The Gifted One


Sunny had always been an outcast, but little did she know , she's extremely special..






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Hey guys.. I know I haven't updated with my other fanfic.. It's just that..  I lost ideas on how to continue it.. I only thought of fluffs for it.. >//< I dont have any clear storyline for it.. I am so sorry.. So, I'll make it in hiatus for a while and start with this fanfic..... I'm so sorry.. I hope you understand.. And, with this sudden pairings, please dont get weirded out.. I just thought of pairing sunny with bigbang suddenly, coz ive been fancying jiyoungie recently.. I hope you like it.. Mianhe~ Gomawo~

p.s photos are not mine. just found them on google. credits to the owner~


Here she is again, inside of that old dusty attic. The only place she felt she belong.

Being an outcast, this is the only place she felt comfort.

"Sunny-ah~", somebody called her.

She knows that voice. The only voice she'd like to hear in this noisy world.

"Top oppa!"

"Aigoo, uri little bunny's here again. May I ask why is that?", he asked with a gentle voice while patting her head as he sat beside her.

Sunny slowly lifted her head and stared at the young man with watery eyes.

"Oppa.. Why am I ignored? Why am I being treated like an outcast? Am I ugly? Am I gross looking?"

"Aigoo little one, you are nothing like any of those.. You are a beautiful and amazing woman."

"Chincha oppa?"

"Of course. You are nothing but SPECIAL Sunny."

And with that, Sunny finally smiled that day...

chapter 3 is out :l) the title basically means ~nice to meet you~ by the way.. well, google says so.. bwahaha xD thank for your support and extreme patience!
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