MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"Unnie, I bought you some food", Minji placed a box on my desk and bade goodbye. I opened the box and looked at what's inside.

The moment I saw the sweet buns, emotional meltdown begins.


Sweet bun - Jiyong's favorite.

That JERK! I can never forgive him! NEVER!

We just abruptly stopped communicating so I'm guessing he's aware that our agreement is now void. After all, he tried to take advantage of me! I mean, I knew he's just making a point that I can be on grave danger but heck, what was that that he did?! He is literally an untamed beast.

It's been a week. I wonder how he is? Did he already accept another contract from the other clients of Rent-A-Boyfriend Company? Is he also pissing off his new girlfriend? Did he send her flowers in the office? Did they go on their Trial Date?

Hmph! I'm sure no one will last a minute with that kind of insufferable man! Only I can handle him.

The chances of creating diamonds by mixing vinegar and soy sauce together is better than the chances of Jiyong getting rented. I'm the only one who can tolerate his jerkiness.

Anyway, here's the problem. I officially don't have any boyfriend to introduce on the Annual Company Acquaintance Party which is already near. I don't want to rent another boyfriend either.


"Sandara Park!", Krystal barged in my office without even knocking, and didn't even close the door behind her.

Oh, give me a break. This is the last thing I need.

Evil always has the perfect timing when it comes to disrupting the peace of the universe. A good example is evil Krystal, who always pops up whenever you only want to be alone and think solemnly.

"Didn't you follow-up our order in the flower shop? We're supposed to get RED roses! They said they ran out of red roses!", she said in a voice that can be heard by the entire floor.

The Marketing Department put the IT Department in charge of the decorations for the party. It's one way of making everyone participate and mingle with one another. I was assigned as the leader representing our department to oversee that everything will be in order. Which is the main reason why Krystal is making a big fuss out of the tiniest detail that she could blame on me or anyone in my BlackJack team.

That's one of her expertise - being a psychotic b!tch. She thinks it is her duty to piss the hell out of everyone, especially me.

"You should seriously double-check everything.", her annoying voice slashed through my subconscious. I stared at her with a deadpan expression. I feel like I'll fall into a deep coma if she continues with her nonsense talk.

The way she acts will make you think she's the most organized and clean person in the face of the planet. You are so wrong.

She's a total slob!! She doesn't clean her office E-V-E-R. Her desk is like a science experiment, I'm sure there's already a mini-ecosystem in there. If she placed a used coffee cup on her table, it will stay there until the end of time. The cleaning ahjummas aren't allowed inside her office corner for reasons I cannot fathom.

Her plantation of germs is thriving, I tell you. There are just all kinds of unidentified species evolving into a new batch of unidentified species. It's horrible.

"What should we do if they give us WHITE roses?!", she asked incredulously after a while.

"<*GASP>! Run for our lives?", I sarcastically replied while clutching my chest as if it's the end of the world if the flower shop gives us white roses instead of red.

She was throwing daggers with her stare but I was unfazed.

"Didn't your boyfriend give you red roses before? Maybe you can ask him where he purchased it so we can just order in that flower shop", she smugly asked.

I stiffened and that didn't escape her eyes.

"Ohhh I see. Did boyfriend vanish into thin air?", she wickedly said. I straightened up and squared my shoulders.

"Krystal, this is my turf. I will have your as$ tossed out of here before you could even blink if you continue disrupting my work", I warned her.

She marched out of my office clutching the document that contains the list of decorations that we still need to order for the upcoming party. I'm betting she'll come back for vengeance later after scrutinizing what other things she can nitpick.

I took a bite of the warm sweet bun.

Mmmm.. It's not so bad after all. I kinda like it now.


Sulli kissed GD's lips but he did not kiss back.

"What's wrong GD? Not in the mood?", Sulli cooed and grinded her chest against his arms. He remained unresponsive much to her dismay. He and his gang were hanging out in one of the VIP rooms in YG Underground Club; accompanied by their girls.

"Leave us", he instructed in a low growl, making all the girls scamper out of the room. All except Sulli.

