MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino


Come on, come on, come on! Text me, text me, text me!!

I was sitting on my bed, hugging my knees, with my phone neatly settled in front of me. I don't know how long I've been staring at it as I summoned all my power for it to blink or ring indicating that someone is texting or calling me.

I can't sleep knowing that tomorrow is the Trial Date. I mean, that jerk haven't informed me what time we're going to meet and where!

I sighed heavily as I directed my gaze to where my closet was formely located. Now, it's replaced by a huge pile of mess. I'm sure my closet is there somewhere. A while ago, I rummaged through my clothes looking for something to wear. I already bought new clothes (a BUNCH of new clothes) to use for tomorrow but as each day passes, I become unsatisfied with the outfit that I had just bought the day before.

Is having a 'boyfriend' this tiring?

I don't even want to imagine how I'm going to behave if I really had one. Being the worrywart that I am, I'm sure my lifespan will be cut in half from excessive thinking. That's just the way I am, I always worry about details excessively and needlessly. Which is partly why I'm an effective Project Leader for the BlackJack Team.

I let out an exasperated sigh as I went to the bathroom. A feeling of disappointment consumes me as I look at the mirror while brushing my teeth. Pathetic. Dara, YOU-ARE-PATHETIC. You're getting giddy over someone you plan to 'rent' to pose as your boyfriend? And you're getting excited because of his gestures eventhough you know it's all part of an act?

You can just talk to your officemates and reveal the truth, you stupid piece. Do you really think...


My eyes popped out of their sockets as I heard my phone! With the toothbrush still in my mouth, I hurriedly ran outside the bathroom and leaped over my bed grabbing my phone and eventually found myself sprawled on the floor as I ended up rolling over the edge of bed.


Aigooo, my back.

I excitedly read the text message as I nursed my aching back.

Hey Geek, 10am tomorrow at the National Museum. Jiyong

National Museum? Museum? MUSEUM???! What the hell! That is soooo unromantic!! I was expecting so much after he sent me the flowers. But MUSEUM?! ARgghh!

Hey Jerk, who are you calling Geek? You have yet to convince me to 'rent' you, remember? And of all places, why the National Museum? Dara

I sent the text and waited for his reply....and waited....and waited...OMYGOSHHH!!!! He's really pissing me off!!



I was tapping my feet impatiently and I looked at my watch once more. It's already 10:30 am and Jiyong is nowhere to be found!

Here I am wearing a very cute pink dress and white stilettos (which are by the way, killing every nerves in my legs and feet. Gosh! I'll be crippled after this!), while the jerk is THIRTY EFFING MINUTES LATE!

I let out an irritated sigh and slumped my shoulders. So much for my first date. I was busy being miserable when someone poked my right shoulder. I looked at my right side and a finger poked my cheek.

"Gotcha", he said nonchalantly. I furiously turned at him and was welcomed by the scent of his perfume coupled with his hot looks which made me forgive him for being late in an instant.

"Hey...", I muttered weakly. Hey??? Oh my gosh, Dara! You should've scolded him forcefully! Why are you acting like a high school teenager!!!

"Why are you late?!", I managed to ask. Hoorraaayyy!! I found my long-lost tongue!

He just shrugged his shoulders and smirked at me while placing both hands in his pockets. He's unbelievable. How can he act cool after making me wait for 30 minutes?

"You really dressed up.", he said. Is that a compliment or just a mere observation? I just fidgeted nervously while checking myself if I look fine. I mean, I'm not really used to wearing this kind of outfit but I decided to try it since this is my first date.

"Let's go.", I heard him say as he turned around and started walking. My mouth was hanging open as I stared at his back. How can he just leave like that?? Shouldn't he act all sweet and cheesy to get my approval so I'll decide to 'rent' him??

Hmph! His chance of becoming my 'rented boyfriend' is diminishing by each passing minute. He better have something great up his sleeves to change my mind because right now, all I can say is he's such a jerk. A hot jerk, my mind countered. True that.

Jiyong the Jerk is wearing a comfortable casual shirt and denim pants and I must say, he's really grabbing the attention of all the females within the vicinity. Their eyes are twinkling as he passed by them.

