MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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credits: G-Dara21

Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from

"Why did you ignore her?", TOP asked while stealing a glance at Dara who seemed frozen on her spot.

"I don't have anything to tell her", GD nonchalantly replied.

"A simple hello will do"

"She'll just engage me in a pep talk and she'll surely get curious about who are the men behind me and ask questions. So, this is better", GD reasoned.

"You've been ignoring Sandara Park for the past few days!"

"We're busy with our own problems"

TOP sighed in defeat while GD sneakily sent a simple message to Dara just so..well..just so the geek won't have any melodramatic thoughts. You know, women.

The Deputy Mountain Master unit entered the YG Underground Club but instead of heading to the VIP rooms upstairs, they went to a concealed elevator that is guarded by heavily armed men. As soon as they saw GD, they let the whole unit pass. Only GD, TOP, Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri went inside the elevator while the rest of the unit remained on the ground floor.

The elevator took them to an underground room where the meeting with the Lead Computer Analysts of the Triads will be held. All of them were summoned by GD after the failed mission regarding the location of the target - the assassins' caller. GD's entire unit were nearly killed when they went to the traced location of the mobile phone's signal because the whole warehouse exploded. Fortunately, GD sensed that something is out of place so he used one of their vehicles to barge in at the abandoned warehouse by tying the stirring wheel in place and by putting some weight on the accelerator. As soon as the unmanned car entered, an explosion colored the sky.

"We were almost toasted. Somebody has to pay", GD snarled at them, making the analysts flinch in fear.

"Boss, we're certain that's the location that the mobile phone signal points to. Now, we're not getting any signals from it. Probably, they used it as bait knowing that you're going to trace it?"

"You're not getting signals from the caller's mobile phone now? We're out of leads again?", GD asked.

"We're sorry boss"

GD slumped on his seat furiously and pulled out his phone with furrowed eyebrows.

That's weird, he thought. The geek didn't even bother to reply.

"Boss? What will be our next course of action?", one of the analysts asked.

"Just standby for now. They haven't made a move after we intercepted their assassins. They're probably trying to regroup. Attempting to get us fried by tracing a mobile phone is actually a desperate move for them. I have a feeling they will surface soon", GD said.

"Yes, boss"



It was 6am and I was sitting on my luggage while waiting for Donghae. Two-day seminar and we'll be staying in the same hotel for two nights. The heaven is finally smiling at me!

I decided not to text Jiyong because who knows what kind of jerk attacks he has in store for me that might ruin my moment with Donghae! Hah! Plus, he's the one who initiated on ignoring me, right?! Well, FINE! I'll only contact him after my seminar. I didn't even reply to his message yesterday, because I'm a tough b!tch kekekekeke.

I saw Donghae's car approaching and I immediately stood up. Here comes my oasis of happiness!

"Hi!", he greeted as he loaded my luggage inside the trunk. Afterwards, he draped his arm over my shoulder and guided me towards the passenger seat. Before closing the door, he ruffled my hair and gave me a big smile. See?! He's sooooo sweet! Unlike that jerk who only knows how to embarrass the crap out of me.

"How are you feeling, my lady?", Donghae asked as he drove the car out of our block.

"I'm fine, my lord", I playfully replied. He glanced at me and pinched my cheeks.

"Play whatever music you want. My iPhone is already connected", Donghae pointed at his iPhone connected on the car. I was about to play it when the wallpaper caught my attention. It was our picture taken at the Banpo Bridge!!!

I stared at it and looked at him. He just smiled at me and focused on the road. This seminar is turning out to be so so fine!!

Since it'll take 3 hours before we reach our destination, we chatted about the usual - our officemates, animes and other geeky stuff. Gosh, I miss talking to a normal person like Donghae! I mean, the last time I've been with Jiyong, I almost lost my sanity because he keeps on mentioning weapon for destruction!! GAAHH!! I don't want to think about his stupid weapon anymore, it's giving me nightmares! Plus he's always shoving that damn chicken on my face! GRRRR. Donghae would never do that!

