Xenodochial Offerings, E.X.O for short, is coming to Gangnam!
One of Seoul's most popular pet cafe is finally opening it's second doors to the public! Not only do they have pets available for adoption, but rumor has it that these pets are Cupid's little helpers, guiding their owners in the direction of their true loves. And even if the rumors aren't true, getting a peek at the good looking boys of the shop was always a plus. When Cupid decides to shoot these boys in the with his arrows, how will the boys fare against the power of love?
author spontaneity
genre romcom
author's note  I still couldn't give this up so guess its back from the grave lol. plus I've been wanting an exo-centric af. I'll be honest, I'm not the most trustworthy af author but I will try to write as much I can, when I can. hope the story interests you!


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Chapter 9: omg i love the teasers. the mental image of exo members chasing around after pets are hilarious xD Kris stop being a lazy diva will you xD ahahaa Jongdae's infamous "waeee~" god Yixing is still as weird as ever lel poor Tao and Baekhyun chasing around after the dogs man that must have been some cardio workout...Luhan you're a deer, end of conversation. I wonder whats it like to be on EXO's ot12 group chat xD who knows Joonmyeon might be spamming the groupchat at midnight just to notify that Stitch has gone missing again :'D
overall great chapter! comment is loooong overdue. Apologies, for I have been having finals
Chapter 9: LOL Stitch is so f**cking adorable XD XD
Chapter 8: woohoo just a bit more until the deadline
everything looks good so far so thumbs up! <3
Chapter 3: i'll be applying! D: i just gotta catch up on life first yikes!
Chapter 3: Ooh wait one question
Does that mean whichever owners end up choosing the hybrid pets, does that mean they know that their pets are hybrids?
Chapter 6: Yaay a new update! ♡ smashing up two stories together are hard work, I salute you!
Oh wow it seems everybody is allowing their hybrids as l/i :'D
Chapter 6: So if I want to reapply from the previous cupid's best helper, I just have to put in the previous link into the "submit form"?
Chapter 6: If anyone thinks my dear turtle man Iskandar is worthy of being a love interest, I can work things out. X3 The pets are here to help anyway! XD hahaha
Btw, do you want me to change his app to match the new surrounding that he is in? XD
Chapter 6: Yay! Yara and Ila are available as whatever you want them to be :)
Aigoo, I'll try and make one, ah, I love this idea and everything about it erggggggggggggg!!!!