest technology and geographical changes in the city as well as political temperatures and economic rates is what the youngsters would see their parents do. it'll take more than weeks (maybe even a year) but shin daryeon was once the face of chonbuk national university and had enrolled in the accounting major that has high competition so if daryeon taps into that bit of intelligence and quick wit she used to actively use, things should be fine for her... hopefully.

 ꕥ being a zombie.  daryeon doesn't know what's weirder: being alive after facing death once or having to live with the current times as someone stuck in the 90s. it's a weird circumstances, one that's laughable if you think about it but when she thinks about it, daryeon can't do anything about it. it was never her choice but since she was deprived of a say in all this in the first place, she might as well try and enjoy being weird, right? 

 ꕥ being a girl group member.  "ugh, i cannot believe i was resurrected only to be a woman of this degree," daryeon would scoff or mutter under her breath. it's more than weird for daryeon and she cannot stand that this will be her fate for who knows how long but she will try to persevere until the right timing where she can just disappear from being a "girl group member". she can't wait to get this over with but becoming fond of the other zombies around her was never a part of the plan. here's to being weird zombies together!

BIRTHNAME.do yeongwon 도영원

 ꕥ 都永遠  the hope for everything to stand still, preserved in time and memory forever for all eternity.

DOB + AGE. april 4th, 1997.

 ꕥ yeongwon haja! 영원하자!  a nickname that incorporates his name into some sort of exclamation. his schoolmates in middle school started the nickname whenever they want to drag him to the cafeteria or the school shop or even the "pc bang" after school. he doesn't mind the nickname and rather takes the fun in it. now, it's mostly used as a toast before drinking or clinking glasses when he meets friends.

 ꕥ dowon 도원  his preferred name because sometimes, he feels like people make a joke out of his first name far too often. it makes him feel as if he's taken lightly so he made "dowon" his alternative name as if it's some sort of alter ego or persona. of course, for daryeon, it certainly doesn't sit off right but... maybe it's all part of this life cycle.

NATIONALITY. republic of korea
ETHNICITY. south korean
BIRTHPLACE + HOMETOWN. iksan, north jeolla province, s.k.


GENDER. cis male.
PRONOUNS. he/him.


FACE. bae inhyuk.
BACKUP FACE. nam yoonsu.
MEASUREMENTS. 178 cm, 64 kg.


PERSONALITY. esfp-a. gryffindor. youth of may's hwang hee-tae. yumi cells' yoo babi. aries rising. sanguine.


 ꕥ friendly, expressive,   patient, adventurous,   persistent, lenient,   inspired, domineering,   competitive,   opportunistic, self-   critical ꕥ 


do yeongwon is a bit different from daryeon yet also very similar. unlike her, he is someone who speaks his own mind more boldly and is more out there with people. he may come out as overwhelming or overbearing at first because he has a lot to say and do but sometimes, his ways of conveying them may come off the wrong way. fear not because he has good intentions and has a knack for rewriting people's first impressions of him with some talks. people think he's such a control freak or a strict person when he's usually lenient towards others. he lets people in and throw chaos in his life only to have him clean up the mess for them himself. even so, nobody can deny that the guy is really talented and he's easily inspired to formulate business strategies or analysis that are useful for his day job.


do yeongwon's only hard on himself because he doesn't want to hurt others. he knows too much too easily with his fast wit and observation. for yeongwon, the value and gravity of some people or relationships aren't worth the fight or argument. he wouldn't put all the blame on him but he knows when to yield or to apologize. he would hate to fuel his ego. he's someone whose always consistent with his words and actions paired with a mind that puts more meaning in actions and acts of service or kindness as opposed to verbal sentences. that's why he jumps at the most strategic opportunity in front of him. he's a business administration major for god's sake. it's a part of his job (and personality in general) to find the roads that lead to profit and growth. he knows how to work with what he has but won't mind the extra resource or connections to go further because the more you have, the more you can get.



do yeongwon is a child of colourful beginnings: the youngest out of two, a brother five years older than him, a mother who has one of the tastiest special bibimbap topped by a different fresh korean sashimi of seafood every day and a father who works as a seller of gold jewelry which is one of the things iksan is known for. unconsciously getting inspiration from his parents, yeongwon always wanted to pursue business in order to create his own and as a possible resource for an emergency if his father is unable to run his business anymore. he had always made that his goal as a student.


with the opportunities given to him, he had a great era going on: student council treasurer, yearbook coordinator, unofficial captain of the "lilacs" (his friends who play together with him as the same football team during recess). having adequate grades and knowing the tuition fee for a public university would be cheaper, he went to enroll in chonbuk national university which is the closes to home. sounds familiar? wait until you hear where and how daryeon comes into his life.



