MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from

"L-Let go of me.", Dara's voice croaked as she tried to wiggle free. She was hyperventilating from nervousness and the scenarios playing in her head are not helping either. The other customers already fled and she's hoping that at least one of them have already called help.

"You're trying to call the police, aren't you?", the big thug accusingly said. He stared at her and scrutinized her face, then a big smile formed on his lips as though he found his treasure.

"NO! I'm just about to leave!", she shook her head frantically while her eyes widened in fright. The brawl is still ongoing as she was being held captive by the man - who is actually the leader of the gang of loansharks trying to get their money from the runaway gamblers seated at the table near hers. It was just an unfortunate timing for Dara to be in that place at the wrong time. What's more unfortunate is that the loanshark leader is recently advancing in prostritution business, and Dara has just the perfect face and skin.

"You're leaving? Alone? But there are a lot of bad guys out there. Why don't you just come with me instead?", the man smirked at her, making her skin crawl.

"No, please. I'm not calling the police. I don't even know those guys. Just let me go. Let me go!", Dara was on the verge of panic as she tried to reason out with the hooligan that she's not associated with the group of guys at the next table, who are currently being beaten up by the loansharks.

The man looked at the almost lifeless group of gamblers who borrowed money from them and ran away. He also found the unconscious bodies of the bar's security staffs scattered on the floor.

"Boss, those ba$tards said they will return the money they borrowed plus interest next week", one of his men informed him.

"Take one of them as collateral. If the full amount is not returned, kill the collateral. And we're going to hunt them one by one", he said.

From the exchange of conversation, it finally dawned on Dara that the group of thugs are loansharks. She can't believe that she's in the middle of something that never in her wildest dreams did she imagine will ever happen to her.

Indescribable fear enveloped Dara as the leader's eyes turned to her.

"And we're taking Miss Beautiful with us as well. I bet she'll look more beautiful inside the Aquarium."
(Writer's note: Aquarium - squared glass rooms where the guests can see the and they will pick which one they like)

Dara's terrified shrieks filled the bar as she tried to forcibly free herself from the firm grasp of the leader. Tears started falling from her eyes as she helplessly held onto anything so as not to be taken away by the crooks. Her pitiful cries as she struggled were just laughed at.

Then...the door opened.

GD entered while lighting the cigarette dangling on his lips. He slowly walked towards Dara's direction as he blew some smoke and stepped over some bodies scattered on the floor without taking his gaze away from her.

All the thugs fell silent as they watched his every move. Their street instinct tells them that this stranger is not someone they can easily mess up with.

"Bar is closed, my friend. Go get your beer somewhere else", the man gripping Dara's wrist remarked.

"I'm not here for the booze.", GD replied as he took another puff from his cigarette.

"I'm here to fetch my girlfriend"


It all happened in a blur.

GD flicked his cigarette to the leader's face causing him to let go of Dara while spouting curses. He then drove the heel of his palm on his chest, making the man gag, and delivered an elbow strike as a finishing touch.

The other thugs were already running towards him but GD already anticipated this. He kicked one of the chairs to block their path and striked the nearest opponent. Dara screamed his name when a bottle was thrown at him. He punched the bottle in midair breaking it into big shards of glasses and swiftly caught one of the shards then he threw it to the thug's shoulder.

His offensive and counter attacks are both deadly. The enemy's offense becomes his own. His movements are minimal but effective, no actions are wasted. GD's fighting style is evidently a hybrid of martial arts and raw street combat.

Dara can't believe what's transcending before her. Is this really the insufferable jerk that she rented? From what she witnessed on her Trial Date with him in Namsan Tower, she knew he can fight - but not this good.

When one of the goons pulled out a knife and pointed it on GD, Dara became rigid. But when his opponent was about to stab him with the knife, Dara's body moved in its own accord. She was about to throw herself in the middle to protect him but in a blink of an eye, GD was able to snatch the knife and threw it somewhere else. He then shoved Dara behind him and quickly immobilized the thug.

One by one, GD was able to destroy the gang without getting hit. His stance is unpredictable and elusive.

Pekiti Tirsia - combat-oriented close-quarter Filipino fighting style. Jeet Kune Do - unpatterned fighting strikes founded by Bruce Lee . Pradal Serey - unarmed martial arts from Cambodia. GD was utilizing martial arts that were specifically invented as a strategy for effective survival.

Unconscious bodies piled up on the ground as GD continued pounding them to dust. The calm expression on his face while delivering deadly blows makes him fiercer than he already is.

He is every inch a badas$.

After all, GD is none other than the Deputy Mountain Master of the Triad.

Dara covered her gaping open mouth with her hands as she watched him strike with swift and accurate blows. She blinked her eyes in awe and disbelief.

Suddenly, a big thug twice the size of GD came charging towards him while his back was turned as he was busy fighting other opponents. Without thinking, Dara took off one of her shoes and stormed on the guy's direction - armed with her almighty shoe. The big thug was about to reach GD but Dara attacked his face, hitting it ceaselessly while screaming.

The crook growled in annoyance, grabbed her shoe and threw it aside. Dara shut her eyes firmly when the guy threw a punch directly at her face. She was anticipating the pain but it never came. Then, she sensed the comforting presence of GD. When she opened her eyes, GD's hand was clutching the thug's fist directly in front of her face while GD is standing behind her, his free arm draped around her protectively.

