USERNAME quackienyeon
FOLLOWERS 157, 923
🔮 yeon. the shorter version of her name, used by close friends and family members.
🔮 quackster, quackie. the nickname she made for herself when she was little and she was sulking for a week to her parents because "kwak" and "inyeon" aren't easy names to derive nicknames from while the other kids she played with in the neighbourhood had these intimate nicknames for themselves. the former was made when she was in highschool because she thought it was a "swag" nickname. 
🔮 innie. the nickname someone (read: jiwoong) calls her by because it's part of their "thing"... their couple thing (as much as it causes envy to many friends in their circle).
BIRTHDATE april 14
BIRTHPLACE seoul, s.k.
HOMETOWN rome, italy.
🔮 korean. fluent, her mother tongue. spoken without dialect.
🔮 english. advanced, had to learn it throughout school, had to study it some more for the toeic and toefl tests. plus, her textbooks are in english.
🔮 italian. she had lived in rome for ten years so she had to speak the language to get along with life, even if italians can speak english. she communicates with school friends and locals in italian.
MAJOR linguistics
OCCUPATION korean language tutor for high schoolers or italian language tutor for anyone who wants it.
FACECLAIM isa of stayc
BACKUP chaein of purple k!ss / lucy of weki meki
PRONOUNS she/her.
(+) eloquent, sociable, understanding, worldly
(–) rambunctious, volatile, strict, self-contained
(?) ravenclaw, aries, entp-t
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quackienyeon purple razzle dazzle 💜
📸: @ngoowjic
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inyeon is someone who can definitely be placed anywhere and she'd be able to live off quite well. other than the fact that there's potentially a sponge in her mind that makes her easily absorb the local language and remember directions easily, she knows how to enjoy meeting people. people excite her. she seems to be able to know how to approach people and before you know it, she seems to be able to befriend even the grumpiest of locals living in the neighbourhood.
she's had many years to encounter practical problems and many times then, she's had to fix the problems herself with her own hands so there is not much that can take inyeon aback when it comes to emergencies or mid-life crises. because at the root of kwak inyeon, there is a beating golden heart of empathy and humanity. she is the type of person you'd somehow think of when you have a bad day or just went through hell because you know, she'd listen and just pat you on the back for enduring. she adjusts to the people around her because some times, she'd try to give a practical helping hand and other times, she'd just comfort you.
with the seemingly positive and helpful image she builds for herself (because she can't stand being viewed negatively by others), there's a lot of underlying pain that she hides. all the energy that she has courtesy of her social battery and focus is indeed a lot and sometimes, inyeon can't control it. she goes through waves of ups and downs due to containing expressions of her feelings or stress. she doesn't really allow herself to let off that excess fatigue that sometimes comes and goes, making her prone to burnout in one big blow of mental instability. 
many will think inyeon is a loose person, one whose carefree and lets her life flow with the turn of events. well, she does seem like it but deep down, she's quite strict on herself (and on other people, especially her high school tutees). another reason why she struggles with emotional up and downs as well as accumulation of stress and pressure. she has things she sets out for herself like a to-do list but these things she puts out for her to complete often have contradicting effects for her mind. she has to finish them or else, she won't forgive herself for not seeing things through because she is kwak inyeon and she always crosses the finish line with that grit of hers, right? 
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quackienyeon had penne for lunch which is one of my fav pastas and i did well  to learn this delicious red sauce from amara's nana a couple years back.
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the second child and only daughter of kwak seungmin and lim haejoo, inyeon grew up capable of exploring her personal interests while maintaining good grades. with her father being a diplomat, she spent some time of her life moving around even if she was born in seoul. at a young age, she was exposed to her father's career in foreign affairs and it grew an interest in her. well, it was harder for the young inyeon at the time to not find his work interesting and cool when he started to converse in english, italian and a bit of japanese during his work calls.
it's also worth mentioning that her mother is a human resources director for a global company. considering that her brother is six years older than her, he stayed with her mother in korea because of his college entrance exams. inyeon, on the other hand, went with her father, moving around the world. she  spent ten years in rome, from first grade until her last year of middle school. afterwards, she spent her high school years enrolled at an international school in milan. 
due to her personality, she found no difficulty to form bonds and friendships. it actually became a challenge for her to see who she could befriend and figure out how the social circles work at the schools she went to. not to mention, the people around her are nice and extroverted enough to hang out with her, leading to some of the best friends of her life.
now, you may wonder how does the child of such a professional working couple become a foodstagrammer? it's actually her hobby since she goes travelling a lot. it became a way for her to keep the memories alive and to remember where she's been. she finds joy in taking pictures for both herself and other people. it's also a way she can connect with her brother and mother back in korea by sending them photos or sending them parcels of trinkets and postcards. not to mention, her older brother gave her his nikon camera and one of his old point and shoot cameras (after searching on google, she found out that it is a fuji MDL - 80N) as her sweet sixteen present. it's since then her feed is a mix of vintage and high quality all at once.

