Out of Reach


When Kwon Jiyong snaps from his eternal partying and drinking only to find out he has lost something precious.


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aestaengsic #1
Chapter 1: Sequel please? Kkkkkk i'm so curious
Movie91 #2
Chapter 1: The reason why Tae left him is still a mystery?! Hmmmm
midnight-writer97 #3
Chapter 1: I'm really, really wondering what he might've done to her... Could it be that he...perhaps slept with Tiffany? Taeyeon's best friend? Or something worse even? (Not that I believe there can actually be much worse than that...) Anyway, I really liked reading your story! And I thought it was hilarious that you took Sehun as her new boyfriend XD
P.S. Great job!
Jeno042000 #4
Chapter 1: Really love your style of writing.
Chapter 1: But what jiyong did to taeng?? I really want to know.. It's too unforgivable or too horrible for taeng??
tynwangjanim #6
Chapter 1: What did Taeyeon tell GD? Let us know please! TT
Chapter 1: Wtf. You should write more! We need this kind of stories. Daebak! :D
Chapter 1: Beautiful, but at the same time sad story, I confess I like happy endings, but well.. sometimes is good to read someting different. I really loved this one!

Thank you Author-nim!
albioo #9
Chapter 1: Such mystery and beautifully detailed story.
Chapter 1: Huhu! I've been wanting to know what he did whike reading the story. Another chapter please!