"Did you not hear me?", GD grabbed his bottle and didn't even look at her. She pouted and wrapped her arms around him.

"Tell me what's bothering you. Did I not satisfy you last night?", she asked.

"Just leave, Sulli"

"Fine", she stomped her feet while making her way towards the door.

"Boss, you've been very restless since that night when we followed Dara to the bar. Did anything happen?", Youngbae asked.

GD remained silent while the rest of the guys looked at each other.

"I'm sensing a Lover's Quarrel. A big one", Seungri jokingly said.

GD just stared blankly at nowhere in particular, lost in deep thoughts. He was completely oblivious to the curious stares of his men.

"Tch, I don't understand women", he suddenly blurted out. TOP almost choked on the beer he was drinking.

"<*cough> WHAT?! Boss, did I just hear that from you? Oh my goodness, KNOCK ON WOOD!", TOP frantically looked for any available wood and forcefully knocked on it a few times. It's like something bad will befall them upon hearing their boss utter such impossible words.

"Shut up", GD rested his chin on the palm of his hand. It's been a week and just as expected, Dara didn't contact him anymore. He doesn't know why he's even thinking about it. Isn't this what he wants so he can focus on the problems they're currently facing within the Triad? And wouldn't it be better if the geek won't associate herself with him anymore since danger surrounds him all the time?

"Jiyong, it's just the five of us here. You can tell us, you know", Youngbae said after a while. He even used his first name to call him to remind GD that they're brothers even long before.

GD sighed and started recounting the events that night.

"Oh mannnnnn. You're screwed", TOP mumbled after GD finally revealed the reason why Dara's not seeing him anymore.

"She's been very tolerable with you, boss. But you went overboard with what you did"

"I guess this is fine. She's better off without me anyway. Besides, I told you it's just for my own amusement", GD said.

"Well, you can still prolong your amusement. Play along with her a bit longer.", TOP said, obviously trying his best to save the twenty million won that is about to slip away.

Youngbae lightly kicked TOP's foot and widened his eyes at him.

"What TOP hyung is trying to say is, you just need to apologize to her, boss. You owe her that much", he reasoned out.

GD chugged down his beer and didn't say anything.

"Hmm.... I have an idea on how you should do it.", TOP interjected, a mischievous smirk forming on his lips.

"An idea that will make me wanna barf, I bet", GD cocked his eyebrows. Knowing his retarded henchman, his plan probably involves Walt Disney effects plus Twilight movie lines rolled into one.

"I won't trust him if I were you, boss. He watched all the Twilight Movies. Have you noticed his vampire get-up?", Daesung said and caught the bottle that TOP threw in his direction.

"You won't make me take off my clothes while I sparkle splendidly when the sun shines on my skin, right? 'Coz I swear, I am going to haunt your as$ and torture you", GD warned TOP.

"No, no. Boss, hear me out. What you need to do is wait outside her window with roses in hand and with candles surrounding you in a heart-shape", TOP dreamily said.

"Shove your plan to your as$. I won't do it. And prepare your twenty million won. I won't see Sandara Park anymore.", GD exhaled audibly and leaned back on his seat.

"Okay. I bet she's just going to call that RAB Company again to rent a new boyfriend. And they'll go on a Trial Date together and she'll probably..."

"Cut it out.", GD stormed out of the room with his eyebrows mashed together before TOP can even finish his sentence.

The four of them laughed amongst each other while shaking their heads.

"You think he'll apologize?", Daesung asked.

"Nope. But the ways things are going, who knows...", Youngbae gulped down his beer while smiling.


"Why did you fail in erasing the uninitiated Triad members?", a voice asked over a secured phone.

"The hired assassins were intercepted by the Triad's Deputy Mountain Master. He's proving to be a big challenge. He also helped relocate some uninitiated Yakuza and Mafia members and completely went out of our radar."

"We're behind our schedule. We're supposed to eliminate the ordinary members next, then obliterate the Triad officers from the bottom up to the top but we're already having problems with assassinating just the uninitiated members? We will be a shame to the Alliance if we fail.", the voice said after a while.

