Dejavu (Girl's Day Minah and Exo's Kyungsoo)[ON GOING]




                    Hello I'm UseYourName (pronounce as Username), I'm a huge shipper of MinSoo couple (Girl's Day Bang Minah and EXO D.O/ Kyungsoo) I really like them because for me they fit for a couple figure. I made this fanfic so that I can see if anyone agrees with my shipper heart ❤. I HOPE EVERYONE will enjoy my story since I'm a frustrated writer,I'll be really glad if you readers will share your feels and insights about the story but please don't be rude ^^


              I didn't plagiarize this. My first account "UseYourName" will be no longer used since I forgot the account's password. Continue to read the story here.


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Dejavu is the feeling that you have already experienced something that is actually happening for the first time or something that has happened many times before or something that is very familiar.






-What if something that is happening today had already happened in the past?



-It seems like this scenery happened before.



-The feeling of remembering something you dreamt of that is happening now.



-You feel familiar with the current situation.






Well if you know this things and had experienced it, It's called Dejavu...




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