upon deciding to become a linguistics major, she found that being a foodstagrammer is also one of her outlets to just have fun and practice some marketing skills because who knows if it'll be useful in the future, right? she took up linguistics because she wants to either be a translator or journalist so engaging herself in writing on social media or other medias would help rationalize a bit of that many screentime she gets on her phone while being an excuse for scrolling and posting stuff on instagram or twitter.
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quackienyeon monday mood (・ω<)☆
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🔮 instagram breakdown: 40% is of aesthetically pleasing photos of herself #selflove, 20% is of her friends and occassionally jiwoong, 40% is food
🔮 has a separate instagram account for photo dumps when travelling or analog film 35mm shots called @inyeonspov
🔮 if twitter wasn't used by even the coolest of people to rant for themselves, she wouldn't have made one but she did anyways. her private twitter is followed by the close friends or former classmates she hung out with over the years.
🔮 public twitter: @quackienyeon
🔮 private twitter: @noeynikawk
🔮 makes captions in both english and korean just because she can
🔮 had an anime phase in middle school that died out freshman year of high school because she got too busy with socializing, academics and non-academics to sit down and watch them
🔮 accidentally rediscovered an unused journal when she was decluttering and now she's using it to write down her emotions and mood with doodles
🔮 loves loves LOVES harvest moon and rune factory!! especially when stressed. 
🔮 that time you saw her seriously staring at her laptop? girl be playing tale of two towns instead of doing her introduction to linguistics class work lol.
🔮 loves coffee and that's mainly why she loves to post and review coffee shops. another reason why when not in the lecture room or library, she's always at a coffee shop.
🔮 curses in italian and is open to teach anyone whose interested ;)
🔮 is quite skilled in makeup and enjoys helping people with their makeup
🔮 makes great pasta dishes and decent italian dishes because she had too many occurences where her classmates and their families taught her
🔮 likes to cook because she had to get used to cooking for herself
🔮 loves cheese cakes and gelato
🔮 eats left-handed, writes right-handed, "i like having my fork on my right hand, thank you very much"
🔮 loves making infused water and since she started tutoring a few students, she finds them a great gift
🔮 brags she'll be a great girlfriend because her boyfriend and husbands in harvest moon love her #ohhoneypls
🔮 the type of friend who suddenly sends asks to hang out in the group chat
🔮 she used to come home to korea once or twice every year before moving back or, her mother and brother would come to spend time together in italy whenever they had time.
🔮 she chose to tutor korean language for some income because she wants to make the best of her major. she also accepts tutees in italian because she didn't want her italian and the years spent there go to waste.
🔮 tries to control her emotions by writing out poems or phrases that express herself. a reason why her notebooks are mostly blank, non-lined paper because she scribbles randomly.
🔮 will love anyone who would dress as her mr. incredible for halloween
🔮 loves to watch soccer with her friends during her time back in italy but doesn't really know much about it
🔮 have you seen how she fawns over keshi and lee hi? she'll go on and on about them if prompted to.
🔮 also likes baek yerin, jannabi, dept, damons year, colde, dpr live and sam kim. she listens to any pop artist on her spotify reccs and mixes so yeah.
🔮 yes, she has two moods in her music: sentimental contemplating out the window and partying hard like a bad .
🔮 loves to run and do pilates on the weekends to try and be a little healthy.
🔮 gets turned off when a dish has too much cheese on it. it's not a garnish.
🔮 enjoys resorting to sino-korean food when she's feeling under the weather.
🔮 has potential to be a heavy drinker because she loves to drink when she's stressed, happy, sad or angry... so basically all the time? the amount tequilla shots and soju she chugs down is starting to get a bit concerning.
🔮 loves to go to parties or clubs with people to relief stress because study hard, party harder was her motto in italy
🔮 but then, she has zero to none heavy hangovers which is why nobody can really say anything to her.
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quackienyeon love these girls, good luck finishing freshman year with me (✧∀✧)/
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🔮 marcus kwak seungmin. father. being daddy's little princess, her father treats her like a precious treasure. having raised her without his wife, seungmin is proud of her daughter and has a strange feeling of achievement seeing where she is. he's a cool dad and supports her with all his heart so do expect some embarassing texts and tmi life advice.