"Sorry, boss."

"Find where the uninitiated Triads are hiding. Meanwhile, hire another group of hitman and elimiate the 49ers (ordinary Triad Members)"

"Yes, boss. Aren't we going to eliminate the Deputy Mountain Master as well?"

"Not yet. We wouldn't be able to lure him and kill him easily. The Alliance Leader specifically ordered us to stick with the plan - which is to erase the members at the very bottom first before killing the Triad officers and lastly, the Dragon Head. Make sure not to fail this time."

"Yes, boss"




"Good grief, will you stop that", Bom sternly said and slapped my shoulder as I sighed once again. I invited her in my apartment thinking that she could probably help me get Jiyong thoughts out of my head, but I was proven wrong.

I don't know why I'm still thinking of that jerk, argh!

I robotically walked towards my bedroom and collapsed on my bed face-down. Bom followed me and sat beside my useless body.

"Tell me exactly what happened. You said you're not renting that Jiyong anymore? Why?", she asked. She's still clueless about the events that happened that night at the bar and I don't plan on telling her the whole story either. I don't need any more complications right now.

"We got into a fight", I simply replied.

"That's odd. You told me you two are always bickering but you're still able to tolerate him. What's the difference with this recent fight than the previous ones?"

"This one is a BIG fight", I answered and buried my face on my pillow.

To my surprise, I heard Bom's giggles.

"That's not the kind of reaction that I'm expecting.", I kicked her out of my bed but Bom just continued chuckling.

"Oh my, Dara. You two seems like a real couple, having fights and all hahahaha!"

"No, Bommie-ah. You know I still like Donghae. I'm just....well...I got used to having Jiyong around - pissing me off and making me want to murder him", I pouted remembering his antics. *sigghhhh

"Just forgive him, then"

"No way", I rolled over and sat up to face her.

"I bet you're gonna eat your words. This Jiyong is really something. He even bought you a chicken pet", Bom started roaring in laughter as soon as she mentioned that damn pet. Yes, I kept her. She's currently roaming around the backyard of our Apartment Complex.

"So, have you decided about what to name her?", she asked.

"Don't change the topic, crazy woman", I snarled at her.

"Fine. You're boring me out with your useless problem. What IS your problem anyway?", she shot back.

"Well, I can't forgive Jiyong. So, I don't have anyone to introduce at the party", I said.

"This is all about Donghae, right? And about your stupid pride?", she asked.

Is this still about Donghae?

Aigooo...I don't know anymore. All I'm sure of is I hate that jerk - Jiyong!

My phone rang as I was busy having a mini-monologue on my head. I grabbed my phone and Bom squeezed her face on my cheeks to see who the caller is.

"KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!", Bom and I simultaneously squealed as we looked at the caller id. OMG, it's Donghae!

"Put it on speaker!!!", my bestfriend shrieked with glee.

And that's what I did so she can eavesdrop on our conversation.

I died multiple times because of spazz attacks as I was talking to him, especially when he invited me out for tomorrow - NOT for a drink. Omo, omo, is this a date?!

I was squeezing Bom's hand while looking at her with wide eyes. OMG, is this happening finally?!

"So, are you free? Can we go out, just the two of us?", he sheepishly asked.

Bom and I are trying to stifle our squeals by just wiggling our body giddily after hearing what Donghae said on the speaker phone.

"<*cough>S-Sure. Where are we going to meet?", I asked and resumed my silent squealing.

"I'll just pick you up in your apartment tomorrow afternoon", he answered.


Bom hit me in rapid succession to bring me back to life.

"Okay. See you tomorrow", I replied while biting my lips. I think my enormous smile has reached the back of my head.

"'Kay, bye"

"KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!", we were rolling on the bed while hugging each other as we both squealed with delight.



This is so awkwardddd!!I can't even look straight at Donghae! My suppressed giddiness is building up inside me!

I think I can only talk to him with the help of alcohol. Now that we're in a different setting, I'm acting like a total dysfunctional human being.

