Waiting on the Other Side


Kim Min Ah is a girl who loves to surf the net, and loves to make new friends.  She talks to new people on her blogging site, in particular, a guy who goes by the name Jin.On her blog, her display picture is of a girl she had drawn, while Jin is also just a drawn character (see next chapter picture to see what they look like).  They get along very well, although they have never seen eachother in person, but they trust each other enough to know that neither of them are one of those crazy es who lurk over the internet. 

People would think that you would be able to have a better conversation with someone you know personally, but instead, Min Ah discovers that  she and Jin have been able to have a more interesting conversation that doesn't end in "k", "lol", or "XDD" than with her friends she knows in person.  Unlike any other friend she has had before, he would ask about her well-being, her interests, and all the small things in life.  She felt that this person understood her even better than the people she'd been friends with for almost all her life.

Although both want to see each other in person and see how each other look like, Min Ah knows that its best not to webcam with someone she met over the internet--especially of the opposite gender, thus Jin  gets rejected everytime he requests to do so.

Almost everyday, they would talk, share laughs, talk about their problems (online ofcourse..not in person..), and the desire to know how each other look like grows stronger.  But, because of the paranoia Min Ah has about the online pedos and creepers and stalkers, she knows that its best not to show her face, and this fact creates a faint wall between their friendship.

But little do they know, that they are closer than they think.


Kim Min Ah

-not very girly

-Known as "Min" Online   (LOL hush...i'm very creative >_>)

-long hair, side bangs

-16 y.o, grade 10

-smart, sweet, innocent, willing to lend a helping hand, , caring

-162 cm tall

-likes to cook, draw, listen to music, blog



Jung JinYoung

-17 y.o, grade 11

-goes by the name of "Jin" online

-178 cm tall

-smart, but doesn't try, thus people think he isn't smart

-works as a waiter at a café

-f*ckin handsome *0* LOL

-kind, sweet, fun, dorky when you get to know him better, but can be overprotective at times

-if you piss him off......good luck >:]

-likes to dance, listen to music, talk to people, eat, sleep


^thats his hair colour in the fic.



they're a new group, so please make sure to chekc out B1A4 (:


Hope you look forward to thiss fic (:

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