🔮 lim haejoo. mother. having grown up without her by her side, inyeon and her mother are still in the process of getting close to each other as a mother and daughter should be. despite inyeon having spent less time with her, she really does love her mother with all her heart.

🔮 kwak inho. older brother. the older brother who minds his business, she didn't really have a close enough relationship with him. they started acting like actual siblings ever since his freshman year of high school when inho spent his summer break in italy. since then, they skype each other whenever there's time. they didn't text as often becase of the time difference but nowadays, he tries to know everything and anything about her daily life just because he is her oppa.

🔮 jang wonyoung. current tutee. a young girl with big dreams of becoming a veterinarian, inyeon thinks wonyoung has this princess-like glow to her. she figured it out when wonyoung talked about her father who is a dentist. inyeon just knew she was a bubbly and precious princess back home. it translates to her occasional bratty and naive attitude but inyeon knows she's a nice kid deep down. wonyoung isn't someone inyeon can't handle so as an eonni, inyeon's trying her best to both elevate wonyoung's grade in korean language and her practical skills in life for her own sake, of course.

🔮 bae seulhui. fellow freshman. being freshmans in different departments and majors, inyeon and seulhui may have never met if it weren't for them both being foodstagrammers or if inyeon was not a regular customer at the place seulhui works (yes, the half coffee shop half florist place). seulhui had noticed inyeon and due to inyeon's knack at small talk (plus the extroverted nature she has), they managed to get acquainted to the point where they would have chats at the counter while inyeon is waiting for her drink and seulhui is tending to the flowers.  even if they come from different fields, the pair click well through enthusiastic chats of boyfriend games and harvest moon or sharing stories of good food, coffee and nail art.

seulhui loosens up near inyeon as everyone does around the girl and she feels like inyeon is just such a cool person that never has concerns until well, inyeon talks plenty of her turbulent emotions. seulhui and inyeon enjoy keeping each other company and they often hang out together when stressed as an excuse to grab some food. inyeon is someone seulhui can rely on to unleash the hidden extrovert in her and discover her inner crazy while seulhui is a comforting companion that inyeon can really on for a good outing together. inyeon can't deny that she feels really comfortable and close to seulhui. 

🔮 jake sim. fellow freshman. inyeon and jake rarely cross one another since they have different majors and departments but inyeon has heard many stories of him in passing through the mouths of others including seulhui and jiwoong. sure, she may have bumped into him and shared short chit-chat at some parties but that's not enough for her to have a say on his personality... until well, she finds out he is seulhui's crush that seulhui herself doesn't acknowledge yet.

