Suāve tē cognōscere est

The Gifted One

Third Person's POV


"Little one.. You should wake up now..", the tall butler says as he gently shakes the sleeping girl's shoulders.


"Little one... Wake up now. It's the start of your semester. You don't want to be late on your first day of school do you?"

Top says once again with full patience as he sits beside Sunny with the latter still not opening her eyes.

He sighed.

"Little one, I know you're awake.", he said as he looms over her sleeping figure that shocked Sunny, whom automatically opened her eyes.

"Eh?! How'd you know oppa?!", Sunny asked with her eyes wide.

"I know you little one.. Now, what I want to know is why would pretend to be asleep. Are you trying to skip school?", Top says as he eye her whilst raising a brow.

"Well..", Sunny started her speech as she fiddle with her fingers.

"Well what , little one?"

"Im.. Im scared to go to school oppa."

"Is that it again? ", Top asks Sunny with a gentle voice while Sunny kept her head down, still fiddling her fingers.

"Mianhe oppa.. I , I just , I dont want.. *sigh , oppa, what if they don't like me? What if they hate me too? Like the others." , Sunny says as her eyes get teary.

Top sighs as he went closer to Sunny and held her head over his shoulder.

"I've told you before little one, what they say and think of you doesn't matter, what's important is how you view yourself. And besides, you're beautiful, and that comes from a man of standards! So you better believe that you are! Now, don't ever, ever feel inferior ever again. Okay?"

Sunny smiles and hugged Top tightly.

"Yes oppa! Thank you."

"Alright! Now go freshen up, you have a school to go to."




Sunny found herself standing at HUGE gate of the school..

She stood there starstrucked at the sight. She might be living in a big mansion, but this school is just,, well.. unimaginable. Totally humongous!!


She took a huge breathe and exhaled loudly as she started to walk along the covered path of her new university.

'YAH! Watch where you're going you weirdo!" ,  a same age girl yelled as Sunny accidentally bumped her.

"Omo, joesonghabnida.." , Sunny said startled and slightly scared as she bowed multiple times..

"Psh. Just get out of the way." , the girl rudely retorts as she push Sunny aside and walked off.

Aigoo.. Sunny thinks as she start to walk again to her class. Her oppa had already showed her the ways to the school a day before so that she wot get lost.

After of what seemed like a thousand steps, Sunny comes across the door of her classroom. Slowly, she turned the doorknob open and shyly proceded to the chair at the back while trying her best to ignore the judging stares that went to her.

She exhaled softly as she finally reached her destination only to inhale it all again sharply as boy with a cute smile and suddenly yelled in her face,

"Hey, you're that new girl everyone's talking about right? The one with the white hair?" , he asked cheerfully that Sunny fidled her fingers awkwardly.

What? Does news really travel this fast? , she thought.

"Uhm, yeah?.."  , she replied unsure.

"You're so shy you know that?" , another boy with a friendly smile said as he sat beside her. He and the other seems to know each other, Sunny says in her mind.

"Uhm...", she humms awkwardly. I mean, she's basically alone her entire life, so it's pretty awkward and shocking for her that "people" are actually talking to her. 

"Haha, there you go again. So cute.", the second boy said as he giggled a bit. Oh wow, boys actually giggle too? -she thought and sarcastically answered herself with an -of course they do! They're human Sunny!

"Aigoo.. You're already flirting with her? She's just new Seungri-ah..", the first teasingly said to his friend that lead to the second boy, or well, Seungri to blush fifty shades of red- kidding, just forty-nine tis all.

"Yah! I was not Daesung hyung! Aish!!", Seungri yelled defensively, obviously embarrassed due to his hyung's sudden conclusion.

"Bwhahah.. I was just teasing, but your reaction gave it all off. You dug you're own grave Gri baby.. haha"

"Psh.. It's not like you did not find her pretty either .. " , Seungri mumbled lightly under his breath as he take a silent (and secretive) to Sunny once again whose actually staring at them wide-eyed, showing off just how innocent she is at the moment, well, just plain innocent period.