Anyway, I trailed behind him as he continued walking. I was taking small baby steps because of my high heels but he doesn't seem to notice it. Or does he? I heard him chuckle as he stole a glance at my shoes. He suddenly quickens his pace. He's deliberately doing this! GAHHDD, this JERK!!

I didn't dare complain because I know this is my fault. Somehow, I have a feeling that he'll just put the blame on me so I'd rather shut my mouth than admit he's right. I should've worn something comfortable, aiishht! I thought the National Museum is just a meeting place and we'll go to some cozy place.

I was busy looking at the pavement, trying not to trip and lose my life in the process. When I lifted my gaze, he's gone! I started to worry. Did he abandon me? Is it because I look ridiculous wearing this super high stilettos and super cutesy pink dress? But I've searched the online fashion sites and this is the latest trend!

I stopped walking and started darting my eyes everywhere with a worried look. Did he enter the museum already or did he turn towards the park? When I turned my gaze at the far right, I saw him leaning on the wall with his arms crossed, laughing at me. I frowned and pouted as I quickly went to him.

"You should've seen your face, I thought you're gonna cry.", he said while chuckling. I rolled my eyes in irritation. Did anyone really 'rent' this guy? I think I'm the only one who lasted 10 minutes with him.

"You know what? For someone who needs to be rented, you're doing one hell of a bad job!", I shot back at him. Somehow, he finds it really hilarious to irk the hell out of me! GRRRR!

He just chuckled at my annoyed face and pinched my left cheek.

"You're so amusing", he said. Gaahhh!! This jerk, really!! I was about to retaliate but he abruptly turned his back at me and started walking again! Aigoo, should I still give him a chance? In the end, I just quietly followed him. At least he's walking slowly now.

We reached the park and we stopped under a tree where a blanket and picnic basket is arranged.

"Tadaaa!!!", Jiyong presented it like a masterpiece. Tadaaa?? I glanced back at him and at the offending picnic basket with a frown.

"You should've told me last night that we're going to go on a picnic.", I said, unable to hide my disappointment.

"Well, I never thought you're going to show up like that", he said coolly and sat at the blanket.

"Like what?"

"Dressed to impress", he sniggered as he looked at me from head to toe. I didn't even bother to argue with the jerk anymore and marched towards the blanket. I'm already hungry and at this point, I could care less if my dress is out of place. Heck, at least I'm overdressed, not unlike the time when I entered a restaurant looking like a beggar.

I opened the picnic basket and started arranging the containers. I pulled out a plate and started serving him with food. Jiyong was looking at me with creased forehead as I poured water on his glass.

"What?", I asked. He just shook his head and shrugged.

"I thought you're not domesticated since you're a career woman", he said as he started eating. I chuckled at his remark. He's quite observant.

"I'm always an unnie/noona at work or at home so I got used to taking care of people and taking care of myself. BUT!!! I'm not a good cook", I wagged my finger in front of his face. He stared at my wagging finger and flashed an evil smirk. To my utter HORROR and SURPRISE, Jiyong placed the tip of my finger IN HIS MOUTH and it!!! OH MY GOSSSHHH!!!

It shook my sanity!! I was staring at my now moist finger with bulging eyes! Was it his tongue I felt at the tip of my finger?! GAAAHHH!! I think I'm about to faint. I AM GOING TO FAINT!!!!

"Hey Geek, start eating", he said as if nothing happened. I stared at him in shock! My finger is still lifted up, I don't even dare put it down!

"What's up, want me to it again?", he said nonchalantly. How can he be so fcking nonchalant about it???? While I'm a heartbeat away from a full-blown heart attack!!!!

"There was food on your finger a while ago that's why I it.", say what??!

"T-tissue", I said gasping for air BECAUSE I CANNOT FREAKING BREATHE!!

"Huh?", he asked.

"You...should've..just a tissue", I said in between heavy breathing.

"Well, it's already in front of my face. It's easier to just it. Look..mmmmm", he explained and placed the tip of my finger inside his mouth AGAIN!!!

GAAAHHHH!!! This will haunt me in my sleep for MONTHS!


Dara and GD then went inside the museum and toured around, with Dara keeping a safe distance away from GD. Her heart hasn't recovered yet from the earlier finger- incident. She can feel her face reddening everytime she thinks about it.

