Falling for Exo

I've always been a fan of Exo and their music. I'm not an Exo-L but I do find myself spazzing over them a lot. (especially my biases ChanSoo)

Ko Ko Bop is a gift and a curse!

It took about 5 listens but I kinda like it. It's not as good as my jams Growl, Lucky One, or Call Me Baby. But I dig it to a certain extent. I don't care for the dubstep-like breakdown parts. I think it disrupts the flow. The song would be much better without it. (But I guess SM has to add that in as a trademark lol)

I like the reggae sound. I didn't think SM was capable of such music. And I definitely didn't think they would try something this different on their most popular group.

Baekhyun's hair is so annoying!!! I dislike his hair more than the dubstep breaks. Who allowed this?? It's worst than Taemin's bowl cut! And Kai should never do dreads again... But other than that, I like the song. The chorus is so catchy!! I can't help myself sometimes. And I witnessed too many dabs to count >.<


And then they go and do this rude . I can't!!

This song is so y. And the dance too. HOT!

And here's the uncensored version. Chanyeol is singing!! I love it!


This is from the last album but this is still my jam. I love this song. Exo does R&B pretty well. 


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[deactivated] #1
I like Baekhyun's but I agree on Kai's. He looked soooo... weird?
Hahaha... Even I hate the hairstyle of the two. Other than that everything is good. But, still the hair style.

The first time I watched it, I only watch the half of the music video Bcoz I couldn't watch it. Well, I had to watch it again and then upto now I only watched it three times.
koko bop was amazing along with the Eve
the exo-l fandom welcomes you :)
kaysur #5
I have the same problem. I was indifferent with their music but as time goes by, I seem to find myself more attached to them.