 ꕥ  currently one of the owners of a creative compound located in seoul, incheon, jeonju and suwon called gaonhae. he is in charge of location and finding local brand tenants who would like to be included in the compound building.

 ꕥ  on the side, he has a side business of running a thrift store based in jeonju.

 ꕥ  currently resides in garosugil, seoul but often goes back and forth between seoul and jeonju due to business trips.

 ꕥ  he uses his ipad and macbook for everything that people wonder what'd happen if he lost them. at least, he's backed up all the data.

 ꕥ  yeongwon is a buddhist just like his family but doesn't think he's faithful enough.

 ꕥ  the northern jeolla satoori is still very thick in his voice when he talks and he's too used to it.

 ꕥ  likes scents and fragrances that are calming and soothing so his house is filled with the poignant sense of lavenders or lilacs. he himself likes to use similar tones of perfume.

 ꕥ  has an average drinking limit for men, 2 bottles of soju and 2 bottles of beer. for heavy liquor, he can take up 4-5 shots. his habit is getting all touchy with skinship and being just plain embarassing.

 ꕥ  takes pictures of any moment that inspires him and then writes a digital journal entry for them with all his "sentimental interpretation".

 ꕥ  doesn't know how and why he got dragged into working in the creative or food and beverage industry but hey, it's nice to take pride in uplifting small businesses that are local based and some are established by youths.

 ꕥ  one of those guys who keeps up with delicious restaurants and fashion trends. he has been complimented by strangers before because of his "fits" even if he's not trying. perhaps, that's why his account @forevermoredowon has about 6k followers.

 ꕥ  another reason why he likes to be inspired by people, why he likes to be around people and why he's prone to people watching: there's always something to take from others, even if they're just strangers. it's just how you want to approach them that may vary.



 ꕥ  a book of love by ha hyun-sang.

 ꕥ  see thru by primary ft. gaeko, zion-t.

 ꕥ  alone by cosmic boy.

 ꕥ  lilac by iu.

 ꕥ summer by the volunteers.

 ꕥ  burning youth by hyuk-oh.

 ꕥ  song for your night by thama.

 ꕥ  tree by car, the garden.

 ꕥ  fine thank you and you? by 10cm.


the more i remember, the farther it gets, 

i can’t hold onto you, who scatters







"his traces remain as the bookmark placed deep inside my heart."


daryeon thought she could never love again. not after dowon. she acts like a widow during the first few months after her necromancy. more so, after she walks the streets of jeonju city to reminisce and take back a part of the past now projected into the present. every corner, every store, every kiosk seemed to remind her of him. it is a numbing feeling, one mixed from grief, sadness, longing and nostalgia. she remembers the time taken from her, the moments engraved in her mind and the thoughts that can no longer be expressed for the people who lived in her life are now... passed away or scattered across the country.


daryeon will learn to cope with that in her mind and in her life, just perhaps not on her love life. she's still trying to tie every loose end of emotion in her. in this chapter of her book, she still has to finish the pages and place the bookmark elsewhere. if she cannot fully heal, then might as well minimize the pain with some ointment.



"at a loss of words, my mind calms; i can hear your voice like a memory"


however, it was never in daryeon's plan to meet him. an overlapping image of a man she once held, kissed and loved. it was a rainy day when daryeon walked to the memorial on chonbok national university campus. her earphones were playing me to you, you to me by jatanpung, a song popularized as the background music of the korean film "classic". it was a song that reminded her of dowon.


when she arrived, she saw a young man stare at the memorial. daryeon had no interest in him and went to pay her so-called "respects". out of habit, she used the folded praying gesture. the young man seemed to look at her with interest before asking her, "what do you think? it's funny how they say it's a tragedy, yaknow?"


"many people think that way. when two lovers die together, they say it's a pity that they couldn't live longer," daryeon answered.


"i don't think so. i think it's a happy ending for them because they get to spend forever together now. unseparated by time and space, unlike us breathing people with mortality," yeongwon calmly explained before realizing he may have blabbered a bit too much to a complete stranger. daryeon, on the other hand, wanted to cry. she's reminded of how dowon used to say such romances.