"So, uhm...why did you suddenly want me to accompany you today?", I asked to break the silence. We were walking aimlessly along Han River park and my heart is doing constant somersaults as I was secretly watching him in my peripheral vision while the wind blows his hair.

"Nothing in particular.", he simply said.

I was watching my feet while we were descending the stairs, still unable to look at him.

"I just want to be with you today", he suddenly added. I missed my step because of surprise and almost went tumbling down the stairs if Donghae wasn't quick enough to snake his arm around my waist and support my arm.

"T-Thank you", I said and our eyes met. I realized that what happens in Korean Drama series is true (I can almost hear a cheesy background music playing in my head)! I was holding my breath and I could almost hear my heart's thundering beat. *Kyahhhhhhh!!

He was chuckling while helping me to straighten up and regain my footing.

"What's wrong with you, dude?", he asked.

Dude. Now I'm dude again. Not Dara, but DUDE. What the hell.

"Anyway, I was so bored lately and I wanted to do something fun so I called you up.", he continued as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I would've spazzed because of this but he did it in a very bro-like way. It's really frustrating, actually. Now I'm reminded of the reason why I rented a boyfriend in the first place - because Donghae is so dense!

"Okay, let's have fun", I said while giving him a tight-lipped smile. His arm is still draped over me while walking when my phone beeped. I pulled out my phone and read the text message from Bom.

Kiss him! On the cheeks! PALI!!!

OMG, is my useless bestfriend following us?! I stealthily looked around and caught sight of a suspicious-looking woman wearing a big hat and shades hiding behind a nearby tree.


Disaster is here.


I quickly sent her the text and pulled Donghae away. I mean, I do appreciate that Bom is really supportive of me but she does it in a very peculiar way - like what she's doing now. (Not to mention she's the one who got me into renting a boyfriend in the first place!)

"Oh, that looks fun", Donghae pointed at a group of kids playing dodgeball. O-kay. Don't tell me we're going to join those group of little brats. It's already proven that I'm not good with dealing with children, and I can already sense the impending catastrophe that is bound to happen if I'm mixed with those mini-monsters, let alone PLAY with them.

"Let's play with them!", he chirped.


"Okay!", I said in a high-pitched tone, faking my excitement. I know, I know, I should've refused. But heck, I really like the guy.

So off we go to play with them and divided ourselves into two teams. Donghae and I are in opposing teams, of course. In dodgeball, when you are able to hit a member of the other team with the ball, he will be out. The team with the last standing member wins.

The kids we're playing with are actually pre-teens - the age when they're most annoying.

"Hey noona, is he your boyfriend?", one of my kid teammate asked. I chuckled giddily and was about to answer when a kid from the opposing team cut me off...

"No, Donghae hyung said she's just his friend. And besides, they really don't look like a couple. More like brothers. Look at her, she doesn't suit hyung.", the snotty kid with streaks of thin moustache (gosh, how old is he?!) replied with a smug look on his face.

Okay, moustache, you're going down, I thought. Our eyes met and in my mind, his forehead is already marked with X. Target Locked.

I swear, I will hit him with the ball with full force later.

We were taking our positions when I received another text from...*sigh...yeah, you guessed it right. That lunatic I call my bestfriend.

Dara, grab this opportunity to make him worry!! Pretend that you've injured your ankle or something!

GAAHHHDD!!! Bommie-ah!!! Just go home!

SHUT....UP!!, I replied and pocketed my phone.

The game started. I clapped my hands together and assumed a fighting stance. I dodged the balls like a ninja and I even saved my teammates multiple times from being hit by the ball by picking them up and throwing them elsewhere so as not to be hit. They don't look so happy though whenever I do that. Man, I was so serious about the game.

The dodgeball match went on with me creaming the kids mercilessly and with more than a few commentaries from the crazy woman hiding behind a tree.

Congratulations, you look like a woman from the Amazons. That's why Donghae treats you like you're his brother. Can you please act like a damsel in distress for once! <- another text from Bom which I dutifully ignored. Kekekekeke.

Donghae would usually pass the ball to his teammate to let them play and happily dodges the balls aimed at him by my teammates. When I finally got hold of the ball - revenge time!!! Screw maturity, moustache kid is going to die in my hands!

