do you ever?

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Park Sunghoon goes through the motions of falling in love without much thought.


originally written october of last year, but posted only on ao3, felt like sharing it here too

i've been trying to write something since before i-land finished but i was also in such a big writing slump and got nothing but half-written drafts done. i told myself i'd write an i-land / enhypen fic though because i love the show and all the trainees so much and here i finally am!!! while this one features just the enhypen boys, i'm hoping to find time to write another fic that features more i-land bbs (EUIJOO...)

i'm not sure what their current hair colour is atm, but i'm manifesting blonde jay.

despite writing for years, i felt kinda rusty (??) with this one, but i hope u enjoy~

title from chamber 5 (dream of dreams).



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sztsuri #1
Chapter 1: ok but how good was this written?! Like damn, I rlly loved it 😭 its so cute like I died.
Thank you for writing such a masterpiece <33
Chapter 1: ♥♥♥♥