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"Like a jigsaw puzzle, I need to find the last puzzle piece to complete the board." - Lu Han

A little thing called love.

Byrealitymuch updated
CharactersBomi, Luhan, Baekhyun
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 24 subscribers, 340 views, 8 comments

Luhan likes Bomi, but Bomi like Baekhyun and Baekhyun likes Bomi as well. The only problem is that, Baekhyun already has a girlfriend.      

I Need You

Bysoshiace9 updated
CharactersEunji, Naeun, Apink, etc
With8 chapters, 34 votes, 133 subscribers, 4590 views, 82 comments

Jung Eunji is a prodigy and a new clinical psychologist who has been assigned to a mental hospital. She isn't expecting much since she only joined the medical world to make her family happy. Her father is a renowned Endocrinologist, her mother is Pediatrician, her older brother is an Orthodontist, her older sister is a Cardiologist, her twin brother is an Immunologist and her younger sister is studying to be a

Fangirl Turned Ghost

Bykiminihana updated
CharactersA Pink, Infinite, Bomi, Dongwoo, Hoya, L, Eunji
With12 chapters, 4 votes, 73 subscribers, 2140 views, 75 comments

  What will happen when a fangirl becomes a ghost? And what happens when her favourite group are the only ones able to see her? One minute she's fangirling about Infinite on the way home and the next thing she knows: a car, unbearable pain and she's invisible. Will she use this as her advantage or will she be stuck on Earth as a ghost forever?

Wind, Wind, Wind

Bystateofrai updated
CharactersBomi, Junior, Baekhyun, Chorong
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 20 subscribers, 130 views, 1 comments

She was living in a paper plane that relies on the direction of the breeze. She goes to where it takes her, she flies even when feeling blue.  The other she neither speak nor look. Is she mute, terribly frightened or just plainly hanging in the air? He laughs when he's not sure and he doesn't even make an effort in anything that he does. All he knows i


Byasiancoupleloves updated
CharactersPark Chorong, Nam Woohyun, Yoon Bomi, Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Oh Hayoung, Son Dongwoon, Lee Minhyuk, Zelo, etc
With40 chapters, 4 votes, 89 subscribers, 5550 views, 41 comments

  Nam Woohyun was a playboy, the kingka of the school with hordes of girls chasing after him. He enjoys fooling around and toying with girls...until he met her.   Park Chorong was the new girl in town, having just transferred schools in order to escape the trauma of a tradgedy. Pur

you're so cute

Byfiezaa updated
Charactersbomi apink X Teddy spexial
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 110 views
StatusSubscribers Only

Bomi " i love u " Teddy " i also love u"

Puppy Love

Bynyniea updated
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 190 views, 5 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

                       Jinwoo♥Bomi   Pencinta si 'Puppy' yang diberi nama 'WooMi', Bomi suka sangat pada si WooMi yang manja. Bagaimana pula dengan Tuan si Woomi, Jinwoo!! Lelaki yang kacak, memiliki muka yang cute semulajadi(innocent la katakan) dan gentle terhadap semua pe


Bynicorobin updated
CharactersJongin, Bomi
With11 chapters, 35 votes, 146 subscribers, 123 comments

At age 14, Jongin’s life made a huge turn when he moved to a smaller town. At age 14, Jongin met her.   Starring:

Pink Peonies

By-Sharkbait updated
CharactersBomi, Jr. and more
With2 votes, 16 subscribers, 220 views, 4 comments

“Being proposed by the one you love is a dream; a wonderful one at that but it is the biggest decision one could make – committing yourself and sharing a life and future together with someone you’re absolutely certain you and your partner will love each other eternally. Or at least you think. Marriage is a scary thing, isn’t it? There are many expectations of one another and if you don’t meet them, what happens? As time goes on, many things will either change for the better or for the


Bynicorobin updated
CharactersYoon Bomi, male idols
With22 chapters, 30 votes, 144 subscribers, 6440 views, 154 comments

Collection of one-shots and drabbles, Bomi-centric, with various male idols (mostly EXO though), because I ship Bomi with everyone. This is just a simple getaway whenever I want to write about Bomi.  

Midnight Customer

ByHimlo_ko updated
CharactersYoon Bomi | Yoon Mirae | Oh Sehun | Yoon Doojoon | Bang Minah | watak-watak yang saya suka ! ^^
With7 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments

    Selepas menamatkan Sekolah Tingginya, Bomi mengalami dilema. Dilema sama ada dia mahu melanjutkan pelajarannya ataupun tidak. Jadi, sementara memikirkannya, Bomi bekerja sambilan di kedai makciknya, Mirae.

