Vixx Never Fails Me

I almost forgot how much I love Vixx1! They are one of my favorite groups and they have been for years now. They released a new MV and album a few weeks ago.


Not really sure what the song is about. I haven't looked up the lyrics. Maybe if I knew I would understand the video better. Like who's the little boy supposed to be? The product of a science experiment or something? Anyway, I'm not that much into science. So I won't be focusing on that lol

I LOVE the song!! I feel like I haven't listened to Vixx's music in such a long time. They have some good songs too. (maybe I'll do a post of my favorite Vixx songs...) I wasn't really sure what to expect. I didn't listen to the teasers so I was going in blind. I loved it! It has that The Closer vibe. That cool sounding but still upbeat song. The MV kinda looked a bit generic I admit. I've seen them do a white set plenty of times. But the song and aesthetics were great so I'll let it pass.

I need to talk about how good they looked for a minute... I'm breathless. Leo my bias shook me with his platinum hair. Who told you to do that?? Are you trying to torture me with your hotness?? So rude!! Have you seen his body proportions? He looks like a real life anime character with those long arms and legs T_T

I have to stay faithful to Leo because if I add any more members to my bias list I will just accept the whole damn group.  So Leo is bae, but damn... Ravi... and N... and Ken... and Hyuk/Hongbin. Vixx are by far the best dressed idols in the game. They always look fabulous and cohesive. If I was a guy I would want to dress like Vixx all day every day.  On other notes, Hyuk has been getting more lines!! Hongbinnie too!! 

 Love the choreography. But I have one complaint... Why do they always have to touch each other. N and Ken!! Like why y'all gotta feel up on each other?!?! Vixx does this in almost every comeback it seems. It's so (ually) frustrating!! The dance is kinda y. I'm not sure why. They aren't hip ing or grinding on the floor. I guess it could be the slower tempo and the camera angles. 

I told y'all Vixx can dress. They are dressed expensively. I would probably see someone dressed like that at a Jazz club or something and he would buy me a drink. Damn... my imagination is running wild. They look so good and perfect.  

It's time for me to go. I'm fangirling way too much. THIS IS WHAT VIXX DOES TO ME!! I'm a mess keke

Correction: I now realize that it reads Scent-ist, not scientist. Now I'm extra confused... 

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