Pizza and Other Cheesy Things


It all started when Jisoo accidentally said 'I love you' to the pizza boy on the other end of the line. 


Featured on August 5, 2015!!!


This is supposed to be oneshot #5 for the oneshot once a day challenge of mine... But I am cheating, sort of, because I am really into Jihan so I decided to make a chaptered story instead. //shot head over there for more information about other things~

Prompt: order.
So order can be interpreted in a lot of ways, like it could mean peace and order, and well I decided to go one of the other ways: the best way, which is ordering food.
Which means this is a PizzaBoy!AU slash University!AU and is pretty much inspired by various other fics I have read from the same AUs (like this one!!!), and also by the whole joke thing about accidentally saying "I love you" before hanging up on the phone and yes. 

check here for extra author's notes on this story! (until chapter 4 because afterwards I got tired editing it there welp)

Also officially the first chaptered fic I finished + now comes with a spin-off/sequel ft. the Meanie couple!
Check it out here!


quick notes before you read:
> I did not use their stage names! So if ever you're unaware of their actual names:
Joshua - Jisoo / Vernon - Hansol / (Jeonghan = Junghan) / Jun - Junhui / S.Coups - Seungcheol / The8 - Minghao / Woozi - Jihoon / Hoshi - Soonyoung / DK - Seokmin / Dino - Chan
((TYVM Mingyu, Wonwoo, Seunggwan for sticking to your real names))
> how they look is based on their looks in their debut teasers 
> 95-97liners are the same age, 98-99 are the same age (which means only Hansol, Seunggwan, and Chan are actually younger) 
> mainly features Jisoo x Junghan, but includes Mingyu x Wonwoo as a slight side pairing
> not beta'd so there are probably some mistakes here and there, I'll fix it when I remember to //shot





New cover thanks to : mina_lee of eoreum art studio! I love it, thank you!


by @_jerrybean on Twitter!


by @jeonbuns_00 on Twitter!




I do hope you enjoy thiiiiis. For more Jisoo x Junghan (and other pairings) check here!

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Chapter 18: This was so cute! I literally was smiling the entire time. Their so cute <3
Chapter 7: so hi date? that escalated quickly skdkdkk
Chapter 5: omg the authors note tho ,, im happy youve been with seventeen since the start <3 im somehow new to the fandom i started listening to them last 2017 and i regret for being kinda late
Chapter 3: screams
Chapter 2: 'you will enjoy the looks of him' SJDHSJOMG
Chapter 1: i can imagine hansol's gummy smile when he was laughing at jisoo sjdjsjj
ill read this soon it looks cute uwu
Chapter 13: This FF is really sweet! I think it's funny how Jisoo's mind glitched in the first chapter and he automatically ended the call with 'I love you' because of how occupied with everything else his mind was.
It was really sweet to see all of JiHan's friends help them get together and I really love Jun's character here and I hope the best for him and Minghao as well (Minghao was such a sweety!)
I really have to try a bacon and cheese pizza at some point, it sounds fabulous!
The individual pizza decorations were really cute, too. I'm really happy for Jisoo and Jeonghan to have gotten together in the end and also how it happened again in the middle of the night, I think it's so cool that you pick up things from the first chapters (like here the first paragraph in the first and the last chapter and having both of them go in a paralell way fit quite well, too, in my opinion). Also, the end where Jeonghan was the delivery boy was so cute!!
Thank you very much for sharing this with us~
I really enjoyed reading this! I'll definitely be reading your other works. xD
Chapter 13: I literally screeched in my dorm as I was reading this, and my roommate looked at me like I was so crazy. Btw, this is not even a lie: This story basically happened to me last week. It's exam time and I was up at 1 in the morning making pizzas at my part-time job, and someone calls in, I pick up the phone, take their order, and before hanging up, they say "I love you, I'll talk to you later" and I was like "Omg, that's so cute" and I asked him out the next day after something similar too the story happened. I'm so done. This is sooooo weird. XDD