Magical Touch [HIATUS]


Do you believe in magic? Probably not. But what if, just what if, magic does exist in this world, not in all those fancy forms that come from fantasies but in an ordinary form? There is that sort of ordinary magic in our world, that sometimes, people call it fake but to some others, it is a miracle.


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Chapter 1: wonderful! andy's enthusiasm, his magic hands!! he will transform hyesung into the handsomest idol ever!!hyesungie fighting!
hyuu_hikari #2
Chapter 1: Anh! it's rare, AnSyung/SyungDy story~ =D
The first chapter is good b^^d
Chapter 1: Owah! This is exciting!

But I hope for nect chapter don't give me makjang plot...

Keep writing, author-nim!!! Fighting!