One thing about me and Donghae, we both have the same interests. He's the one who accompanies me to all my craziness like Comic Con, Cosplays, etc. We're an undefeated duo when it comes to cosplays, I tell you! Last time, we dressed up as Yuki and Zero from Vampire Knight and bagged the awards.

"I'm trying to learn the Elvish language", I proudly said as we both bob our heads in beat with Haruka Kanata - a song of Asian Kung Fu Generation.

"Good for you. I tried to learn the Parseltongue, but I failed", Donghae joked and bit his lips. Omo! He's so cute!!

"Are you done memorizing the various Ninjutsu from Naruto?", I asked while chuckling.

"I'm just having a hard time with some hand seals. But I've memorized all the ninja techniques, YEAH!!", he pumped his fist on the air.

This feels so...right. It's so different when I'm with that . I'm sure if he was the one with me in the car, we'll just end up bickering and pissing off each other for the entire journey. Not to mention I will surely die of heart failure before we even reach our destination because that's how magnificently annoying he is.

"We're here!", Donghae announced as we saw the sign leading to our hotel.

"Five points for Gryffindor!", I merrily shouted and we both high-fived.

Before we turn right to a curb, I saw another sign about the best sweet buns store in the area. Whoah, I need to buy some for Jiyong!

Weird. Why am I always thinking about that jerk?



"What?!", Donghae and I chorused at the smug receptionist when she informed us that we will both be staying in one room with one Queen Size bed.

One Room.

One Bed.

"Didn't our company pre-arranged for our accomodation?", Donghae calmly asked before I can even swallow the receptionist whole and spit her tiny bones one by one. She completely ignored me, gave Donghae the sweetest smile and apologized for the inconvenience and explained the situation. Apparently, the hotel is already full due to the seminar that is going to be held here and our company only managed to book us one room. When they called and confirmed with our company, their call was transferred to Miss Park Bom (I swear, my bestfriend is evil!) who assured them that just one room is fine.

The receptionist then directed her gaze at me and gave me a lopsided and very fake smile, as if I'm a mere peasant upon her presence. Wow, so much for a five-star hotel. I figured this girl has the hots for Donghae. This is not the first time that this happens but he seems oblivious to it, just like how oblivious he is to my feelings for him. He's that dense! The girl has been trying to insconspicuously give him her phone number scribbled on a post-it note but he didn't even notice it. I smiled inwardly at her futile attempt.

"Do you want to try another hotel?", Donghae asked and I almost agreed if not for the giant lightbulb that lights up in my head. Staying in one room with Donghae is not a bad idea since it will give me a giant opportunity to be with him. My evil bestfriend is not so useless after all!

"All the nearby hotels are booked as well, sir", the receptionist interjected. Ohhh ho ho ho, look at that. If this isn't fate, I don't know what to call it.

"Oh man...Dude, any ideas?", he turned to me questioningly.

"Let's just..stay in one room, then", I said and he was visibly taken aback. The receptionist was throwing daggers at me with her stare but I could care less about her.

"Are you sure? I mean, there are already gossips about us in the office and I don't want to put you in a compromising situation", he said. Okay, I don't really know what to feel about that. It's good that he's thinking about my reputation but he's being defensive again regarding the issue about us.

"Yeah, it's fine", I weakly said. He smiled at me and all my apprehensions disappeared. I sometimes think Lee Donghae is not human but a magical creature that can melt away all ill feelings. He might actually be the key to world peace.


"W-What?", he asked while looking at me from the reflection on the mirror.

He must've been creeped out with the way I ogled at him. The moment he stepped out of the shower, I've been following his every move with twinkling eyes. He was already fully dressed when he exited the bathroom but his iness hasn't dropped one bit. When he carelessly messed his wet hair with the towel, I almost gave him a standing ovation and almost shouted 'BRAVO! BRAVO!' with tears rolling down my cheeks. That's how hardcore I am when it comes to Donghae.