I aimed the ball at him with amazing marksmanship. He knew it was coming even before I released the ball from my hand. His eyes started to get misty and his mouth twitched. Is he going to cry?!, I thought as my grip from the ball loosened and it went directly to his forehead with a big thud (remember the X mark? yeah, I nailed it)

Moustache kid started bawling like a pig much to my surprise. He was pointing an accusing finger at me. Oh no!

Donghae used his charms to calm him down. And it worked, of course. Just look at how charismatic Donghae is!

"It's okay, hyung. I bet this'll bruise but it's fine.", the kid said pitifully while sniffing.

The game ended - with my head bowed down in shame. And of course, another text from Bom came in:

Way to go MIGHTOR. Good job on bullying a kid. You're such a turn-off. Hmph, I'm going home. You, my friend, is hopeless!



We did a lot of things today - playing on the park, eating on the river ferry restaurant, roaming around Insa-dong and now, we're currently watching the Rainbow Fountain show at the Banpo Bridge.

It would've been really romantic if not for the fact that he sees me as a mere companion.

We were sitting at one of the concrete benches while staring at the fountain show. The water shooting from the side of the bridge dances as it reflects the different colors from the lightings, illuminating the dark night.

I stiffened when I felt Donghae's arm around me. He then stretched his other arm holding his phone.

"Let's take a picture!", he happily said. I timidly smiled as he took the shot.


Donghae and I were laughing as we were walking towards my apartment building. I felt really light whenever I'm with him.

I turned to him when we arrived at the doorstep.

"Uhm, so thanks for today", he said.

"D-Do you want to come in?", I asked. GAHHHH!! What's gotten into me?! I never invite Donghae upstairs whenever he drops me off!

"Is it okay?", he sheepishly asked. Aw gosh, he's so adorable!

"Of course. I'll fix you a cup of coffee", I replied.

I felt a fuzzy feeling as I looked at Donghae sitting on my living room. I placed the cups on the coffee table and sat at the opposite couch.

"So....this is my apartment.", I started.

"Yes, it is", he smiled at me and it took my entire willpower not to leap at him and devour him on my couch.

We then started gossiping about our officemates. Although Donghae doesn't belong on the same workfloor as me (he's from the 19th floor while I'm on 17th), he still knows almost everyone since he's our Lead Technical Specialist overseeing everyone's workstations.

The night went on breezily. This is just how things are with Donghae. He's a very steady person. I mean, he's just perfect.

When it's time for him to go home, I walked him until the building entrance.

"I'll be going. Thanks for this day, dude", he said and ruffled my hair. I slapped his arm away playfully.

I watched him as he get on his car parked at the corner of the street and drove off. I was about to go upstairs when I caught sight of a familiar figure at the tree across the street.

I squinted my eyes but I couldn't see anything because it's dark. Hmm...must be my imagination, but I thought I saw Jiyong. Aigooo, why do I even bother thinking about that jerk!




credits: jomi25 - Joan Constantino

Dara was half-running as she entered the hotel. She went straight to the reception desk and asked where the function hall is where the IT Convention is currently being held.

She wasn't able to sleep well last night as multitude of thoughts keep swarming her mind which includes her feelings about Donghae and surprisingly, her current situation with GD.

She got up late and just pulled out anything from her closet as soon as she went out of the shower. She didn't even have time to change when she realized the dress is too skimpy for her taste. She was already late in all her morning schedules. And now, she still has to attend the 4PM IT Convention. This day incredibly .

Dara entered the function hall in a hurry, failing to see the black cars that pulled over the hotel's entrance. GD and his men wearing black suits disembarked from the vehicles, and all the hotel personnels quickly assembled.

"You lose the bet. Prepare to pay later", GD said as he entered the Century Dragon Hotel followed by his entourage. The hotel is just one of the properties owned by the Triad amongst many other establishments.