Damn, she's cute. He thought to himself as he blushed lightly, an act that wasn't left unnoticed by his hyperactive hyung.

Daesung smiled lightly as his cute dongseang. Aigoo, still so innocent in love, uri little Seungri, he thinks. And despite teasing his beloved dongseang, he actually finds the new girl cute himself.

 "Move.. " , a deep but sultry voice said as the three people end their staring game- if I'll call it.

"I'm sorry , what?", Sunny asked nervously as she found that the boy's words were directed to her.

"Move. That's my seat.", the boy said once again.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to take you're seat.", Sunny says embarrassed as she gather her things as fast as she can.

"Just move..", he says one last time as he took the seat once Sunny was done taking her things and moved to the other chair.


Seungri and Daesung both looked at her and smiled lightly, a smile that she reciprocated, a smile that lead the two blushing madly and tuned their heads abruptly.

They are so nice~ Sunny thinks in her innocent mind.

Not later on, their teacher had arrived and asked Sunny to introduce in front in which she had done, shyly with a lot of stutters. But it's okay she thinks, they don't seem to care anyway. Not quite sure if it's a positive or a negative thing. She was a bit happy though, as she sees  Daesung and Seungri listen to her attentively like she's saying something so interesting. Even the boy whom she mistakely took a seat listens to her. It's first time someone had taken interest in what she's saying. And they're friendly too!! Well, both Seungri and Daesung at least.


She immediately came back to her seat once she was done introducing herself and sat quitely, preparing to listen to her teacher.

"My name's Taeyang by the way.", the boy suddenly says without looking at her.

"Oh.. Uhm, it's a cool name. Im Sunny.", she replied with a shy smile at Taeyang who's still not looking at her.

"I know, you just introduced yourself."

"Oh, right. Uhm. OK."

And the conversation was ended with that. She's smiling though. He seemed to be a bit cold on the outside, but he's actually nice.


Time passed and Sunny found herself lost in the corridors of her new school. 

She was just about to go to her next room when she suddenly felt the want to eat something sweet.

Aigoo~ Look  where your gluttony has got you now Sunny! _she scolds herself.

She was frantically looking around when she accidentally bumps with an unknown schoolmate.

"OMO! Im so sorry!!!!"

"Well, well. Who do we have here?", a boy with an intimidating aura eyed her down while smirking.

"Uhm.. Deh..", she answered slightly scared.

"Well? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in classes right now?"

"I... Ac..actually Im..."

"My My.. So the transfer student's quite the naughty type eh?", he says once again as he comes closer to Sunny.

"No! I was just lost. I forgot where the classrooms are!", she replied slightly trembling now. The guy was scary and his actions towards her weren't helping her.

"Uhm.. Im gonna go look for my classroom now.", she says once again as she slowly walks out of the scene.

"Oh no you aren't!", the guy exclaims as he pull her fast and drags her forcefully to who-knows-where.

"Wait! Let go!", she yells as her eyes start to tear up, but the guy doen't seem to hear a thing. She is scared and completely helpless.


"What do you think are you doing?", another guy says as he held Sunny's other arm.

Thank goodness! Sunny breathed deeply as she start to pull her arm out of the firts guys hold.

"Now, If I were you, I'll let go. You definitely know what I'm capable of.", her saviour said once again with a rather calm expression.

She heard the guy "tsked" as he let go of his hold in her arm and walked off.


She sighed loudly and faced her saviour.

"You better be careful. I'm not going to save you next time.", he says as he turns his heel to leave.

"Im so sorry for the trouble and thank you so much for saving me.", Sunny says and bowed her head.


When she raised her head to thank him once again and to ask for his name, she has found him already quite far away from her.

Wow, he sure is fast. Who could that man be? She's completely thankful though..










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