Chapter 2: Reminiscing

The Gifted One

Third Person's POV


*clink *clunk

"Sunny? What are you doing little oneeeeeee?", the dark haired butler called to the young one as he stuck his head inside the room.

"Nothing oppa!", Sunny said almost immediately.

"Alrighty then, now please, stop playing with that music box of yours and go to sleep. Go on now, little one.", Top said with a palyful smirk in his face as he watch Sunny widen her eyes and drop the thing on the bed.

"I know everything Sunny, so don't go keeping things from me." , he said with a slight laugh, tapped her head and let her lay down to bed.

"Now, go to sleep little one."

"Hmm.. Okay.. Goodnight oppa."

"Goodnight little one.", he said back as he held the blanket upto her neck and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Top gingerly left and gave her one last look as he close the door with a smile.



"Sunny-ah, don't go too far okay?"

"Neh oppa!"

"And don't go running around else where! You are allowed only up at the orchard."


"Alright, now do be careful."

"I will!"

And with that, the young Sunny ran to the orchard.

She was always alone, but she doesn't mind, all she has to do is run around the wide orchard, look at some plants, pick the fruits that are just in there for her to take and maybe, dig up some hidden treasures her oppa would bury for her to find. She was easy to please, she's already happy despite being alone. But today might be a little different. 

"Uhm.. Hi..!" , a little handsome boy approached the little Sunny with a big smile on his face.

"Eh?!", the little girl, startled as she can be, only looked at the boy with wide blinking eyes and an open mouth. 

"My mom will be working here starting from today! And the owner of this house that I can play here! So, do you want to play with me?", the boy said with that sweet gigantic smile of his that seems to be forever sticking up his face.

"Uhm, uh.. "

"Hey! Why are you here by the way? Is your mom working too?"

"Uhm, no.."

"Eh?! Then why are you here? O.O"

"Well..That's because.."

"OH! OH! Where you lost? Poor you, come on! I'll help you get back!"

"No it's..."

"Don't be shy!!! I'll be your knight and shining armor for today!! Come on now!", he said as he held her hand and pulled her gently with him out of the wide orchard.

Little Sunny, with shock written all over her face, couldn't do anything but let herself be pulled by the hyperactive boy, it's not like she can talk much, I mean, he doesn't seem to let her do that either. But she needs to try, coz they are now heading to the gigantic gate and she knows well enough not to walk through that, not unless, she wants to get scolded by her oppa.

"Uhm! Wait!.", she said with a small voice but lest made the boy into a sudden hault.

"Yes?", the boy asked as he tilt his head to the side.

"Uhm, I'm not lost."

"Eh? If you're not lost and your moms not working here, then why are you here?"

"Well, this is my house.", she said shyly.

"Woah! Really?!", the boy asked while his eyes sparkle with amazement which earned a little nod by the shy girl.

"Wow, you're so cool! This place is amazing!"

"Kamsahamnida.", the girl said as she bowed lightly and blushed. Why you asked me? Well, theres no rule in the book that says a little girl can't blush.

"Hmm, too bad. I was hoping to play the prince though. But you don't seem to need help anymore.", he pouted.

"Well, we can still play pretend!", she said in an attempt to cheer him up.

"Really?! Would you like to play with me?!", he asked with that big smile again.

"Uh-huh!", she replied and finally, looking up to meet his eyes and smiled.

"Yey! Then, I'll be the prince! And you can be my princess!!", he yelled as he pulled her again and lead her back into the orchard and played like it was their very own kingdom and ruled it like they were real royalty.

They danced like they were in a real ball, held hands like they knew what they where doing, the "prince" protected her "princess" from the dragons that roam the kingdom, the "princess" saying "my hero" all over again and hugging like they knew what was that for. They spent the day together and it is the best day for the both. And just like any other day, the sun was about to set.

"Well, I think it's time to go home now. My mom would be looking for me now."

"Yeah, my oppa will be worried too, I guess we better leave now. bye bye!", she said as she waived cutely.



"Here! Take this! This willl be my gift to you.", the boy said as he took a round thing inside of his bag. 

"Really? You're giving this to me?"

"Of course. My dad is a tinker and he also makes things with brass.. He gave this to me last night, and I want to give it to you. Coz you're my special friend." he said with a smile.

"Thank you!!!", she said as she gave him a kiss on the cheeck as a return which made the boy grin boyishly and charmingly.

"Well, bye bye!!" and he started to run.

"See you!", she yelled as she waived goodbye but realized something.

"Hey wait!"


"I didn't get your name! Im Sunny by the way! What's you're name?"

"Heh, I forgot about that. Nice name Sunny! I'm Ji....."


"Sunny, Sunny.. Wake up little one. It's time breakfast already."

"Huh?", Sunny said sleepily as she rubbed her eyes cutely.

"Breakfast is served little one. Now go and clean yourself up. I'll be waiting for you downstairs okay?", her kind butler said as he helped her up and left.

She looked to her right and stared at the brass music box beside her. 

What was that about? 

That was some weird dream. And the thing the boy gave her, it seems familiar but the images were starting to blur in her memories. And the worst is she didn't get her his name. With minutes of pondering, she decided to just shook it all off and cleaned herself up.


It's not like dreams have some meaning right? There just dreams..






Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter. and sorry for the super late update. I'm just so busy I'm really sorry. I hope I don't disappoint you with this update. Next chapter will be Sunny in the present.

Let's take a sneak peek.

"Hey, you're that new girl everyone's talking about right? The one with the white hair?"

"Uhm, yeah.."


"You're so shy you know that?"


"Haha, there you go again. So cute."


"Move.. That's my seat."

"Oh, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to take you're seat."

"Just move.."



"You better be careful. I'm not going to save you next time."

"Im so sorry for the trouble and thank you so much for saving me."



There you go.. that's the sneak peek.. kekeke~ See ya!! :))


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