Boom, Bloom, Blossom


Growing up and finding yourself was never easy, but figuring out life between all the bruises, the blurred lines of friendship, and the threat of losing everything you were working so hard for? Even harder.


⚠️⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️⚠️

cursing, mentions of physical abuse, abusing family, child neglect, (mostly) off-screen violence, bruises, sports injuries, societal pressure, disapproving parents, stress, anxiety, depression, homophobia, internalized homophobia (kinda?), low self-esteem issues, people that need therapy for real, poor coping mechanisms

[tags may be added as we go on]

This story also contains lots of fluff, friendship, growing up, self-discovery, friends to lovers trope, polyamory and one (?) gay awakening


A/N: !!!!!! Be mindful of the tags !!!!!!

Even if I've tried to make it less in-your-face and more subtle instead of graphic descriptions of on-screen violence, this story does contain an abusive family and both physical and emotional abuse even if it isn't explicitly shown. It is heavily implied and referred to with visible injuries and repercussions on mental health and well-being. The amount of it varies depending on the chapter, but it is a running, constant theme and present in every chapter, so be mindful of that.

I tried to keep it as light as I could with all the issues implied and shown in this story, so I really don't think it's /that/ bad. I really just have to warn about all the topics this story contains in case it's triggering to someone. But seriously, if you have problems or sensitivity with any of these themes mentioned, maybe it's in your best interest not to read this.

Be careful, be safe. That's the most important thing.


Enjoy! ♡

I lost one of the chapter drafts.... thankfully it wasn't one of the completed drafts but it's still a heavy loss in my opinion. I was so close to finishing the story, only needing the editing and somehow I made a mistake, sob


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