Chapter Two

Black Strings

Two days passed by since i started attending my new school, but i have been non-stop thinking about Jeonghan and the fact that he doesn't have red or maroon strings attached. It may not seem like i care, but i spent a whole night researching on strings of fate. 




According to Chinese legend, the deity in charge of "the red thread" is believed to be Yue Xia Lao (月下老), often abbreviated to Yue Lao (月老), the old lunar matchmaker god, who is in charge of marriages.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmate or a destined flame.

It has not yet to happen but no one has claim to be able to see the red strings. This should be normal as the identity of their fated ones are to be kept a secret and only revealed when the apple is riped. However, there may be instances where a certain trigger may lead a string to lose its visibility to the lunar gods. For a string to lose it's visiblilty temporarily may be because that one's fated one is unconscious or because one does not believe in love and has no thoughts of romance. 


After the research, i had came up with several conclusions.


Number 1, Jeonghan hates me

Number 2, Jeonghan has an unconscious girlfriend 

Number 3, Jeonghan does not believe in love




"Hey! Why are you zoning out for?" Soojung nudged me with her elbow. I quickly returned to reality and faced her with a reassuring smile.


It was lunch time and we still sat at the same table. Obviously, i was sitting with Soojung as she munched on her sandwich. Wonwoo and Mingyu was playing a game of chopsticks while Soonyoung, Seokmin and Jeonghan was talking about a upcoming competition. 


I eyed Jeonghan as he continued being oblivious to the tension im building up from thinking too much. Turning to Soojung, she widened her eyes at my sudden action. "Is there any way that Jeonghan dislikes or hmm hates me?" I pretended to be nonchalent about it by munching on the chocolate chips cookies. 


She stopped eating and raised her eyebrows, apparantly shocked and confused. "Mhm. I do not think so. That was weird of youu to ask. He is not the type to hate on people you know?" She finished with a glance at Jeonghan who was still clueless about our conversation.


"Guys, let's bet. The pair who loses will offer to buy drinks for all of us." Mingyu happily claped his hands and grabbed everyone's attention. The whole clique sat in silence as they waited for Mingyu to continue.


"Bet on?" Wonwoo finally asked what everyone was waiting for.


The poor guy blinked in confusion in return. "Bet on what?" "Ah...." Mingyu was stuttering and lost for words.


"Dumb." The one with the grey beanie sighed once again and continued, "Since the dumb one suggested a bet without knowing what to bet on, i will say that we bet on......." He arched his eyebrows as he looked around, semi-glared at the latter.


As if a idea lightbulb had been lit up above Wonwoo head, he brightened up and said, "Minghao's grade on the recent chemistry test!" 

At the mention of his name, his head was up from the korean textbook on the table which he was studying. His face was confused for a second before he finally comprehended the situation. "Why me?" His innocent eyes widened.


Minyu scoffed, "Oh, that's such a good idea huh?!" Rolling his eyes with a huge drop of sarcasm. Now i see why they are named as the 'one true pairing'. I secretly chuckled.


"Hey! That's actually a cool idea, we all know how smart Minghao is!" Hoshi exclaimed with excitement. Wonwoo highfived Hoshi after he finished glaring at the poor Mingyu.


I was the only one with a disadvantage because i only knew Minghao for 2 days and the only thing i know about him is that he is from China. I had a apparant frown on my face when i randomly said out the answer as the rest was discussing and obviously blazing with confidence. "B minus." Everyone at the table stared at me with a confused expression. 


"Didn't Hoshi just said that Minghao is super smart?" Soojung asked in curosity. "Of course i heard it, but his teacher is the same as mine so i kinda know his standards." I kept it short incase i blurt out any nonsense. Fortuntely, the others took it as nothing happened and returned to shout out their answers one by one. 


Wonwoo and Mingyu shouted a "A" at the same time, Hoshi exclaimed out a "A minus" while Seokmin and Soojung agreed on "A plus" . All that was left was Jeonghan's answer. He looked like he was deep in thought for a moment when he blurted out, "B." 



This guy might not be as smart as i thought.


"why not try somthing different?" That was all that he said with a smile. 


Minghao chuckled quietly as everyone anxiously waited for his answer. "I got Bminus!" 


"Yay I Wo-" Mingyu stopped and stared at Minghao, not beliving his ears. "Are you serious?!" Minghao nodded with a sly smile and added, "The Chemistry was in korean and it was hard to understand with all the new terms so..." Hoshi slouched after he found out that his confidence went to waste. 



"But we can't have 5 people buy drinks right? That kind defeats the purpose! I guess we have to let the two winners to take up the offer instead!" Seokmin smirked and congratulated me and Jeonghan.


This sly little bastard.


I turned to Soojung with a confused expression. How could they do that when i had a huge disadvantage at the start? A frown started to climb up onto my face and i was about to protest when Jeonghan spoke. "Alright. For today only." He laughed as the table exploded with cheers and thank yous. He stood from the table and left without waiting for my response. 


"How rude." But i sighed and followed silently behind.



I was watching his firm back as he walked with hands in both pockets. He was wearing ripped jeans with a white pullover and a high pony tail to match it all. I sighed again for the nth time and continued walking until i bumped into something.


"Ouch!" I cried.


"You need to watch where you are going. We reached the vending machine." He claimly said, ignoring the fact that i was 'injured'. How is this not the atitutde of someone disliking me?



He inserted the cash into the machine and pressed 8 buttons all together. When i realized what was happening, i widened my eyes and stopped him. "Both of us are suppose to chip in, i can't let you pay by yourself!" I don't usually hate but one thing i really hate is owing people.



"You are not suppose to be here remember? Thought you wanted to protest?" He had a smirked on as he bent down to take out the bottles of drinks that was just dispended.  "But I-" "Stop, it's alright. Take it as a welcome treat. You can always pay me back." He had a warm expression on, he looked sincere and was talking from the bottom of his heart. It felt weird. Because i felt something was gone from his expression moments ago, it felt like, a mask was taken off. 



I pouted at his words, i have this strong feeling that i wil never win against him. "Fine. I treat you to bubbletea after school then." I was ready to tell him where to meet and what time when his facial expression tightened. "Pay me back next time when i need it. No after school trips are needed." He was completely a different person and it looked like he was distancing himself from me eventhough he warmed up seconds ago. He had a forced smile on as he passed me 3 bottles to hold. 


The pit of my stomach felt weird as i tried to comprehend what just happened. Did he just reject me? 



As everyone was busy devouring their free drinks, i took the chance and asked Soojung once more, "Where does Jeonghan go usually after school?" She looked as confused as she did when i asked the first question, "Er, home? Why?" 


"So he doesnt usually go out with friends?"


"Nope. Why are you asking questions about him?"


"It's nothing."


He must be hiding something. For someone who has all these close friends, they have to hang out after school or something. But why did he sound like it was a rule to not include friends in after school activities at all? He sounded like he doesn't hate me but looking at him now, he doesnt even acknowledge my existence.




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Chapter 2: this fic is so interesting hope u update soon,its a nice one,i love the story plot
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