No Other Than These Famous Idiots!


Because of Donghae I learned so many things that I should and shouldn't do. Such as:

1. Always have fun in life

2. Never give up!

3. Don't ever tell Donghae anything or else he'll have a heart attack and over worry

And because of Super Junior I got to experience many things,

1. Always to remember to knock on their doors (OR else it's a terrible experience)

2. Always work till you can't move anymore for someone you care about (Yes ELFs, Super Junior works their heart out for you people!)

3. How to be a girl pretending to be a boy in an all guys dorm with 13 boys - I mean how to love people

I've had strange experiences with them, but to be honest, I treasure those weird (and scary) memories I've had! 

This is part of the "Famous Idiots Series" This is part two! Read part one!




I'm Alex Lee, Also known as Donghae's little "Brother"

No, i'm not a guy. I'm really a girl! But my life has seriously been changed because of Super Junior!

For one, I'M A GIRL who's PRETENDING to be a GUY in an ALL GUY DORM!

Some of the guys know, like Henry and Siwon! and the others that left, like Kangin and Hangeng

YES! IT's been absolutly crazy for me! but I've made some unforgettable memories.

My best friend Henry and i have gone through such crazy adventures! Like this one time he was in a panda suit dancing and playing his violin! 


Everything started getting awkward when i told him that i liked him before he went to New York. Sure! I mean, we're still best friends! But since he's in New York right now, i can't talk to him very much

However there's still Kyuhyun! He's always there for me no matter what! It's like he's a ninja! Whenever i'm crying, he seems to be there for me...  which is very strange since he still thinks that i'm a guy. But he's someone i treasure a whole lot!

and then there's Siwon... Honestly, he's a bit strange! Sure, he's polite and stuff, but when he's tired from work he becomes a ! like... !

and then my big brother! Lee Donghae! At first, i was mad at him. But now, he's the best brother in the world! Sure! There are times when he's really... Really... REALLLY overprotective, and pretty much is in a murder mode when any guy comes near me, but i still love him! We've gotten really close thanks to Bonamana! And i'm thankful for that!

So would you like to come with me in this strange... STRANGE journey





I hope you guys like this story! I'm going to work super hard on it! So i hope you guys like it :D










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Due to my new writing style (AKA IMPROVEMENT IN GRAMMER), I plan on rewriting it since I can't stand seeing how...wierd it looks in the beginning chapters! I plan to edit all the chapters in another version. It will be put up one day, but currently, I'm working on the first story's edited version.


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This looks interesting~
I just love it~ >w<
Queenka94 #3
Chapter 120: Girl, this story - is - pure - gold!~~~
I've (nearly) died,
And laughed my way into insanity reading this.
Thanks for the ride, Author-nim.
Haha, I was gonna say it was too short, TT__TT but then remembered that this is one of the longest fanfics I've read. (Chapter wise). Thanks again! :D xD
iftgyu #4
omg this is amazing
apcv_123 #5
Love this story!!!
special8387 #6
Chapter 120: I love the plot. I promise. It may sound cliche but it's true.thanks for publishing your story herexD
special8387 #7
Chapter 120: Thanks author-nim for mentioning special8387. I really appreciate it.(though i know the fact that it's all an accident)
special8387 #8
Chapter 108: hahaha. hey, i'm shocked. my TW is @special8387.. ahaha. And I'm a certifies ELF. TeukHaeWonRyChul biased:*
kandycane #9
Yay my faavorite! Thank you
Milaaan #10
I am really excited about this one, I really enjoyed living with these famous idiots and I am really sure that this one will also surprise me and laugh out loud like the other one.....