Art Museum

Bycaramalisedraisins updated
CharactersChorong, Bomi, rest of the Apink members.
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 440 views, 8 comments

HI! I'm back with a one shot! I will update this after I am done with the one shot, which is going to be soon! In this story, Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung are all students of the same age.          Thanks! xx

Are we just friends?

Bycaramalisedraisins updated
CharactersYoon Bomi, Park Chorong, Jung Eunji, APink Members
With17 chapters, 7 votes, 82 subscribers, 4080 views, 45 comments

Love happen when it is least expected. ChoMi will be leading the story, but I decided to put some EunJi in it, just to make it more interesting. Unnie Line FTW!

Phat Pursuit, Soft Surrender

ByMiYounGirL12 updated
CharactersLee Ji Eun
With5 chapters, 1 votes, 50 subscribers, 780 views, 9 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Slimming down into a Super Model Body is a girl's goal that's... sort of impossible to reach. Work out, Healthy Diet, Improper Diet, Pills, etc. An

I've Told You Now

Bymelodybeauty updated
CharactersKyungsoo, Bomi, Chanyeol, Chorong, Baekhyun
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 340 views, 3 comments

Kyungsoo doesn't believe in falling in love.

My School Life

Byggdorks updated
Tagsbomi exo eunji
CharactersJung Eunji, Yoon Bomi, EXO
With1 chapters, 10 subscribers, 140 views, 7 comments

This story is about Eunji's school life. From the beginning until the end. eh?

Future Diary

ByCottoncandylol updated
CharactersChorong, Bomi and many other people.
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 190 views, 5 comments

Chorong was a normal student that types her diary everyday on her phone about what happen at her surroundings. She has friends but she never wanted to join them for anything because she was scared of getting into trouble. Chorong has 2 imagenery friends. One is the god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, and the other one is its servant Muru Muru. On one day, Deus asked Chorong if she would like to ' play a game'. Chorong did not answer and the next morning, Chorong checked her diary

your not a girl???

Byfiezaa updated
Tagsbomi malay ren
Charactersyoon bomi apink X ren nuest
With4 chapters, 3 votes, 30 subscribers, 330 views, 5 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

         Yoon bomi,berumur 17 tahun. Seorang yang periang, suka wat kecoh. Dia ade group bernama apink (queenka).Semua pelajar hormat mereka, tak ade siapa pun berani cari pasal dengan mereka.          Pada suatu hari, kelas mereka didatangi oleh seorang pelajar baru bername ren. Pada pandangan pertama, bomi sudah benci dengan ren. Sebab bomi sukakan jaejoong, tapi jaejoong suka pada ren, itu buat bomi tak puas hati dan dia berpakat dengan member apink untuk buat hidup ren tak  ubah b

And It's All Because of You

Byrheechomii updated
CharactersYoon Bomi | Luhan | Apink | Exo | Many More
With20 chapters, 41 votes, 358 subscribers, 6760 views, 147 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

"Even if there's a 99% chance that you won't like me back, it's that 1% that keeps me going" As cliché as this might sound, I like someone..;but he doesn't like me back. Yet I find it hard to believe as to why I keep fighting, why I keep trying even if I always get hurt. Is it maybe because I know there's that hope

Be The Light

Bypink96 updated
Charactersjimin X bomi
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 20 subscribers, 220 views, 1 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only


The New Girl

Bygirlsgeneration- updated
CharactersChorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun.
With31 chapters, 33 votes, 197 subscribers, 8580 views, 177 comments

Acube Boarding School is an all girls Business school. It is the most prestigious and expensive High School in the country.  In this story, you will read about love, friends, and family. Yoon Bom

My Arrangement Married With My C.O.U.S.I.N

Bylittlevampire updated
Charactersv you jungkook bomi
With140 views
StatusSubscribers Only

                                                                            My Arrangement Married With My C.O.U.S.I.N    

Concert Tickets, Cold Beers, and Memories

By_noonim updated
CharactersChanyeol, Bomi
With3 chapters, 9 votes, 59 subscribers, 1010 views, 19 comments

Ten years ago, Bomi really wanted to watch G.O.D concert. Chanyeol said he would buy the ticket for her.  It was s


Byfiezaa updated
Characterschoi minho X yoon bomi
With1 votes, 12 subscribers, 130 views, 3 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Kisah tiga orang kawan baik yang berebut seorang perempuan.