Chapter One

Black Strings

chapter one : day one

I tried my best to ignore what was happening and slept. Half awake i was, i constantly heard the horrible arguments my parents was having at the front seat. Appa was driving, one hand on the steering wheel while another on his forehead. He messed up his hair and the wrinkles on his forehead appeared more obvious, showing signs of frustration. 

I was only a four year old girl who ties hairs into two pigtails and wears pink dresses with lacy socks therefore i couldn't understand two third of their argument. But minimiumly, i could infer how angry they were by their tone. Omma was almost screaming while Appa tried to block out whatever she was splurting out labering them as nonsense.

"YEOBO, LOOK OUT!" Omma screamed almost breaking my ear drums, that was when i shoot open my eyes and the next thing i knew was the constant flickering of light from a black Mercedes, the sound of the ambulance and the sound of a little child crying.

I woke up with beads of sweat and could feel the wetness of my shirt. Why would the dream suddenly appear? 

I yawned and stretched before rubbing my eyes. It was then i caught the sight of the time, '7:02am', i blinked.


i cannot be late for the first day of school it will definitely leave a bad impression. I washed up as fast as i could, took my bag and ran out of my room.


"Omma! Why didnt you wake me up?" I frowned jokingly.


"Well, you looked a bit pale so i thought why not let you sleep more ? keke" She said while giggling abit before continuing "Are you alright now?"

I immediately thought of the dream yet i brushed it away as equally fast. "Its nothing! Im going right now, bye!"

That was the morning of my first day in my new school.

I arrived at school, fortunately on time. I dugged out the piece of information paper from the insides of my bag. 

"Are you new here?" Someone popped out from the back and asked me. 

I jumped back, startled with widened eyes. "Who are you and what do you want?!" My instinct immediately kicked in. 

Once i realized it was a girl, i calmed down and watch her laugh at my reaction. Embarrassed, i stuttered, "ye-yeah im n-new." 

"My name is Soojung. Park SooJung." She smiled and offered her hand. "Nice to meet you."

I nodded and gave a slight smile. "Im MinHee. Call me Min, i like it more." And finally i took in a deep breath and shook her hand.


Almost immediately, a sparkle appeared on her left pinky which turned into a form of yellow light. I knew what was coming so i pretended not to notice but no matter how many times it happens, i couldn't help but be amazed. As fast as it disappeared, a bright red string appeared tied onto her pinky. And soon another maroon colored string appeared.


If you didnt know, this is my life, a part of my life not known to anyone. It's like a fantasy television show except in this case it isn't. I can really see strings. All i need is someone telling me her name including the fact she does not have a hostile feeling towards me. And then, two different colored strings will appear mysteriously. 

"Can i see your schedule?"

"Yeah sure." I unfolded the piece of paper and gave it to her. 

She inspected it for a minute and suddenly she brightened up. "Hey, we are in the same class!! Let's go together while i can also take you around." Smiling, she was easily read as feeling excited. "It's so nice to have a new student once in a while." 

"Sorry to bother, but im a little hungry right now..." I said with an awkward expression and as if on cue, the grumbling of my stomach appeared. Wellllll, It is my fault for not eating breakfast before leaving house. 

Her eyebrows furrowed and again she laughed. She keeps on laughing, it feels nice. "Let's go. I will introduce you to my group of friends." And she grabbed my hand and hauled me lightly towards the cafeteria.


As soon as i stepped into the cafeteria, i could smell the freshly baked waffles and muffins. The sound of chatterings everywhere. "What do you want to eat?"

Soojung voice broke my train of thoughts. "Hmm, waffles!! Chocolate ones!!" I said with a tinge of excitment, like hell i love chocolate sooo much.

"Since it's your first day, i shall treat you your first meal!" She smiled again. Laughing for the first time today, i nodded. I think i made my first friend.

After purchasing the waffles, we walked to the table that her group of friends sat at. She explained to me without me asking that every clique sits at different tables. I was half listening because i saw someone walked through the doors of the cafeteria.

The cafeteria turned half silent as girls started to whisper among themselves with shy smiles on their faces. 

"Oppa is so handsome omo"
"He looks perfect."
"Will he turn and look at us today?"

A student with a high ponytail holding a can of coke appeared infront of him. "Oppa, this is for you!" 

"Really? Thankyou." With a brief smile, he took the can of coke and continued walking.

I can't help but be curious.

"Soojung ah, who is that?"

"Him? Yoon JeongHan." She casually replied as we continued walking towards our table and i followed without any doubts.

But as soon as i realized that he was walking to the same table as we were, i turned to SooJung. 

"What is he doing here?"

"What do you mean? He's a part of our group." 

Before i could reply, SooJung called out.
"Guys, i met the new transfer student!!" She clapped her hands in excitment. 

I came crushing back into reality when everyone started cheering and smiling. Before i could ask them to slow down, they started introducing themselves. I knew i always had hard times recognizing people so i made an effort to point out various unique features to remember their names better.

"Hello i'm Soonyoung!" Well, he is the only guy who had blonde hair so check.

"Welcome to deeeeeeeeee clique, my name is Seokmin." This guy had a huge smile and he seem tanner so check.

"Mingyu" The tallest guy suddenly said, bowing. Everyone turned their heads and stared at him awkwardly. This one should be easy to remember. I laughed silently.

"Dumb, shes not chinese." The guy with the black hair and a cap said. "Well, im Wonwoo." He had a deeper voice which was really easy to recognize.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Myung Ho." This guy had silver hair and big eyes, yet he sounds so polite.

"Annyeonghaeseyo, it is nice to meet all of you too. My name is Min Hee but i prefer Min. I just transferred here so please take care of me." I smiled and bowed. Yellow sparkles, white light started to appear everywhere.

"Well, i was just testing out chinese that Myung Ho taught me." Mingyu pouted, feeling accused but he nudged the guy who tied his brown hair into a low ponytail.

He mumbled to himself something incoherent when Mingyu nudged him. He blinked repeatedly as he stared at me, his face showing a complex emotion.

But he quickly shooked his head and bowed politely as a apology. "My name is Jeonghan. Welcome to our school." Ending with a soft smile.

I was about to ask them where was the washroom when i suddenly realize... 

Nothing happened when he introduced himself.

In the 13 years of my life, i have never met someone who had no strings. None who had no fated one. 

How could this happen?

Everyone should have a fated one.

I continuously stared at him until Soo Jung grabbed my hand. "Are you okay?" She asked. 

Jeong Han was laughing away with his friends as Wonwoo continued to tease Mingyu with the situation just now. He didn't stand out, he doesnt seem different. So why are there no strings attached!?

"Yeah, im alright. Where is the washroom?" I quickly put on a reassuring smile and once Soo Jung gave me directions. I left without hesitation.

He must be hiding a secret.

And I'm going to find it out.





Author's note:


Sorry it took super long because I had to discuss the plot with my friend ;-; I posted the foreword without thinking because Ithought no one would subscribe AHHAHAHA so I'm trying not to disappoint you guys. this chapter might not be good but I tried my best :)

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Chapter 2: this fic is so interesting hope u update soon,its a nice one,i love the story plot
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