"Wet hair suits you", I blurted out before I could even stop my mouth. Thankfully, he just laughed instead of lashing a string of teasings at me (which is what Jiyong will certainly do in similar situation).

Our seminars will be in different function halls. Donghae will attend the Cisco seminar while I will attend the seminar organized by software organizations to launch their new products.

"Done. How do I look?", Donghae asked after straightening out his necktie. I took a sharp intake of breath as I surveyed him from head to toe.

'You look like the future father of my kids', I thought. Oh dear Lord, how can anyone be this perfect?!

"Hey..", he snapped his fingers in front of my face, pulling me out of my trance. His benevolent smile blinding me from all reason and logic. He is so dashing that I'm actually having second thoughts whether I should attend my assigned seminar or just guard Donghae with my life because women will definitely flock around him.

"Huh? Ah, you look good", I replied while diverting my gaze elsewhere because I swear, his cuteness overload is quite deadly!

"Let's go, I'll walk you to your seminar first", he offered his arm and I clung to him with a big big smile plastered across my face.


The moment I set foot inside the function hall, it's as if I entered a time-space warp.

The entire hall is like a monkey den. You just know that most of the attendees spend most of their time in front of the computer while stuffing their mouth with anything greasy and edible. I feel like I've discovered a whole new ecosystem as I darted my eyes left and right. And I'm the only girl here!

All eyes are on me as I walked on the aisle to find my assigned seat. I was breathing through my mouth as a horrible stench hit me emanating from....everybody. It's a seminar from hell.

When I found my seat, I thought there was solar eclipse because the sun was totally blocked off. It turns out there's a human bear seated at the side of the glass wall. I gave him a timid smile and...OH MY GOD, what are those creatures crawling on his hair?!!!. I shivered in disgust and made a mental note to murder my department head once I get to the office. How can he sign me up for this?

This is MADNESS.

The first few minutes of the discussion is enough to put me in a deep coma. I thought an hour already passed. Apparently, time stands still on this part of Korea.

I can't even focus on the speakers since I was busy battling the foul odor to keep my consciousness. What do these people eat, for Pete's sake! It's like fermentation is actively happening on everyone's armpit!

I firmly held my pen and scribbled furiously on my notebook.

"Hello", my seatmate leaned over and greeted me, almost knocking me off cold with his bad breath. GAAHHDD!!

"H-Hi", I politely replied, while discreetly reclining back. He reminds me of Murlocs, you know the humanoid fish creatures from World of Warcraft that annoyingly screams BLWLRRLLRRRRL while chasing your with their spears? I'm itching to kill him already.

"There are no reshuffling of seats, right? You're my seatmate again tomorrow", he mysteriously said like he's hinting a bad omen. The way he looks at me is quite disturbing.

Murloc is the one sitting at my left. Sitting at my right is an entirely different, but equally disgusting, piece of art. Let's call him Orc, because he does look like one. He seems to be the type that will maniacally smash everything in sight whenever he feels like it. And oh, he stinks as well, making it more awesome.

This is proving to be a potential hazard to my health. It took my entire energy and willpower to stay alive for the duration of the seminar.

Jiyonnngggggg!!!!!! ~ ~, I was screaming his name in my head in frustration. It's really odd that he's the first one that entered my mind.



At last, the day of pure torture comes to an end! The thing that I'm looking forward to is finally here - sleeping with Donghae!! KYAAHHH!!!!!

As I was waiting for him to return to our suite, I fumbled through my bag for my mobile phone to call Bom. That's when I realized I left my phone on the bedside table in my apartment. Bummer. I didn't notice that it was missing this morning since we used Donghae's phone to play the music in his car.

I used the hotel's phone instead to call her. She answered in just a few rings.

"Yeoboseyo? Bommie!"

"Dara! How'd you like my plan, huh?"

"Girl, I must say, I'm liking how your evil mind works!"

"You have two nights with him. If he still doesn't make a move on you, you better tell him you have a boyfriend to shake him up, arasso?"