She quickly stepped out of the way. He grabbed a fistful of the thug's shirt by the shoulder, spinned on his heels and bent his knees while leaning forward - disrupting the center of gravity of the big man, and he threw the thug on the wall.

GD then grabbed a bottle of alcohol, strode towards the leader who was gripping Dara's wrist earlier and poured the contents of the bottle on his face. The man regained consciousness and coughed as he swallowed a good amount of the the pungent liquid.

Dara was unable to move from her spot as she watched GD looming over the leader. He grabbed the man by the collar and whispered something that she failed to overhear. Then the man began quivering in fear after GD spoke and his eyes almost bulged when GD lit his lighter and hovered it on his face.

"JIYONG! STOP!", Dara screamed in shock. Oh my God, is he planning to burn the guy?!

GD straightened up as soon as he heard her voice and let go of the man, who quickly knelt and begged for forgiveness from Dara. But GD wouldn't hear any of it. He stepped on the guy's head and kicked him with a grim face until he lost consciousness again.

He then slowly walked towards Dara who is eyeing him like he has completely lost his mind.

His brows are tightly mashed together and his eyes are squinted into tiny slits.


"You are so grounded, woman", GD hissed angrily.





credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

Dara didn't have the chance to look for her missing shoe as she quickly followed behind GD who furiously stormed out of the bar.

She abruptly stopped when she saw him waiting for her outside - clenching his jaw while his hands are inside his pockets.

Dara stood in one spot with her head bowed down, fumbling with her dress, as GD muttered an obscenity under his breath and brushed his hair with his fingers. She shuffled her feet as she felt the cold street on her bare foot. GD sighed while eyeing her and guided her inside his car.

The ride home was silent and awkward. Once they reached her apartment, GD just barged in and collapsed in her couch. Dara swallowed hard as she took a few tentative steps towards him.

"I'm sorry", she said while standing in front of him.

GD just looked at her with an unreadable expression. He is clearly not in a very forgiving mood right now. Dara sat beside him while GD continued ignoring her.

"I'm sorry already", she touched his arm and shook it.

"Sorry for what?", he asked coldly.

"For the things I blurted out earlier. That was very rude of me.", she shyly replied.

GD remained silent.

"And sorry for getting you into trouble. I shouldn't have...."

"You shouldn't have flung yourself on the ba$tard with a knife, Dara. And you shouldn't have attacked that gorilla with your damn shoe! Hell, you shouldn't have gone out with that fcking ba$tard Donghae in the first place, look what happened!", he clicked his tongue and averted his gaze after his outbursts.

Dara gawked at him. Is this Jiyong? Did he just lose his temper and cool demeanor because of her? She doesn't know why but that had her smiling, which turned into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

GD's eyebrows furrowed as he glanced at her.

"You can still laugh after that? Do you know what almost happened to you?"

Dara bit her lips to stop her chuckles. But GD is soooo adorable when he's worried for her! Hahahahaha!

"Jiyong, I'm really thankful that you save me but you should stop worrying so much. It's Hongdae, cops are everywhere."

The crease on his forehead increased a thousand folds at what she said. Did she actually think she will be rescued immediately?

She stifled her laugh by covering with her hands as she looked at him but GD isn't even half-amused.

"You still don't get it, do you?", he dangerously glared at her. To Dara's surprise, GD pinned her down the couch with his weight and firmly gripped both her wrists above her head.

He was on top of her while she was lying there - helpless and vulnerable. He roamed his eyes around her face, his breath with a faint smell of cigarette blowing on her cheeks.

"Get off me, jerk", she angrily said and tried to pull her arms but GD won't let her go. He then leaned down and gently brushed his nose on her face, inhaling her sweet scent. Dara gasped and bolted her head sidewards, her breathing is becoming ragged as she sensed the danger before her.

"This is how powerless you are", he hoarsely whispered on her ear and her lobe. Dara whimpered and thrashed her body to free herself.

GD then slowly traced her jawline with his lips, leaving a trail of saliva on her skin, and nuzzled the crook of her neck.

"No...Stop!", Dara tried to wiggle to loosen his grip on her wrists but his strength is just no match for him. He was now nibbling a sensitive spot of her neck, softly grazing her flesh with his teeth and it.

"God...Jiyong, stop! You jerk!", she was now on the verge of hysterics as she did everything that she can to get him off her. But to no avail. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw him hovering above her chest.

"J-Jiyong. T-This is not funny..", she's still trying to act tough but her voice betrayed her.

"Of course it's not. This is not a laughing matter", an evil smirk formed on his lips while looking directly at Dara's petrified face.

"Because I'm about to you", he huskily said. He lowered his face and bit the fabric covering her chest, thus revealing her lacy bra.

"JIYONG! STOP, PLEASE! I'm begging you...I'm begging you..stop...", Dara trembled in fear and tears started flowing down the side of her face. She sobbed miserably as GD slowly lifted himself and sat upright.

"Do you understand now?"

"Get..out...", Dara said in short gasps as she covered her face and continued crying while curling up in a ball, as if protecting herself.

"GET OUT!", she screamed.

GD stood up and head towards the door.



To my lovely readers, I will just leave everything to your imagination. R scenes are so hard to write ^_^ Hahahahahha!!!

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