GD seems to be unaffected though. He looks at the displays and walks around while Dara sheepishly trails behind him, the sound of her shoes echoing at the entire museum for her every step. GD is oozing with authority and charisma that all people tends to look at him, impressed. While Dara is earning either curious gazes or pitiful stares because she's obviously suffering from her killer stilettos.

<*clack clack clack>

Dara sighed wearily as she bows her head down due to the humiliation brought by her noisy shoes. She wouldn't be surprised if the security staffs drag her out of there. She wanted to get out of the museum but can't bring herself to ask GD. Heck, she can't even look at his eyes after what happened.

Suddenly, GD stopped and was about to face Dara. Dara immediately pretended to be very interested in a certain ancient relic and focused all her attention to it. GD tilted his head and stared at her. Dara, on the other hand, was holding her breath due to tension.

"You're funny", he chuckled as he pinched her nose.

I'm funny?? Is that an insult?, Dara thought as she pouted her lips while creasing her forehead, earning more chuckles from GD.

"Let's go to Namsangol", he declared and started going to the direction of the parking lot. Dara's jaw dropped. Namsangol Korean Traditional Village? That means more walking!

GD was surprised he didn't hear any complaints from Dara eventhough he knew her feet is already almost paralyzed because of her stilettos. She didn't even complain when he told her they're going to Namsangol. He stole a glance at her and smiled as he saw her cheering loudly like a kid as she watched the making of traditional Korean rice cakes. The ahjussi making rice cakes asked her to try pounding the sticky rice and she gamely obliged.

She held the wooden mallet and swing it vigorously to pound the sticky rice cake at the wooden table. She almost fell face forward earning laughters from the bystanders. In return, she waved comically and even curtsied like a princess. A round of laughters again from the people as they cheered for her. She lifted the wooden mallet like it's some kind of trophy. GD found himself clapping his hands together with the others.

They continued to roam in silence and eventually, GD told Dara that it's time for them to go to their next destination.

Fifteen minutes later, Dara is on the verge of tears as she looked at GD's retreating back. First a museum, then a traditional village, and now taking a short hike towards Namsan Tower???!! She bit her lips as she looked at the slope before her. To reach Namsan Tower, they have to walk in a slope for 10 minutes from where the car is parked towards the peak.

Her toes are already murdered and her feet are screaming in pain. She looked at GD walking a few strides in front of her who doesn't seem to care if her legs are about to disengage from her body.

She lifted her gaze and found GD curiously looking at her.

"You're funny", he said for the second time today and let out a soft laugh.

"Geee, I heard that one before", she sarcastically said as she struggled to walk.

"You should've ditched me", GD said. Dara stopped in front of him and placed both her hands on her waist while panting.

"What do you mean?", she asked as she tries to catch her breath.

"You obviously hate my idea of our Trial Date but you still went on with it.", he answered while putting both his hands in his pockets. They were in the middle of the slope lined by trees, a soft breeze is blowing at their faces as other couples pass by them going towards the same direction.

"I don't really mind. I'm already grateful that you thought of this for me, nobody has done that for me before.", Dara answered as she continued walking past GD.

GD stood on his spot and just looked at her.

"What? Let's go, aren't we going to the peak?", Dara arched her brows while pointing at the tower. GD smiled, took off his shoes and went in front of Dara. He then knelt and took off Dara's stilettos, replacing them with his shoes. Dara protested but GD doesn't want to hear any of it.

Dara stared at GD as he carefully placed her feet inside his shoes. He made him wear it and tied the laces afterwards. After doing this, he stood up and started walking, wearing only his socks on his feet. Dara grabbed her stilettos and ran beside GD.

"Hey, your socks will get dirty. I'm fine, I..."

"SSSshhh", GD cut her off without even glancing at her and continued walking, looking straight ahead.

In a near distance, Youngbae, TOP together with his men were looking curiously at him, amazed at their boss's gestures. GD instructed them to stay out of sight because Dara might see them. They can just call him if there's an emergency.

And an emergency came up. One of the plates to make counterfeited Chinese currency was stolen from the Triad and an exchange is about to take place in a cable car in Namsan Tower. Unfortunately, that's where GD and Dara is heading.


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