"But Bommie..."

"No buts! Don't waste this opportunity, okay? Gotta go now, I'm on a date!"

I pouted as I put down the phone. When I heard the door beeped and when Donghae walks in, everything faded in the background and all I can see is his handsome face.

"I'm beat", he slumped on the couch and smiled tiredly at me while loosening his necktie. I had the urge to kiss him on his cheeks to welcome him home like a good wife that I am, kyahh!! (I'm being delusional again).

Since lunch and dinner were served at the seminar, we weren't able to dine out. But it's fine, because I'm gonna be sleeping with him!

I sat beside him on the couch and he immediately draped his arm over my shoulder. I side-glanced at him and smiled as he pinched my cheeks. This is why our officemates think that we're a couple. He does things that can easily be interpreted as him liking me.

"So, how was your day?", he asked while leaning his head on my head.

I wanted to tell him about Murloc and Orc, and of the entire fauna that comprises that hellish seminar. But I didn't. I don't really whine in front of Donghae because I want him to see me as a cool and steady person just like him.

"Pretty tiring", I simply replied.

We then talked about the nerdy stuff that we learned today. Our conversation jumped from one topic to another as we sit closely on the couch like an old married couple.

My heart is at ease whenever I'm with him. This is how it's supposed to be. When I'm with Jiyong, everything seems to be rowdy. You just can't tell what he's going to do next. My hymen is in constant danger whenever I'm with him! And he just blurts out whatever he wants to say, whether or not his words are scandalous enough to scar me for life! But with Donghae, I just know that he's not going to do anything stupid that will ruin my trust for him. He's the perfect gentleman with a sane mind that will not choose chicken as his pet.

I stifled my laughter when I remembered our pet. Jiyong and I still has to come up with a name for our chicken.

"I'll sleep on the couch, Dara. You take the bed", Donghae said afterwards and stood up to get a change of clothes.

"But the bed is good enough for four people. Let's just sleep on opposite ends", I protested. Yep, screw dignity. This is my chance.

"I'm fine on the couch", he replied as he entered the bathroom.

A perfect gentleman, indeed.


I was lying on the bed while staring at the dark ceiling.

I wonder if Donghae is already asleep. I looked at the couch and saw his silhouette lying there. I sighed deeply as I switched my position to lie on my side, staring at his form. Too many things are running through my mind. I just can't wait for him forever, can I? Tomorrow, I will definitely tell him that I have a boyfriend. Hopefully, it will elicit the reaction that I wanted.

But after that, then what? This is the question that has been bugging me recently. Coupled with thoughts about Jiyong. From what we've agreed, I will only be renting him until a month after the Annual Company Acquaintance Party. I hate to admit it but I've been thinking about Jiyong quite a lot lately. Whenever he suddenly disappears and does not contact me, where does he go? What does he do? After the rent period lapses, what will become of us?

It's funny how that jerk can affect me this much. I should just be worrying about me and Donghae but somehow, he's been occupying my thoughts more often.

Which is really disturbing because.... I just rented him to act.

Donghae is the REAL thing. a LIE.


GD straightened up, his eyes alarmingly furious like he's going to flip the table and start shooting everybody inside the YG Underground Club's VIP Room. The women immediately scampered out of the room except for Sulli.

"What do you mean she disappeared?!", his fierce voice was thundering probably on the entire floor.

The four men that he sent to check on Dara were unfortunate enough to be the bearer of bad news. Now, their asses are at risk of being pounded into dust.

"B-Boss, her apartment is empty since this morning. We also checked her office but she's not there. We've searched for all the possible places she might be at but we didn't find her", one of his men reasoned out.

"Maybe she's just staying at a friend's house", Youngbae calmly said.

"Who disappeared?", Sulli asked but nobody answered.

Youngbae is right. Maybe he's just overreacting. And he hasn't tried calling her yet. Maybe she just went somewhere yesterday and didn't go back to her apartment. GD firmly gripped his phone as he dialed Dara's number. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. His breathing hiked up when he can't contact her.