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quackienyeon today's breakfast. peanut butter supremacy, anyone? just me?
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she wants to feel 100% comfortable with herself and her ups and downs. she's found out recently that her self-contained emotions, though relieved to a limited extent by writing them out, is still a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed because the cycle will always repeat itself. the stress, the accumulation and then, the breakdown, the mind block then the laziness. she can't fix it by herself as much as she wants it to be because she doesn't want to acknowledge that she does not have it under control.
she needs people by her side who will support her through this self-accepting and healing process. especially, whenever she enters an academic burn out. in short, she just needs people to help tell her to hit the breaks and rest for a bit amidst hectic schedules and heavy workload. considering the fact that she's physically hours and miles away from the friends she had in italy, such people may be tough to find in the korean peninnsula.
by meeting and eating out with the other foodstagrammers, she'll be able to speak her mind. she finds their company heartwarming and is grateful that they are the type of people who don't pin her down and respect her. she realizes that these other foodstagrammers are so likeable and fun (plus, they don't mind her rants about how pasta should taste like or if she prefers gelato over ice cream). she'll find herself wanting to be more involved in these people's lives and be someone who matters to them just as their mere presence in her life has led her to heal a bit because hey, they get crazy together and eat out together so why not?
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quackienyeon rainy days, gloomy mood, hectic life calls for dumplings and chinese food ☔🤤 the food was worth it (the congee was 10000/10) as it was a shelter from the rain inside a semi-vintage sino-o-korean restaurant that smells like jasmines. they were okay with me opening my laptop (yes, they have wifi) and overdosing on their tea. the mr. and mrs. were so nice to me 🥺 i definitely will revisit!
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quackienyeon it's the love shot 🥀
the grwm video for this look is up on my reels, check it out 🙌
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ngoowjic na na na na na~ 🔫
for_everyoung10 ssaem, you look really pretty 😍 are makeup classes included in our sessions? hehe
quackienyeon @for_everyoung10 hm, depends on how you do at class 😜
seulery the lips? the glow? the hair?
quackienyeon @seulery right back at ya, seul 🥰💜
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seulery date night with the hottest girl in eumshik university 💕
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quackienyeon this was definitely after we ate so much food ㅋㅋㅋ
seulery @quackienyeon we did eat ramen, dumplings and dessert 😂
quackienyeon @seulery LOL "so much" is definitely an understatement
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ngoowjic generation why.
📸: @quackienyeon
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jiung, ung. an alternate way of writing his name and so, another way of deriving a nickname. "woong" and "ung" carry the same meaning which is the shortened version of his name, used by friends and family alike because it's simple.
woongie. the nickname inyeon calls him because again, it's a part of their "thing" with "innie" and "woongie".
BIRTHDATE february 19
MAJOR english language and literature
OCCUPATION english tutor for high school students, coffee shop barista.
USERNAME ngoowjic
(+) responsible, systematic, thoughtful, decisive
(–) stern, disquieted, predictable, sentimental
(?) slytherin, pisces, enf
a natural born leader, jiwoong has always been one who doesn't shy away from responsibility and knows how much he can take in one go. he's someone who you know you can rely on in group work or in anything, actually, because choi jiwoong is known for doing a hella good job in anything that he does. it comes with his organizing skills since it keeps him always punctual and precise whenever he needs to do or know things. he's decisive in that sense— he knows what he needs or wants to do and he can prioritize them in a day. he never seems to second guess or not be able to decide and that's something that comes in handy.
his former tutees have vouched that his way of listing topics and elaborating them as well as his "instincts" really helped them pass the test or get good grades so there's that. and under all that, he's also known for being a good guy too. his compassion and attention for others is a trait that trascends gender or age since he can be spotted giving kindness to strangers of any kind. he cares a lot for his friends in a way that caters to their personalities so he can go from being a great drinking buddy to a listening ear to being one call away to driving you back home after getting wasted.
but, everyone knows (or needs to know) one thing is that, he is someone who knows how to be professional when the situation calls for it so when his work switch is on, he's quite unforgiving and strict on both himself and others so that the workload is fulfilled. he may come off serious and a bit uptight but for jiwoong, that is his way of soothing his unease and worries because he hates imagining "what if?" scenarios. he thinks it's better to be hard on himself. he's a soul prone to overthinking the other possibilities in life even if he shouldn't (he's not doctor strange, after all) so his mind is always up and about which sometimes causes unnecessary nerves or panic.

