The Perfect Scene

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Ever since he could remember, Yang Jeongin could see the red string of fate. It was an ability that had caused him his fair share of troubles in life, but by far the biggest of all came in the form of his soulmate. Try as he may to stop himself from falling too hard and too quickly, it was only a matter of time before Jeongin got swept up in the whirlwind that was Hwang Hyunjin.


I'm doing it. A chaptered Hyunin fic to fulfill my self-indulgent Hyunin needs, although I still have a lot of other stuff to finish so like with all my chaptered stuff: knowing me, it's not gonna be regularly updated, but it will be finished, everything depends on my mood and availability tbh. I love soulmate au's so here's my take on one for Hyunin. It's my first time using the red string of fate concept though, so I hope I can execute it well enough. I'm doing Minsung as a side ship because it's about soulmates and they literally call each other soulmates too, how could I not? ♡


Some more information:
Seniors: Chan, Woojin
Juniors: Minho, Changbin
Sophomores: Hyunjin, Jisung, Felix, Seungmin
Freshman: Jeongin


Title taken from Mercy Mercedes' song of the same name!
(Contrary to how the poster looks, it's not entirely angsty at all, I promise)





Originally posted on just AO3; recently uploaded here on AFF!
Fanfic Directory: Here!


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Chapter 5: What a cute story, I'm really glad I found this~!
Thank you for writing! I'm curious to see how things go for them all~♡
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Chapter 5: Ok I know I'm one day late, but happy 1st anniversary stays!
I remembered this story and thought I'd read it again~
Seungmin you clingy baby :D
Chapter 5: Awww Jeongin is such a cutie T-T uwu
I hope Hyunjin takes him seriously and doesn't hurt him :(
I have told you countless other times in your other fics lol but I really
do like your writing style, it's... refreshing??? lol I am really loving the
chapters you have posted so far! Can't wait to see what Hyunjin and
Jeongin will do on their tour (read: date) lol
songhaneulricky #8
Chapter 5: Wahhh...this story really good. I'm really really excited reading it. So cute I.N and Hyunjin~~I waiting for the next chapter...fighting!
Chapter 5: I am such a er for red string au's. This is good so far, really looking forward to following this. Thank you for your hard work!