"B-Boss, her phone her apartment"


His head pounded in a mixture of annoyance and something it fear? But that's just crazy. He's the man known to have no weakness, a man who doesn't fear anything or anyone.

He clenched his fists tightly as he thought of the endless possibilities that might be the reason why Dara is missing. But that's just ridiculous. Anyone can forget their phone, right? But what if something bad happened to her?

"GD, who is she? I'm your only woman, right?", Sulli cooed and d his arm but GD is still lost in his own thoughts.

"Boss, I'll ask the nerds if they can track her wheareabouts", TOP suggested, referring to their Computer Analysts who can do a trace of credit cards, passports, etc.

"Do that. I'll just go out for a while", GD grimly said.

"Who is she?!", Sulli whined while clinging to him.

"FCK! Not now, Sulli!", he angrily yelled as he stormed out of the room.

"Uh-oh. A furious dragon is on the loose", TOP whispered and nodded at the rest of the unit to follow their boss who looks like he's about to burn down the entire Seoul to the ground.




I surveyed the almost lifeless bodies sprawled all over the dark alley and sighed heavily while slumping my shoulders in resignation. Crap, I have to clean up this mess again. I looked at the end of the narrow alleyway and saw Jiyong beating a thug into a pulp.

Oh mannn, the guy really went crazy this time. I've never seen an entire gang being wiped out at such speed. It was their unfortunate fate that they bumped into him at a very bad time.

After delivering a final blow at the man, Jiyong slumped on the street while raking his hair in frustration. If not for the seriousness of the situation, I would've sang a song to give a musical accompaniment to such a scene hahahahaha.

I sat down with him and gave him a cigarette, which he grudgingly accepted.

"So....", I started.

"Not a word about the Twenty Million Won, hyung. Not. A. Word", he firmly said.

"Nah.", I smirked while taking a puff from my cigarette. We already agreed that we'll hand down the money after the rent period. I'm pretty sure I'll win, though. Silence encompassed us afterwards as we both drifted in our own worlds.

I can't believe Jiyong is agitated about Dara's so-called disappearance when there's multitude of problems fighting for our attention. Firstly, we are currently in a pressing situation with an unknown enemy attacking our asses. Also, we haven't found the sole descendant of the Hung Clan (the clan that started the Heaven and Earth Society - which is now known as the Triad Society).

You see, the Hung Clan is highly respected by the organization since, well, they're the ones who started this . They're like the honorary members of the Triad Society. The Chinese Mafia is very serious when it comes to their traiditions and histories and the Hung Clan represents both. Here's the funny part, the sole descendant disappeared when he was being escorted to a meeting of mafia bosses in Vienna. If you ask me, I firmly believe that the guy ran away from all these craziness and started a new life. Whatever. The entire Triads organization is looking for that man and whoever will find him and him (as well as his immediate family, in case he's already married) back to the security of the Triad will be granted one wish (like a genie!).

Okay, let me tell you more about the Triads and why we mean serious business when it comes to finding the descendant. All of us in the Triads are sworn brothers and we consider ourselves as part of the Hung clan. During a Triad Member's initiation rites, he is said to have entered the Hung gates, making him one of our sworn brothers. That's why the descendant (and his family) is a really vital part of the organization since they are not just sworn kin, they are regarded as the royal line.

Aside from this significant reason, we are all bounded by the Triads' 36 oaths - a strictly enforced codes of conduct among Triad members. Do you know how cool our oaths are? They always end with a detailed description of how we're going to face death if we defy them.

Going back, even if the missing Triad is not the descendant, we are still going to put our lives on the line to find a missing brother and take care of his family as well because according to the 1st and 19th oath:

1.After having entered the Hung gates I must treat the parents and relatives of my sworn brothers as my own kin. I shall suffer death by five thunderbolts if I do not keep this oath.

19.If any of my sworn brothers are killed, or arrested, or have departed to some other place, I will assist their wives and children who may be in need. If I pretend to have no knowledge of their difficulties I will be killed by five thunderbolts.