people say jiwoong is an open book and that's true. not gullible or naive but just transparent or visible. he's a simple-minded soul and in a world of complex human beings, he's bound to get hurt. his mental control to get back up is commemorable but he's always on the receiving end of strained relationships or friendships and that hits him the hardest. especially, since jiwoong has a sentimental heart but a practical mind at the same time so it's tough for him to schedule his emotional breakdowns or mental rest (well, you can't anyways but he doesn't know that yet) when he and his damned list of his is always so keen to get on with business per usual.
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ngoowjic let em wonder 😎
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⚡ instagram breakdown: 40% is of aesthetic photos of him, 30% is of photos with inyeon or just inyeon, 30% is of him and his buddies
⚡ known for his e-boy aesthetics, he's going through a phase where he likes dark colors and chains for some reason
⚡ loves watching soccer and is most interested in la liga and serie a
⚡ is a decent cook in korean food
⚡ can sleep anywhere, any time 
⚡ he's somewhere in the middle when it comes to alcohol since he's not the strongest but not the weakest (max 2 bottles of soju but when it comes to other spirits or shots, it can go on and on).
⚡ actually has a growing interest in taking photos and going to exhibitions or museums even if it's not his major
⚡ loves loves LOVES fried chicken
⚡ is a rap god who can challenge eminem yo like ?? but he also has pipes that tinkle your ear with a good voice
⚡ listens to niki, rich brian, LUCY, car, the garden, dpr live, punchnello, loco, gray, kode kunst, day6 and bibi.
⚡ loves to go thrifting because he's broke most of the time. man has a cat to feed back home, who can blame him?
⚡ plays a lot of different games, but of course plays fifa and pubg the most
⚡ his glasses may look stylish but it's purely because if he's going to wear glasses (minus one and two on his left and right eye respectively), he might as well look good in them.
⚡ he dyed his hair to his current color the day he turned twenty because he saw it as a coming-of-age gift for himself.
⚡ decided to become an english tutor for high school students because he did get a high grade (as much as he wants to be humble about it) in the college entrance exam and he got into a good uni so if he could help others get better while getting paid, that's a win-win for him.
⚡ on the other hand, he became a barista because he had been dragged by his friend to help him at the coffee shop he was working at lol.
⚡ loves dumplings, gyozas, mandus, potstickers and wontons included! will love you for life if you understand his dumpling supremacy agenda.
⚡ his cat is named mandu btw, no cap.
⚡ he likes mint chocolate chip... ikr.
⚡ social smoker who enjoys vaping more. inyeon doesn't mind him being someone who smokes or vapes as long as he doesn't directly smoke in front of her (he remembers her telling him that she can't stand the smell). she prefers him to vape when with her.
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ngoowjic days passed by and now we playin' by our own rules  🤙 
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p1harmony. his crew hehe. they crash at each other's place and borrow things from one another all the time. it's annoying but they're all a great gang.
mandu. his cat that he adopted a few months ago. a chic and elegant queen (literally, in cat terms).
jake sim. one of his "homies" he got close to after a few parties and getting crazy together. in fact, jiwoong has a story and proof of one night jake got stupidly drunk so there's that. they are two similar people with different fields but they work well together. they're close enough to hang out and just talk on and on about all sorts of topics from whose pet is cuter and the debate on mint chocolate chip. plus, jake doesn't mind him vaping so jiwoong sees him as a potential best friend. hopefully jake feels the same because lol.
bae seulhui. a friend of inyeon's is a friend of his. plus, seulhui seems to share a class with jake so if she knows jake, that's cool too. he'll definitely catch on seulhui or jake's crush on one another but may keep his mouth shut until jake tells him or inyeon talks a bit about it.
park jeongwoo. his curent tutee whose got a long way to go to improve his english despite he dreams of being a visual designer (which doesn't need english speaking). jeongwoo is genuinely a nice kid which jiwoong can tell from his ethics and manners that he certainly doesn't hang out with the bad kids or has problems with them. he sees a bright future in jeongwoo so when he's handling a kid like him, he gets motivated too. 
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ngoowjic wanna dive into you 🐋
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they may not notice it but they go to the same parties and frequent the same coffee shops, just at different times. they officially met face-to-face at the place seulhui works in when they were both tutoring their respective students. it was their tutees, wonyoung and jeongwoo, who noticed one another (turns out they come from neighbouring schools) and out of the spur of the moment, they decided to sit down at one table together. being two people who don't fret over such a social situation, they managed to go on without much difficulties and it was then that they exchanged instagrams and just went along with it. they even took pictures with their tutees (wonyoung had always been such a er for instagrammable cafes) and of each other. it's safe to say that their tutees did them a favor here.
just people you know. though unfamiliar with one another, their extroverted nature helps make interacting not so awkward. replying to each other's stories, having to DM one another thanks to their tutees, being tagged in one another's group pictures and exchanging greetings at parties were okay even if they only shared small talk. somehow, it was never unbearable since they both had great communication skills.

