The Abandoned Wolf

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Characters Kyungsoo, EXO
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Since young, never was Kyungsoo treated properly.

He was often bullied and laughed at because Kyungsoo is weak.

His parents taught him how to fight and defend himself but Kyungsoo could never hurt anything that is alive. That is just who he is.

A weakling.

And that was the nickname his old pack called him and that was always how he thought himself to be. 

Until he met the DarkMoon pack.





Do Kyungsoo


DarkMoon Pack:

Wu Yifan


Kim Jongin


Kim Joonmyeon


Park Chanyeol


Oh Sehun


MoonStone Pack: 

Zhang Yixing


Kim Minseok




Byun Baekhyun


Kim Jongdae


Huang Zitao



Kyungsoo roared in pain when the hunter stabbed his right side, right above his waist. The hunter smirked in victory when the poor, innocent wolf fell to the floor, whimpering in pain. Kyungsoo did not know what wrong he did. One moment he was drinking water from the lake and the next thing he know, the hunter attacked him. Kyungsoo closed his eyes and as he panted heavily but the hunter just stare at him, not caring if the wolf was in pain. In fact, the hunter would love to kill Kyungsoo. Maybe he could eat his meat for a few days and sell the maroon coloured fur for a high price. 

Just as the hunter was about to strike again, Kyungsoo got up on his feet and headbutt the hunter weakly, making the hunter stumble a few steps back. Kyungsoo leaned on a nearby tree in pain. The hunter wanted to strike another blow to Kyungsoo and that was when he appeared. Standing proud and tall with raven black fur, the wolf glared at the hunter. Another wolf appeared and this time it was dirty blonde in colour. The blonde wolf easily threw Kyungsoo onto its back and ran off, not needing to worry about its leader. The hunter looked at the black wolf in fear. When he saw Kyungsoo, he was not scared at all but this black wolf looked like it will kill the hunter any moment now. And that was what it did. 

Kyungsoo opened his eyes and saw a light blue ceiling, the colour similiar to the lovely sky outside. He tried to sit up but a stinging and sharp pain rippled through his body and he whimpered in pain. Looking down, he saw that he was in a foreign room and that he was in his human form but what shocked him the most was that he had no shirt on and there was a bandage on his wound, blood seeping through the moment Kyungsoo decided to be a smart and  move again as he sat up and leaned his body on the head board. He looked around the foreign room and saw that it was messy and Kyungsoo frowned. He was not a fan of untidyness. His hand landed on some fabric on the bed and he grimaced when he saw it was a red underwear. With a fling of his wrist, the underwear went far away from him. *Where the hell am I?!*




There are a lot of EXO wolves stories in AFF and some are good but some are not worth-reading because it is too cliche. However, this is my first time reading a boysXboys Wolves story so I love it. — Wonder Sky Advertisement

There are two major plot twists in the story, and it did shock me good, and that was what set it apart from other stories. — Overdose Reviews

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PurplePinky #2
Chapter 48: Chapter 49 : Omona. I've been reading this story and I'm happy that you've updated already~ I love this chapter author-nim~! Keep it up~! One of my fave stories I've read! ^____^
thecrooked #3
Chapter 49: I feel depressed knowing that Kyungsoo is planning to leave them ㅠㅠ I hope there will be a way for him to stay without the wolf demon taking over his body D:
Exoticzombie #4
kyuhyunpapa #5
Chapter 26: It's been so long since the last time I read this :3 Kyaaaa. I miss this fic ^_^V But so many spoilers in the comment box T_T hahahha xD I accidentally read one :3
I'm gonna go continue reading now :)
choallyne #6
Chapter 49: Kyungsoo will so very sad.what will be the reaction of 11 boys will they get angry to kyungsoo or they will do their best to get back kyungsoo.
Im scared too because of kyungsoo safety when he leaves. Many bad shifters or hunters wants kyungsoo because they knew he is the wolf demon..
Im so very excited author to your next update and i hope this story has no end :))
so overdose :">
I keep waiting author
Zoeykai #7
Chapter 49: Love the update :) and y the hell am I still rooting for Kaisoo when I know fully well he likes Yifan most!! My kaisoo feels inside me is crying but I am.still happy.for Krisoo and the fact that he is leaving is really sad.... Tho it made me wonder what the reaction of the other members
Conspiracytheories #8
Chapter 49: I like how Soo is treasuring his last moments and all that. Thats just like me, i hav to start anew school year tomorrow and im so sad T_T i kniw how u feel Kyungsoo *le cries*
fani437 #9
Chapter 49: Awww So Cute!
I hope Kyungsoo doesn't
really leave and if he does,
for the pack to find him
and bring him back :D
And don't worry author!
phoenixgirl6263 #10
Chapter 49: This is so good though, that I don't mind waiting for it! :)
kaiserjong #11
love it. ~~ <3