Information overload? Okay, I'll stop now before you weep for mercy.

Back to the problem at hand. Sandara Park. Boy, I haven't seen Jiyong act like a total nutcase just because a girl wasn't found in her apartment - where she's supposed to be. I am so going to mark this in my calendar. The Day when GD went BONKERS.

I mean, come on. We just saw the girl yesterday, and he even ignored her! Now that she's nowhere to be found, he completely went psycho and threw an impromptu all-out attack to the unsuspecting local hooligans.

We were both startled when my phone beeped. He stiffened as he waited for me to read the message. I pulled out my phone veeeeerrry slowly while observing his reaction from my peripheral vision. Actually, I don't even have to look at him because his murderous aura is already suffocating enough. Before I get clobbered by the raging dragon, I told him the good news.

"She's on a seminar, so please, stop destroying everything you see", I said while reading the message.

"That geek, I told her to inform me about that fcking seminar", he exclaimed but the relief that flooded his face is quite obvious.

"You luuuuvvvee her", I teased.

"No, I don't. Damn you. I just thought...something bad happened to her"

Another message came in and as soon as I read it, I immediately hid my phone as I smiled inwardly. Fck, Jiyong will surely combust into flames if he hears this! According to the text message from the nerds, Dara and Lee Donghae are staying together in one room. Wahahhaaaha!! This will surely make things more interesting. Oooooo, I'm getting so excited I'm about to pee!!

This bet is so over. His stubbornness will cost him twenty million won plus I'll be stomping over his ego while shrieking with delight!

"Donghae is with her", I said and leaned back while marveling the different layers of frenzied expressions that passed his eyes while trying to suppress the storm that's been building up inside him.

"I don't care", he said while diverting his gaze.

SHE'S SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH DONGHAE!!!, I can't tell you how much I wanted to scream those words at his face but since I'm a ruthless bastard with a knack for adventure, I withheld that particular bit of information. It'll be much more awesome if he'll find it out by himself, OR if Dara will be the one to tell him.

"You only have one meeting tomorrow afternoon with the Straw Sandal. We can go to Dara's location afterwards. Puh-leassseeee", I innocently batted my eyelashes while cupping my cheeks with my hands. In case you don't know, this is my lethal cuteness combo. No one can refuse my requests when I'm this adorkable.

"I'll meet her when she gets back", he flatly said.

I wiggled my body while pouting <- this is more deadly than the lethal cuteness combo, I tell yah.



"Creep", he muttered afterwards.

"Psycho", I retorted.

Hah! Just wait till Dara gets back and you hear about her sleeping arrangements there. You will surely flip.

"What does she like about that Donghae guy, anyway?", I sneakily asked.

"I dunno. Maybe she thinks he's cool", he mumbled.

"We're way cooler", I countered. Hel-lo? We're a bunch of -kicking loonies with ammos. Just how cool is that?



I facepalmed myself as I prayed reallyyyy hard for this seminar to end. If I could sell my soul just to get out of here, I would have.

I'm starting to hear voices in my head and I'm quite positive this is how serial killers are made. My department head is on top of my assassination list right now. Even if I want to ditch this, I can't since I have to pass a report regarding the discussion once I get back to the office.

I started scribbling some disturbing images on my notebook - another indication that I'm totally losing it. Oh, and Murloc! Good Lord. I want to barbeque his with a flamethrower! He has been hitting on me for the entire duration of the seminar, the nerve of this monster! Plus, the foul odor surrounding the entire function hall has been clouding my vision and my judgment. Seriously, I thought I saw a mirage a while ago, that's how horrible the stench is. There's an unknown thermal-slash-chemical reaction going on here that probably bends light and produces optical illusions. It defies all laws of physics.

I sighed heavily and wrote Donghae's name on my notebook. I felt a sense of comfort in doing that so I wrote it multiple times. For some bizarre reason, I wrote Jiyong's name on top of all my scribbles. I stared at it for a few seconds, then I tore the paper and crumpled it. I must be really going insane.