🔮 familiar faces, the tutor duo. DM exchanges soon became kakaotalk conversations (they even have a four person chatroom named "fantastic four") as they seemed to synch their tutoring sessions well with one another so the tutees could have better discussion and studying buddies since wonyoung and jeongwoo didn't mind. even without their tutees, they had each other's company whenever they wanted to grab a quick coffee break or a heavy meal after lectures. they often swing by seulhui's workplace and grab whatever before they go anywhere else. jiwoong is amazed by inyeon's point and shoot camera which she always brings to snap shots and the two often take turns treating one another to a meal every now and then.

"something". their hangouts became more frequent and more under the notion of "the first person i think about when i'm free is you". they talk to each other all the time and call or meet up whenever they need company. they've become accustomed to one another and find that they always enjoy whenever they meet up, even if it's just brief or impromptu. they have a lot in common and they just understand one another well.

even their tutees are starting to notice it but the kids are smart enough to let the elephant in the room develop on itself (you bet they're chatting one another and getting excited on their behalf). many people think they're already together at this point because the air is different when they're with one another but the only people who don't know are inyeon and jiwoong... maybe just not yet.

🔮 actually dating. they are "innie" and "woongie", a dynamic duo who enjoys dancing and kissing under the low party lights and eating together at places with good food and ambiance. a couple who uploads #lovestagrams that are matching in aesthetics and love to upload things that mean something for their couple. everyone on campus seems to know they're dating and they're fine with being a campus couple so they don't mind.

jiwoong has a polaroid of them put in his phone case as a memento and inyeon has a photo of them as her lockscreen. they have a couple playlist for their respectives moods for god's sake. they do understand each other's needs and wants so they communicate it well to one another. jiwoong knows well that inyeon at times needs space and time alone to wander and recharge when she breaks down and other times, needs him to calmly soothe her to sleep (usually, through an impromptu guitar serenade over the phone). inyeon always lets jiwoong knock on her door for a shoulder to cry on or sometimes, when things hit him the hardeset, appear at his doorstep with canned beer and dumplings.