"Not yet. You know I will willingly hand it to you if I see that there's really no chance. But I still think I have a good shot on winning this one. I know where you went to last night when you suddenly disappeared in the middle of the Incense Master's party", TOP knowingly replied. Luxurious parties are often thrown by the crime bosses to socialize and strengthen the bond between the members.

"I was just checking on her. I thought I traumatized her, but she seems fine.", GD said flatly.

"She's fine because of that Donghae guy, huh?", TOP teased but GD just ignored him. The hotel staffs were neatly lined up and bowed at them as they proceed to the elevators going to the Administrative office since GD has a meeting with the White Paper Fan (financial adviser of the Triad).

A few hours later....

It was getting dark when the IT Convention finally finished. Dara was the last one to leave since she had to discuss something with the organizers first. She was really tired and her skimpy dress is adding to her stress. Who would've thought that there are a lot of ed old men in the convention who were trying to either get her number or invite her out tonight for some clean fun. The nerve! Eeww!

Her eyebrows are criss-crossing as she headed towards the exit. She was walking slowly and was almost past the elevators when one of the elevators opened, revealing GD who is looking really stunning with his suit and tie. TOP, Youngbae, Seungri and Daesung immediately turned around in panic while his other men pressed themselves on the wall of the elevator in a futile attempt to hide.

GD, however, was unfazed. He just looked at Dara's surprised face with disinterest, walked out of the elevator and totally ignored her. The elevator doors closed with GD's men still inside - looking like complete idiots. Dara's mouth was hanging open as he followed GD's back with her gaze. Jerk!, she thought. And he has the nerve to cockily ignore her after what he's done?!

Dara walked hastily in long strides and walked past him. She whipped her head sideways to look at him, scoffed at GD as she continued marching out of there then <*WHAM>, Dara's face hit the glass wall since she was not looking at where she's going. Her body was immediately thrown back by the impact and she found herself sitting on the carpet floor.




GAHH!! This is so embarrassing! And the jerk, who's still walking slowly towards the exit, SAW IT ALL!

WAAAAHH!! Huhuhuhu!

The hotel personnels were all over me in an instant, asking if I'm fine or if I need to be taken to the hospital.

OH MY GOSH, the embarrassment! No, I don't need to be taken to a hospital. I just need a glass of water with poison in it. Huhuhuhu, just let me end my life, please.

Jiyong continued walking nonchalantly and when he was finally near me, I think I saw a smirk on the corner of his lips. GAAAHHH!!!!!!

I felt my buttcheeks tightened in humiliation. I was ready to jump into another galaxy and hide there FOREVER! I'm literally scarred for life.

The staffs helped me up and I thanked them. My head was bowed down as I inspected myself. Sh!t, the strap of my dress snapped. Oh well, I'm heading home anyway.

I quickly stormed out of there with my hair covering my face. I saw Jiyong at the corner heading towards the valet. He looked back and saw me and....fck, is he laughing at me! God, why must I suffer like this?! I can already picture my dignity spiraling down the hill.....followed by my pride....and oh, there goes my ego, too. Bye-bye ego.

I immediately diverted my gaze and walked on the opposite direction. I'm totally ruined in front of him, huhuhuhu. I can never face him!

Where the hell are the cabs when you need one?!

I was holding the strap of my dress to prevent it from falling while walking when suddenly, a motorcycle was zooming towards the hotel's direction. I thought it's a guest heading towards the parking but the as$hole drove directly towards me and before I could even react, he d my !

"KYAAAAAHHHHH!!!", I screamed in a mixture of terror and anger. OMG, why are all these misfortunes happening to me?

I looked disbelievingly at the man on the motorcycle and I heard him laugh as he drove away. Then I saw Jiyong still standing at the corner with an ominous expression on his face, waiting for the motorcycle man like a predator.

The exact moment the motorcycle reached him, Jiyong stretched his arm and grabbed the man by his back-collar. The motorcycle sped off and tumbled at the street. A loud metal sound skidding on the concrete was heard. I stared at Jiyong in horror as he was still grabbing the motorcycle driver by the back-collar.

He then dragged the helpless man with him and strode towards me.

