Don't You Worry 'Bout Me


Technically, Jeno was aware that the relationship between his two close friends was none of his business. And that if it really came down to it, he’d known a certain Na Jaemin for far longer than he had his cute, little boyfriend – for more than 10 years now – so there was no reason for him to think badly of his best friend.

But Jeno had always prided himself on being a good, just friend for everyone, especially guys as soft-hearted as Huang Renjun.


A/N: I FORGOT I HADN'T POSTED THIS HERE YET HELP. So here we go! I actually posted this in ao3 in August but forgot completely to post it here too. My bad.

tw // cheating accusations, make-out sessions, implied ual content in the end (aka boyfriends going to off-screen)

!! platonic noren !! established renmin !! no actual cheating !! jeno's just trying to be a good friend !! nohyuck if you squint !!

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