a relationship that is young and prone to falling apart, theirs is built on reaffirmation, solace and gestures that causes them to grow and pick up the broken pieces again. theirs is a love that is youthful in nature yet mature in resilience. well, maybe that's what you get when an aries meets a pisces.
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ngoowjic @quackienyeon is having her bday today so here it is—thank you for being everything. you've been my earth, air, fire and water all at once 💕 my world is yours so i'm really happy for you wherever you'll venture off to. i'll make sure to be there every step of the way!
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THEIR ENDING together because they're crazy for one another like it's cute and annoying at the same time.
⚡ inyeon meeting mandu.
🔮 them going on dates and having fun while listening to their own playlist
⚡ reactions from jake and seul maybe when they hang out together (only if possible, of course)
🔮 going to parties together and being cute together like that
⚡ at this point, i wouldn't be surprised if they opened a couple vlog channel.
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quackienyeon the light in the dark, the arrow through my heart ♡
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ARE YOU FOLLOWING THEIR INSTA? "yeah, somehow it turned out that way. he liked some of my posts so might as well, yaknow?"
ARE THEY FOLLOWING YOUR INSTA? "lemme check... yup, he is. that was quick... i don't mind though."
ARE THEY A FELLOW FOODSTAGRAMMER? DO YOU LIKE THEIR CONTENT? "doesn't seem like it. he posts a lot of his aesthetics and friends but his fitz look fire and he seems artsy, me likey. and he has a cat...named mandu! yup, he's cool."
STEPPING AWAY FROM THE TOPIC OF YOUR CRUSH, WHAT'S YOUR IDEAL TYPE? "do i have to be serious? haha, i was about to answer anyone who listens to some artist i like to listen to but... i'd say someone who understands me and is able to endure all the emotional messes i make. someone reliable that is just there for me."
SO WHEN AND WHY DID YOU START LIKING HIM? "i can't say when exactly but he's reliable and knows how to help me. comforting but knows how to have fun. what's there not to like when he's that kind of person?"
SPRINKLE SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR YOUR CRUSH "wanna get some dumplings together later?"
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ngoowjic all i see is you, oh you.
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keyho_y00n lookin noice yeehaw🤠
ngoowjic @keyho_y00n right back atchu
jakesimlol yo this looks cool, wya
ngoowjic @jakesimlol lemme slide into your DMs and drop a pin 😉
quackienyeon @ngoowjic @jakesimlol wholesome and for what?? i shall ship <3
ngoowjic @quackienyeon for you <3
jakesimlol @ngoowjic istg if you weren't my friend, i'd throw you out my window by now smh.
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seulery relieving stress with the girlies.
HEY! THESE ARE Qs BETWEEN YOU AND ME (the author)! ARE YOU READY? "ready or not, let's get this done and dusted!"
ARE YOU FOLLOWING MY INSTAGRAM? WHEN DID YOU START FOLLOWING ME? "i don't think i am, actually, after all those exchanges at the coffee shop! shame on me, next time when i stop by during your shift, just give me your account name and i'll follow you back!"
BESIDES YOUR SELFIES AND FOOD WHAT ELSE DO YOU POST ON YOUR INSTAGRAM? "my amateur 35mm shots that i handpick hehe. i gotta make use of my brother's gift, right? follow @inyeonspov for b-cuts hehe. sorry for the shameless plug. also, i upload group shots or photos of my ootds when they look good."
I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION! WHAT TYPE OF FOOD DO YOU USUALLY POST? "the food i like lol. actually, the pattern is quite there. sino-korean food, chinese food, pasta, food i make at home, ramen, coffee, gelato... i think that's the foods i post and leave a review the most."
WHAT DO YOU DO ON YOUR FREE TIME FOR FUN? "do a little running, never further than 15 kilometres. some pilates classes when i can. play harvest moon. huh, what else? reading self-development or self-love books like essays or poem books. listen to music."
WHY DID YOU BECOME A FOODSTAGRAMMER? "i started it for keepsake back when i was in italy. there's so much to see and to remember... the only way it can be preserved is through photos so i just started snapping one day and just never stopped. it's fun."
WHY IS QUACKIENYEON YOUR USERNAME? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "quack is my childhood nickname and well, it does sound like my surname, kwak, right? haha, yes, a wordplay to make it fun like that. when you read my username, it sounds exactly like my full name. kwak inyeon."
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quackienyeon today's coffee courtesy of teaching korean idioms to @for_everyoung10 ☕ the two expresso shots make me feel alive and there's an option to have no sugar so that makes this cafe latte 1000/10
COMMENTS omg, i think i'm done. this is a revamp of my old app, yoo inyeon which i made to suit the current gen Z vibes in kpop idols lol. i hope you enjoyed reading inyeon out because remaking her into this strong girl who loves to see the world is a rather subtle way of self-projecting my current mindset hehe. i hope everything checks out well so really can't wait to hear how you feel about her and write out her daily life.
PASSWORD here's something i had wrote for myself in my spare time a few days that may suit how inyeon writes out her emotions in that journal of hers.
my dear, even if you wander for a while, i'll always wait for you. if you’re so tired, you can lean on my shoulder. i can understand you even if you complain and throw fits at me. after all, how can I hate you? you are the one who made me into a good person.


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