"Please tell me he wasn't able to touch you.", he said in an eerie tone that sends chills up my spine. Although I seriously want to beat the sh!t out of the motorcycle man, I was about to lie for him since Jiyong has the same look as he had when he saved me at the bar that night.

"YOU FCKING BA$TARD! YES, I D HER S! SO WHAT, HUH?! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR AS$, YOU FCKTARD!", the man tried to wiggle free from Jiyong's grasp, kicking and flailing his arms.

I covered my mouth in shock as I saw the dark expression on Jiyong's face. I was about to call for help to stop Jiyong from whatever he is about to do but the security personnel looked more scared than I am. Why aren't they stopping him?!

Jiyong took the man's helmet off and threw it away. The man is almost on his knees while Jiyong was now grabbing him by his collar. He then stared directly at the man's eyes, who seemed to be high on drugs.

"Jiyong, he didn't touch me. I was just surpsrised when he flung his arm. Come on, let the security staff handle this", I tried to reason to him. He lifted his gaze and caught sight of the ripped strap of my dress. My breathing hiked up when his expression turned for the worst.

"Repeat what you said. You d her?", Jiyong muttered between gritted teeth while tightening his hold on the man's collar. I was rooted on my spot, not knowing what to do.

"HAHAHAHAHHA!! YOUR GIRL'S IS REALLYYYYY SOFT AND....", the man wasn't able to finish what he's saying when Jiyong threw a solid punch on his mouth, bursting his lips open. And he didn't stop there, he just blindly continued punching him all over his face.

"J-Jiyong....", I can't even hear my own voice. I heard some shuffling of feet and looked at the hotel's entrace. I saw the men in dark suits that were at the elevator earlier but they just diverted their gazes and turned around as if they're not seeing what's happening before me. Why aren't anyone stopping him?

Then I heard a low grunt and a crack and was shocked to see that the man is almost unidentifiable with blood, bruises and wounds all over his face.

Oh my God...

I quickly wrapped my arms around Jiyong, hugging him tightly from behind.

"Jiyong, I'm fine. Calm down. Please."

"HE D YOU!", he furiously shouted without even looking at me.

"No, he didn't. He didn't. Please...stop"

"He....touched you", he said in a dangerous tone and aimed his fist again. I unwrapped my arms, stepped in front of him and cupped his face.

"Look at me.", I softly said, trying to calm him. Fortunately, he complied and his arm hang limply on his side although he's still gripping the man by the collar using his left hand.

"I'm fine, Jiyong. So, please stop", I said while looking directly at his eyes.

"I told you, you're grounded.", he hoarsely whispered and averted his gaze.

I didn't bother responding to his silly statement as my chest is already constricting at the sight of him losing his temper because someone touched me.

He lets go of the man and covered me with his suit. He then guided me towards the car and that's the only time that the security staffs moved to aid the man. Weirdly though, they didn't even stop Jiyong from leaving. Is this hotel affiliated with the Rent-A-Boyfriend Company? And what is Jiyong doing here with that expensive-looking suit and car?

Although I have a lot of questions in my mind, I just kept them to myself seeing Jiyong's current state.

We reached our apartment without exchanging a single word. He parked the car near the apartment building and just stared at the road without even glancing at me. I opened the door and was about to get off when his voice stopped me.

"You're scared of me now, aren't you?", he asked.

There was an awkward silence after. Only our breathing and faint sound of crickets at a distance can be heard as I hold the open car door while still sitting on the passenger side.

"No, Jiyong. I'm not scared of you.", I answered truthfully.

He stared at me with penetrating eyes.

"But I'm really worried for you", I continued and was about to get off but he grabbed my arm. I looked back at him questioningly.

"That night...I just lost my head when I saw you in trouble", he said in a hushed tone.

"But you still went overboard with what you did to me, Jiyong", I replied.

"I know"

I almost gasp in surprise when he brushed the strands of hair off my face and tucked it behind my ear.

"I'm sorry, babe", he sincerely said.

B-Babe? <*THUMP> <---- GAAHHHH!! What the hell!!

"Can I spend the night on your apartment? Just for tonight", he asked while deeply staring at me.




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