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Kyungsoo is a Tarlian scavenger with the power like no other. He refers to himself as, Aree, to keep his identity a secret. When a group of thieves tries to take his treasured items, he finds himself developing new friendships, an increase in powers, and

The promise

By mika_lou Updated
Characters bomi ten
With 1 chapters, 6 subscribers, 140 views
Status Completed, Subscribers Only



By Chomi4real Updated
Characters Chorong Bomi Chomi Apink's members
With 19 chapters, 20 votes, 228 subscribers, 10140 views, 185 comments

another chomi story :)   Enjoy ^_^


By SHINeeMe08 Updated
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 60 views

Bomi is the daughter of the President of one of  the largest company in Korea,but being the daughter of the President of the largest company in Korea.Bomi find her life very boring and miserable even though she is rich,She often stays in her room because of his father's command and never let her go out unless they are together or when she needed to go to school.  

The Oracle

By JoelleYeong Updated
Characters Bomi || Chanyeol
With 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 220 views
Status Subscribers Only

The Oracle can predict the future. She was said to be seen only in desperate times, and it is claimed that those who have seen the Oracle believes she's a goddess brought down to Earth. For many centuries, the Oracle has been hunted by Kings and Queens.  What happens when she appears to warn the Kingdom? What happens, when the Prince falls in love with her?   

In Real Life

By stateofrai Updated
Characters Yoon Bomi, Kim Jongdae (Chen), Byun Baekhyun
With 5 chapters, 7 votes, 120 subscribers, 1910 views, 18 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Fairytales, happy endings, and the like. Everybody has that special attachment in these things. Bomi loved zombies more. But, its the common truth, of having the fantasy of true love and finding the one. Now, she ridiculed herself for being deeply in love. Because it . It to find out how real her life is.  

Talking to my Love

By SHINeeMe08 Updated
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 6 subscribers, 180 views, 4 comments

If you once see your love again,you will surely be happy and want to talk to that person.

You make me feel (baekmi)

By plain12y Updated
Characters bomi, baekhyun, v, kyung, eunji, hayoung
With 50 chapters, 3 votes, 25 subscribers, 990 views, 6 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

Baekhyun and Bomi are students from the same school, but the thing is they are just not in the same zone. Bomi is one popular and favorite girl at school while Baekhyun, well he sure is popular too, but popular with such a lame nickname 'clumsy king'. Ba

Hot Young Bloods

By fairiesjpg Updated
Characters apink as 'bad girls' + a few boy groups cameo.
With 10 chapters, 8 votes, 35 comments

      high school? bull, but with friends? no. but still pure bull. 


By taectopic Updated
Characters eatjin, boatmi, yellji, thirsty4japchae, and juan
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 160 views

"KIm tAeHyunG is sTanKy!1!1!1" in which five students come together to pray for their finals.


By crazyBJ Updated
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 37 subscribers, 740 views, 4 comments

There are 6 elements of life on Earth. However, only 5 are strong. They are mainly Water, Fire, 

In Love With Two

By nnthoj Updated
Characters taeyeon, baekhyun, sehun, bomi, OC
With 1 chapters, 25 subscribers, 310 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kim Taeyeon and Kim Taeyun are twins born on March 9th 1989. On the day of their birth, they lost their mother and so was raised by a single father. Being the oldest of the two, Taeyeon loves her younger twin sister Taeyun with all her heart. She's willing to do anything for her younger sister just so that she can see Taeyun's smile. With motherly instinct, Taeyeon promises to protect Taeyun from harm. After a visit with Byun Jinyoung, Kim Minhyuk (Taeyeon's and Taeyun's father) agrees to an

A Walk to Forget

By chakhashim Updated
Characters Park Chorong | Yoon Bomi
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 4 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

      I'll blame the heartless calls of the wind for the fallen tears.      

Tears That Kill

By PinkifyPanda Updated
Characters Yoon Bomi | Byun Baekhyun | Jeon Jungkook | Jeon Wonwoo | Others
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 14 subscribers, 480 views, 1 comments

Hi guys! (・ω・) So I've been an active member of AFF as a reader for a few years now. I really enjoy writing stories but I've never written one on AFF before so I decided that this story (Tears That Kill) will be my debut story (✿╹◡╹) !   By the way, I will talk a little bit about myself. There's not much to me b


By ReallCheck Updated
Characters Son Naeun, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Park Chorong
With 51 chapters, 11 votes, 228 subscribers, 108 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Son Naeun was always in love with her senior named Yoon Bomi. Everything about the said girl was completely perfect for her, from her face to her smile to her attitude and of course, her talents. She was beyond perfection in the latter’s eyes that she won’t even consider herself a goddess, unlike what other people thinks. For her, a goddess was the perfect description of her beloved. And she would do anything for her.


By SHINeeMe08 Updated
Characters Hayoung,Bomi,Dojoon
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 140 views

So sad,I wish it was true...


By Squishybao Updated
Characters Chorong eunji naeun bomi
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 77 subscribers, 840 views, 16 comments
Status Subscribers Only

One blind,   Two broken,   Three lost, Four love.   We were all passing by each other's lives like crossroads.  


By crazyBJ Updated
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 19 subscribers, 560 views, 5 comments
Status Completed

HEADLINE NEWS   South Korea's Popular Kpop Group Apink's Leader Missing   20 April 2016   On 19 April 2016, Kpop group Apink's leader, Park Chorong went missing from Seoul Hospital on 0530hr. Earlier that day, Park Chorong slipped in Apink's Dormitary's toilet and hit on her head. The leader got sent to Seoul Hospital after the members fa

stay on my mind

By tourmaline Updated
Characters kim jongdae (chen) & yoon bomi
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 19 subscribers, 370 views, 4 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

(When he left though, he took part of her heart away with him and she had been left with no lighthouse to guide her, nobody to tell her there was hope when the skies were dark and the waves were merciless and she was out of breath and drowning.)

Why I "Hate" Park Chorong

By ChomiBomi Updated
Characters Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi | Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung
With 13 chapters, 28 votes, 310 subscribers, 5550 views, 164 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Love; the most complex concept in the world. When it comes, why it comes, one may not know. How exactly will the concept of "love" affect the young Chorong and Bomi? Will it bring them together, or will it tear them apart? Only time will tell. For them, it all started with a diary...

The monster's bride

By kimnalee Updated
Characters Bomi, Exo, Exopink
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 73 subscribers, 1050 views, 20 comments
Status Subscribers Only

" I am thankful to have been born, to be loved and adored by everyone. I always dreamt of living a normal yet peaceful life but I guess it was just a dream. I was destined to live a tragic life. A life in which I will be trapped among the merciless creatures....... 'MONSTERS'. To add on to my misfortune I will be one of the monster's bride" - Bomi