There are always turning points in life, and one must make decision, no matter if it's right or wrong, and there's no turning back to re-decide. However, what if, just what if, you know the paths and possibilities lie ahead, which one would you take?


I don't know why but yea... I have strong feeling for this, i know the plot and all but I have other fics that need to be finished before this. I know I don't have the time to update but gosh.... I just want to put this up, that is how much I love this story (inside of my head for now).... And as you can see, there's no pairings, no couple... this story focuses on another aspect of life, one that romantic event is somewhat insignificant....

Will be updating soon :) Hyesung and Andy story has been written, Just Eric left, then I will make it available to read


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Chapter 6: Ohohooo.. I like this. I chose a path n suddenly my character died *cries*. Yea, I chose Hyesungie's first. It's cz im introverted as fck and prefer to have a REALLY small group of friends than a lot of them, I see myself in the description of his character, I guess. And about the other two paths, I know that Eric is the one who get to see his dream come true yet I adore Andy the most. It's difficult I think to go against your own deepest desire yet he still makes it. He's strong one.. (BUT WHY HYESUNGIE HAS TO DIEEEEE?!?)

Thanks for writing!
yumilicious7 #2
Chapter 6: damn, this was too good