Sorting Vixx into Hogwarts Houses

What houses would Vixx get sorted into if they were students at Hogwarts? Of course all I can do is speculate. I realized that I love Vixx and that they are my favorite male group (aside from Shinee and Big Bang) I'm totally obsessed with them and their songs.

So I will try to place them in Hogwarts. This is only my opinion. Feel free to comment your opinion too. 

Leo - Slytherin 

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Taekwoon is a Slytherin hands down! He's driven and ambitious. He works hard to achieve his dreams and goals. You can see the fire in his eyes. He won't let anyone stand in the way of his success. And to beat out all the other trainees to debut with Vixx as a quiet and reserved person means he really had to overcome a lot of personal adversities to make it as an idol. I really can't see him in any other house. 


N - Hufflepuff 

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N is the definition of a Hufflepuff. He's loyal to s. He will support and defend them. He's also very inclusive. Back when Leo didn't talk on camera as much he would try to include him. You can tell he takes pride in being a good leader to the group and he's so proud of Vixx. He's very friendly, perhaps the most approachable of all the members. I think he would fit well into the Hufflepuff house. (I also think that he could be in Gryffindor because of his confidence) 


Ken - Gryffindor 

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Jaehwan is Bold no doubt about that. He will say and do whatever he wants most of the time, especially in comfortable settings. He's shamelessly acting cute even when the others (Hongbin) cringe. I think while the other members might take longer to adjust to things I feel like he can jump right into them without a problem. 


Hongbin - Ravenclaw 

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Hongbin is observant. He is always spilling the tea and calling out the other members. He pays attention and watches people probably out of curiosity. That is what Ravenclaws do. He always has unexpected clever things to say. I read once that Hongbin learns dances really fast which means he's smart and can think quickly. I also think he's the most normal of the members which makes his personality stand out to me.


Ravi - Ravenclaw?

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He's so creative!! He composed so many great songs. He's one of the top idol songwriters in Korea. His raps are also sincere. He's not just an idol rapper and I appreciate that. The members speak so well of his musical ability too. He's really talented and focused on improving his skills. I think he could do well as a Ravenclaw, however I think he could fit in other houses as well. He's definitely outspoken and brave like Ken so he could be a Gryffindor too. He's also quite bold with his hair, fashion, and music choices. 


Hyuk - Hufflepuff?

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WIth Hyuk I don't see one trait overpowering like I do with the other members. I think he had qualities of all the houses. He debuted young which shows bravery, ambition, and hard work. You loves and supports s even when they didn't get along in the beginning. I think just like N he's loyal and supportive of his group and I think that is what he's fueled by more than anything. He seems to have a good attitude overall and he seems friendly and approachable.  (I think he could be Slytherin because of how young he debuted and how much he probably worked to succeed)  


Note: I'm a Ravenclaw. Sometimes I feel like a Slytherin. But I definitely identify with the Ravenclaw traits the most. My bias is Leo!!


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