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Main Characters.

Hong Jonghyun

Girls' day Yura

After School's Nana


Exo's Chanyeol

Lee Soohyuk



"He is  totally not my type." Yura said looking at Nana

"Trust me, once you get to know him you will realise how similar you both are." Nana said patting Yura's arm

"Nana i don't think this is a good idea, besides whats happening with you and Chanyeol?" The girls day member smirked

"Who?" Nana said pretending not to hear

"Eonnie don't be like that." Yura slapped her arm lightly

"Just concentrate on Jonghyun oppa, arrasso?" Nana laughed walking away

"Yahh come back." Yura pouted chasing after her friend

Lizzy and Nana were walking down the hallway at music core as they were promoting Orange Caramel's new song, exo members Chanyeol, Tao and Kyungsoo were standing outside their waiting room chatting.

"Remember we changed the second bridge choreography Lizzy." Nana said looking at her phone

"Yeah yeah." Lizzy replied smirking as she saw the exo members in the distance.

Nana kept looking at her phone as she walked down the hallway and Lizzy just hummed as she walked along beside the taller member

The exo members were playing happily and stopped suddenly when they noticed the two orange caramel members approaching, Tao nudged Chanyeol who glared at him.

Lizzy playfully pushed Nana into Chanyeol who was shocked at the sudden physical contact

"Omo!" She squealed looking up at Chanyeol who just held her by her shoulders

"I'm so sorry Chanyeolie." She babbled then looked at Lizzy who was already metres ahead, trying to hold in her laughter

Kyungsoo and Tao chuckled as it was already obvious Lizzy pre meditated the push

"Its okay, you already finished recording?" Chanyeol let go of Nana before shuffling back a few steps

"Yeah we just have to do the pre-recording later." She nodded fiddling with her outfit

"Yah eonnie stop flirting we have to get changed." Lizzie called out grinning from ear to ear

"Aishhh jinjja." Nana scoffed

"Good luck." Chanyeol said holding his fist up

"You too, exo jjang!" She smiled brightly bowing her head slightly before walking away

"Were you two giving each other googly eyes?." Kyungsoo whispered as Nana's figure disappeared

"Mwoh?" Chanyeol asked

"Ooohhhh." Tao said in a high pitched voice, making kissing faces to Chanyeol

"You two will be the death of me." Chanyeol rolled his eyes walking back in to the waiting room.


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dee_230208 #1
Chapter 4: i read soo many jjongah ff n many of them stop in the midle?
Are this too???
dee_230208 #2
Chapter 1: okey... nice start...love it
dwie25 #3
Chapter 1: i must be crazy while smileee ear to eat reading this story alone in my rome
csyifaw #4
Chapter 4: Jonghyun is start to like her and be curious about her, so he decide to search everything about yura.. He is a very romantic man <3
sweetchicklips26 #5
Chapter 4: why do I feel so giddy while reading this chapter? I am seriously inlove with Jjongah <3 thanks for the update
xxxgraciechua10 #6
moarrrrrrrr hahaha jjongah banzai!
sweetchicklips26 #7
Chapter 3: new reader ;) Im looking forward to this story authornim. It has Chanyeol x Nana, Jonghyun x Yura, and other idols possible love story. Please dont hesitate to update, keke
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Chapter 3: Chanana!!! <3
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Hahh after the end of Jjongah I have been looking for some fics of them!
And here I have one of not only them but ChanNana to!!
(and some small SuRong moments kekeke)