Nana x Chanyeol drabbles

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A few drabbles of Nana x Chanyeol, some are ideas from Roommate variety show :)


Please note pictures and gifs are not mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Any requests for nana x chanyeol feel free to ask!


"Women are weak around men who are good to them, i think i am like that." - Nana (Roommate season1)







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Chapter 22: Sad. I really liked reading this fic. I can read anything related to chanana lol.
yufasa #2
Chapter 1: They are cute ♡
im doing it in 3 parts so it will go until Z :) thanks for all your support
Chapter 20: Make it until z please. That's just so fluffy assgdjd XD
Chapter 20: it was so cute. if you dont mind can you continue until Z? kekeke
happyow #6
Chapter 20: I just found this. Daebak. I dont believe that rumour, jong and nana just friend bcause that show and they'r both a model right. Keep writing author. Chanana <3
Chapter 20: So cute~ hahaha >.<
Wahyudwiputri #8
Chapter 19: Whoaaa author-nim you're really daebakk!! I totally going crazy with your story!! Hope chanana will be real!! Please update more about chanana story author-nim!! >.<
Chapter 18: WOuld definitely love a drabble on how Nana will handle the explanation to Chanyeol on Jonghyun. I love all the chapters. It's simple yet still gives fluttering feelings :)
I saw a picture of nana with puff eyes, looks like she was crying :'( probably because of the dating scandal