Story without an end


Sometimes, there are words that cannot be easily said. From an outsider's point of view, it would be better to just say it out loud, to get the message across but when you actually were involved, you then realised how difficult it is. 


Just plug in whatever pairing/names you want to use because I'm not writing this for any particular pairings. It was more like my own story with some fictional stuffs so just put in the names that you wanted as you read along :)


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hyuu_hikari #1
Chapter 2: I have my mind on WooDong too somehow, this time, you really left the ending opened, to get back together... I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to solve whatever problems there, to not get back together, both would be hurting I think...
Chapter 2: painful ughhhhhh! so sad!
feelgyo #3
Chapter 2: Hiks,, a bittersweet love-story. Thank you for giving me this piece authornim (˘̩̩̩~˘̩̩̩)

I sincerely hope you find your true one, so you can forget this feeling. I think it must be hard for you, using your own experience to write a story. If it's a sweet one, it's ok. But if it's like this, an angst, I just hope you didn't shed a single tears while recalling the feeling while writing this :')
Fighting!! :)
Chapter 2: uwahhh this relationship is complicated!
i still see him as eric but midway it got awkward OTL
somehow eric became the narrator instead and him is minwoo....
/head spinning
Chapter 2: Yes!!
I knew it was Woodong!!
Honestly, at first, because of the alcohol and the I person being good at cooking, I thought he was Andy, and then, maybe Eric to call him over? It seemed more like Eric than Jin with the alcohol.
But then, the concert, I knew it was Minwoo or Syung, but then, it's the 26th, so Minwoo has concerts the 24th, so it's Minwoo, and then I suddenly got it, it's Woodong :D
And, ok, other than I know Wan is ver religious and wants kids, if it was him saying that I would be more right, but still, so certain it's Woodong!!
And I really loved this, and, if this is personal experience, inspired at least, awww <3
I hope you find someone nice then, who won't do, well, this :D
Chapter 1: omg this is cute ;u;
ahhh~i used ricwan based on their rough interaction hehe
n esp bcause of camera=dongwannie :9
Chapter 1: Just now I got the time to finally read it so- (>///<) sorry for the late comment OTL
~ Well, first- let me tell you I've really liked the simplicity of the happenings in the story, it makes the story very realistic; it's like an every-day picture you could see in the park nearby~ also, the photos at the middle of the story are a really awesome addition! :D

About the pairing I chose: At first I tried to imagine it with Jindy, but not long after starting reading that fic I realized how perfect it is for Woodong~ Dongwannie always there with a camera! and him putting feelings aside and putting a smile on his face, is so much like him too... the teasing, the playfulness, is so much like this couple... so it was very easy to fit them into this oneshot ~ (๑>◡<๑) ♡

Anyway~ I've felt so many feelings at the same time while reading the story ~excitement, touched, sadness, grief, hope~ At first I've felt you wrote a bit too much about the two feeling so at east with each other~ but other than that, till the end of the story, I felt like watching a movie!~ the ending was so much like a movie, chincharo!~ sending a massage after the train left the station...

Really good job writing this fic! Hope you'll write a sequel! Fighting! ヾ(≧∇≦)/
Chapter 1: I'll never regret reading this. It was so intriguing. I naturally thought of RicSyung, just like everyone else. A story without an end is actually better that way. Maybe it's because we all know Eric(he) will cling onto Hye Sung(I) in the end. I hope you'll end up writing more stories without an end! All the best!
I love the pang of bitterness at the end and everything is so nicely put together. The interactions were bittersweet at its best and I love it! Quite honestly though, no pairings come into mind when I read this.

Just a scene of two people who were once a lover, trying to move on with their life but realized that they badly missed the moments when they were together.
Chapter 1: I like this story :) normally i dun like angst, even though i like to
write bout them :p
But this story wasnt exactly hardcore angst :)

It's kinda sweet especially the camera scene ~~

I used Ricsyung for the pairing. It just came to while i was reading the first sentence
Serious (≧▽≦)

I love ur story so much (>^ω^<)