"that's a beautiful take on two dead people," daryeon chuckled, albeit it sounding a bit dry.


"thank you for the compliment, i don't get that often. i'm do yeongwon but i like to be called by dowon," he said as he extended his hand towards her. daryeon almost choked mid-breath. dowon? fate is indeed fickle.


"i'm shin dahee," she said as she shook his hand, though the fake name she had to live with still has not stuck onto her just yet.


"in that case, since it's raining, do you want to go for some hot tea or coffee perhaps? there's a cafe near here that's famous where we can wait out the rain," yeongwon offered and honestly, daryeon couldn't refuse. the raindrops seemed to slowly permeate into her heart as a hint of sadness and urge to cry started to seep in the more she continue to look at this do yeongwon guy.



"for me, there remains countless reasons of why i think of you all night"


that day, daryeon and yeongwon had become acquaintances. in jeonju, yeongwon would often ask daryeon if she wanted to hang out with him and daryeon rarely rejects (she only says no if she feels unwell or if the others have a special agenda planned for the group). it would be a lie if daryeon said she doesn't think of yeongwon... or dowon. 


his smile, his puppy-like eyes, his demeanour, his kindness, his words. all the small gestures remind her of what it's like to receive: always holding the door for her, driving her back, him calling her first, cutting her steak or other foods for her and writing her letters or postcards (yeongwon admits he is into that analog way of expression sometimes). she's forgotten how to give back. 


it's still a confusing thing for her, to question whether or not she wants to do this, get into a bond that can deepen. hell, she can't even get over the fact that he may be (or definitely is) the reincarnation of dowon. a business administration graduate from chonbok national university, the smell of lilac that lingers, the love and inspiration he feels from people and his eyes. gosh, she feels as if she could drown in the dreaminess of it all.


"aren't there more reasons for you to like him without regrets then to hesitate to jump on this thing with him?" seolbi would just casually throw a remark at daryeon as she spaces out on her usual revising hours. daryeon instantly turned her head towards seolbi. 


"it's just that he seems to be everywhere and anytime in my mind... in my life right now but everything about him seems like deja vu. as if i'm meeting the reincarnation of dowon oppa," daryeon blurted out everything to seolbi and the younger zombie went from casually drinking her water to sitting herself across daryeon.


"eonni, you believe in reincarnation? i thought you were a protestant but okay! then, it's easy, isn't it?" seolbi said in a rather bubblier tone than daryeon expected, causing her to raise her eyebrow at seolbi.


"i'm just scared i like him more than i like dowon oppa... i can't believe i'm moving on. yeongwon could easily be his reincarnation," daryeon sighed.


"it's supposed to be... but that is something you don't have to worry, yaknow? so what if he's your past lover in a different body? shouldn't that be a good thing? you have a second chance to not tragically die together. you can be alive for evermore with him," seolbi said as she put her hand over daryeon's clenched hands. her expression is softer, encouraging in a sense. 


"thank you so much, seolbi. i mean it," daryeon showed a quick smile to her before seolbi nodded and left daryeon alone so that she could do some thinking alone. 


that's how daryeon decided with the help of a push from one of the closer zombies in the house.


shin daryeon (shin dahee to yeongwon) was going to love him... with all her newly found living breath and will.



"if i learn how to choose you, i need to unlearn what i'm used to"


daryeon asked yeongwon to meet with her at the memorial they first met. yes, quite a strange selection of location but she hoped it came off as a meaningful gesture to him. as she walked to the memorial, she could already see him. as usual, he was early and was waiting for her. daryeon smiled to herself. it’s funny how her unknowing footsteps led her to where she is. she is grateful and certainly, she must’ve grown from that day. she actually wants to live again with this newfound hope and strength. odd but still great.


“hey, you came early,” daryeon said as she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around with a sweet smile as if he was very glad to see her, “of course i would be, why wouldn’t i be? so, what is it that you wanted to do and say?”


yeongwon would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. worst case scenario, she leaves his life forever and he would hate that. he really likes daryeon (or as he knows her, dahee) and hopefully, his way of conveying or expressing himself reaches her. there’s something about daryeon that just makes him burst into smile and laughter. he thought she would be a bit slow to open up but around him, she seemed like she always knew how to say things or carry on conversations. shin dahee just knew how to make him feel for her.


