Chapter 1: In The Attic

The Gifted One

Third Person's POV


She blows her bangs off her face as she tries to fiddle her fingers with lock.


It is the sound of that old treasure chest she's opening once again. It's been her favorite thing in this tiny attic so far, the antique box and the amazing things that she can find in that box. It seems magical sometimes, especially this thing right here that she's holding, an old yet quite beautiful music box.

It's nothing ordinary though. Instead of a regular square shape, it is in round circular shape and is decorated with gentle of swirls that resembles a vine. It is completely made out of brass and is shiny despite of it being antique.

A lock in the center attracts her attention, "that's right", she thought, she never really had the chance to open that music box, or would she call it that even if it isn't much of a box, oh well.

Grimacing slightly, she gently puts the unique thing aside and unto it's place in the treasure chest; she's utterly tempted to search for the key in there but nothinless stopped herself, she's done it a hundred times by now and still got no key. There's definitely no key in here somewhere isn't it?


"Neh~ Top oppa?"

"It's time to eat now little one, dinner's ready downstairs."

"Do we have chocolates for dessert?!", Sunny asked cutely with her eyes showing the same level of excitement as her voice.

Top chuckled at his little one's actions. She will never change, he thought.

"Of course little one, now come, your chocolates are waiting for you.", he said as he helped her descend down the stairs.

"You really are the best Top oppa!"

"Hmm.. Should I be happy with thy compliment little one?", Top said teasingly.

"Why of course oppa! Is there any reason not to?"

"Well, I AM the only person you know, so I don't think there's much to choose from little one.", Top tort back while chuckling, earning a pout from Sunny.

"Mehrong~", and with that, Sunny ran as fast as she can all the way down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Slow down little one!" , Top called out to Sunny whilst smiling at the sight of his little one running quite, cutely , if I say so myself.

He smiled once again. If only he can protect her forever in anything that can harm her, if only he can be sure of what comes ahead, if it were only possible to keep her from the world, IF, if only he can spare that innocence from the cruelty of what lies before them.

"Top oppa! You're too slow! Ppali!", Sunny called for him once again.

He gently smiles, walking in a faster pace than before.

No matter what it is, no matter what it takes, he WILL protect his little one. Even if it costs him his own life...





Hey guys, sorry for the late update, there was a complete blackout in here, the elecricity just came back so..yeah.. Sorry if this chapter seems like a filler. It's just I made chapter one as like an introduction to what the story would look like.. The real story would start at chapter two. So,see you then :))


p.s. Don't you just like how Top calls Sunny his little one? >//< I feel blushy coz of this.. and it's my own story.. LOL.. See guys next update..and I love you! :)) Enjoy..


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