Jjongah drabbles

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I have unexpectedly fallen in love with WGM couple Jonghyun and Yura.

Just a few drabbles about them :)

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pinkstrawberry936 #1
dwie25 #2
Chapter 1: i'm really...really miss them together
lawranne18 #3
Chapter 9: Aigoo.. what happened to them? I cant help but to think that someday they are going ti be like that but i should push away those nega things in my head.. i'll believe in them.. as i believe in Destiny!!
JjongAh couple fighting!!
abijpmax #4
Chapter 8: This update is so sweet,i can imagine ths happen in real life.
abijpmax #5
Chapter 9: Nooo.
candybo #6
Chapter 8: PREMONITION PLEASE!!!! <3 hahahahahah lovely story <3 i want more! MOAR MOAR author-nim <3
csyifaw #7
Chapter 8: It makes me wonder about how jjongah will have a date secretly behind us, kekeke~ Keep romantic jjongah!
sweetchicklips26 #8
Chapter 8: I hope the story is like a premonition on what is about to happen :)) fighting authornim
Fairyness #9
Chapter 8: How i wish this story became reality, hahaha.. I like the way you wrote this, thanks ^^
chiohemoxa #10
Chapter 8: Omg i can't handle this! Too much sweetness!! Hahaha i love your drabbles!!! Thank u for such GREAT mini stories :)