“i was just wondering if… and if! you perhaps have feelings for me, then i have to make sure i get the message right because i know you are a really great guy and person in general so…”


“so…?” yeongwon’s eyes seemed eager to hear more as he tapped into her dragging on. at thid point, he was just hoping for anything but being turned down even before he confessed himself.


“i really like you and i want you to know that… if i learn how to choose you, i will unlearn what i’m used to. i know that i may be slow and it’s been a while since i’ve been in a relationship. so, i’ll be taking my time to start anew if that’s okay with you,” daryeon finished saying her sentences and waited for his response nervously.


“i’m totally okay l-like i’m o-okay if y-you’re okay so i’m glad to h-hear you say t-those words,” yeongwon stuttered a lot mid-sentence, his nerves evident in his ears reddening. it’s his first time receiving a heartfelt confession from someone so he had to return the favour.


“i like you to the point where i would choose you over and over again. you are an amazing person so never—” feeling an impulse in her chest, daryeon just pulled him in for an embrace. it’s quite funny how she just disappears in his arms.


“you almost killed me, shin dahee.”


“why’s that?” yeongwon can hear her muffled voice in his long coat as she slowly turned her chin up towards him. he chuckled, “because i thought you were going to do this on me.”


yeongwon went in for a kiss and as they both closed their eyes, that’s when daryeon really felt it. it feels great to be alive again and pun totally intended, she's found forever again in the arms of a loved one.


STATUS. not quite dating yet/sseomIN JEONJU or actually datingBEFORE SEOUL 

ENDING. together forever fosho because it's daryeon's second chance for love <3____<3



"what makes me want to be together with you is that you are love."


the hues of twilight glow nicely in purple, orange and pink at the shores of naksan beach as if to rejoice of an occassion. there, stood do yeongwon and shin daryeon hand-in-hand. they walked along the shore but as they got closer and closer to the water, yeongwon could feel the tension in her grip on his hand. 

"hey, don't worry about the water, okay? you'll overcome it. wherever you are, i'll be there so it's going to be okay," he said with a grin though he was slightly nervous for her. daryeon could feel her heart beat fast with a sense of deja vu. she's been through this conversation before, has she? but this time, she will brave the waters and overcome it.

she returned his grin as she slowly uttered a reply with teary eyes and a shaky voice,  "forever, it'll be okay. together."

yeongwon knows why and he does not intend to pry. he just replies back to her, "forever together it is, my love." 



 ꕥ  the tropes that apply to them: the sort of second chance love for daryeon, love at first sight for yeongwon. nostalgic, simple and steady way of getting to know each other and dating. finding love in their hometown.

 ꕥ  if they were in a drama, they'd be the modern-day boy meets vintage girl stuck in the past type of story and the hyped boyfriend-calm girlfriend.

 ꕥ  sends postcards, care packages and love letters to each other to overcome the occassional long distance.

 ꕥ  daryeon calls him "my forever" (나의 영원이여) due to his name and yeongwon calls her "my love" (coincidentally, in the exact same way dowon used to call her) or "hee-ya".

 ꕥ  it's fortunate that daryeon met yeongwon because though she is a bit reluctant to open up, it's great that she and yeongwon click in the dynamic that they both enjoy addressing important topics together through conversations. yeongwon is someone unafraid of having those potentially uncomfortable or difficult talks.

 ꕥ  though they have slightly different personalities, it's the mindset and attitude of one another that clicks and that, for daryeon, is all that matters.

 ꕥ  yeongwon is head over sneakers for daryeon and he does everything for her most of the time but he knows well to let her take the lead whenever she seems more confident or certain about a specific topic or place.

 ꕥ  daryeon is actually a because when dating dowon, she opted out of before marriage but now, she wants things to be different. still, she's worried on how yeongwon will react.

 ꕥ  takes turns planning dates but it's definitely yeongwon who'd always drive and perhaps, things are better that way.

 ꕥ  yeongwon is the go-to person to call when daryeon reaches her drinking limit. he'll always go pick her up. 

 ꕥ  daryeon is starting to really embrace her new legal name, shin dahee. for her sake and yeongwon's. having a new name means a new start and she's starting to come in terms with that. it no longer feels like a lie for her to live as shin dahee and that could be a sign that she's slowly moving on.


[ the sea on that day was so calm and gentle that it still feels like it's holding my hand to the point where i had a heartbreakingly happy dream ]

shin daryeon.


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