the fate of the supposed enemy

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“Leo was born to change; she was born to eliminate those who change. But what will happen if this two creature’s fate collides? Will everything will work as it is or it’s time for fate to have its own playtime that would ignite everything? Two different person lured by  tricky fate. Not knowing that such event will be the start of their untamed adventures. Believing they both had it all. The love of two different person, born to kill each other. Two innocent person but soon to be ignite.


Fate has its own way of bumping people in the most perfect cruel way. Fate is just one lonely entity that wanted to play in black and white and who’s isolating themselves in this most exciting world.Even the other party doesn't know it yet or even both she took the most possible person, things, event to start their unknowingst, untamed journey.
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