I wonder if I'll have the courage to tell Donghae that I have a boyfriend. What will his reaction gonna be? Ohh God, the mere thought of it hurts my brain.

We will be meeting at a bar later to unwind after this two-day seminar. Tomorrow morning, we'll be going back home. I have so little time left. I want to tell it to him personally before he hears it in the office so I can see how he'll react.


The bar we went to is pretty laid back. A perfect setting for a dramatic revelation.

Donghae and I were sitting at a dimly lit corner on a table with high, rounded seats that rotate. We were chatting and drinking with a relaxing music in the background. Perfect. This is the time. I breathed in deeply and called out his name.

"D-Donghae...uhm...", I started and nervously swirled my seat a little from left to right while trying to find the right words to say.

"Hi Donghae", a lady suddenly materialized beside him and flashed him a flirty smile. OMG, GO AWAY!

"Oh, hi Tiffany.", Donghae said and introduced me to her. She just nodded at me with disinterest like I'm an insignificant lifeform. Great, another woman contender for Donghae's elusive attention.

"Why don't you sit with us? We're just having a few drinks to unwind", he suddenly said. GAAAHH!!! Lee Donghae, noooo!!!

Without hesitation, she plopped her on the seat and immediately engaged Donghae in an animated talk. Apparently, she's one of the attendees in the Cisco Seminar so they both discussed the topics covered this morning. I was completely left out even though Donghae tried to include me in the conversation.


I grabbed my drink and sulked. Minutes passed by and Tiffany continued monopolizing Donghae's attention. Oh myyyy, she talks A LOT! I summoned all my powers to completely shut her voice off my consciousness because I swear, I'm about to rip my own ears.

Yada yada yada, on she goes with her yammering. I just busied myself drinking one beer after another. She then rested her elbows on the table, making her demonic s dangle for us to see. I looked at my own chest and my self-esteem was immediately crushed. I can never compete on that department, my s look like deflated balloons.

"Excuse me for a while ladies, I'll just go to the restroom", Donghae said and winked at me. I smiled giddily at him, which immediately faded when I met Tiffany's blazing glare. What the fck is her problem?

<*crickets crickets>

"So...I heard you're into animes, Star Wars and...stuff?", her sharp tone did not escape my ears.

Wow. She's a b!tch.

"Yes. Actually, Donghae and I are into geeky things", I flatly said. Take a hint, woman!

"Uh-huh. I bet the guys flock around you since you have the same interest as them", she snickered while sipping her drink.

GRRRRRRRR.... She's clearly insinuating that my hobby is a total turn-off for guys.

"My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind my weirdness.", I smugly said.

"Your boyfriend? Who? D-Donghae?", she asked, alarmed. She isn't that obvious that she likes Donghae, is she?

"What was that? I heard my name", Donghae sat on his seat and looked at us questioningly. Crap.

"Oh, I was just asking Dara if she's your girlfriend", Tiffany stared at me stonily.

"What? No!", he chuckled.

Oh gosh, this is humiliating.

"Well, she said she has a boyfriend. I thought it's you", Tiffany laughed while gloating at me.

I directed my gaze on my lap and fiddled with my fingers while my heart beats painfully.

"Y-You have a boyfriend, Dara? Who?", I heard Donghae ask but I'm too scared to look up.

"Me", a deep voice behind me interjected. Then, I felt my seat spinned and the next thing I know, I was facing Jiyong. His hands were rested on the sides of my seat, trapping me with his arms as he smirked at me.

"Hello babe"

His husky voice is intoxicating. I found myself staring at his wet lips as he bit it while grinning.


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So love the story ^^
46 streak #2
Missing this ❤
S2nancy 25 streak #3
I’m reading this for the second time because it’s soooo good! Great job!
3shhaaa #4
Chapter 1: Reading this for the second time!!!
Teddycl #5
eve_young #6
Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
123 streak #7
Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
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Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
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Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #10
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much