The lost time


It's hard to turn back time. It's hard to understand the importance of the loss of somebody if bonds were not made. But if there's a chance to watch that person, even if it's late, will there be any change?


I know I shouldn't be writing this, I should write my other fics, but damn, this is so tempting as I want to run away from my writing block ><

I thought of using other couple but then it wouldn't really fit the character so I have to use ricsyung.... Anyway.. enjoy :)

Do comment since I haven't been on AFF for ages

And of course, I love to sneak shinhwa references in here and there xD

Sorrry for making Junjin a girl ><


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orange_BIRD #1
Chapter 1: i'd read this same story from manga .. sooo sad .. still crying tho ...
Chapter 1: This is such a sad story!!! But thanks author-nim for giving it a happy ending...somehow... thanks for making Eric realized what he has lost and of course knowing Hyesung he will love Eric unconditionally even in the after life!
Chapter 1: This is beautiful.. heartbreakingly beautiful, especially when you described the way Syungie smiled contently before he ended his own life. You do make the best angsty Shinhwa fanfic (I still cant erase the image of Black Despondency from my mind)
Chapter 1: Ahh...this really got me crying! Great story!
melzchoc #5
Chapter 1: It's make me cry T.T but it's beautiful
Thank you for the story :)
wid_03 #6
Chapter 1: how hard must be for eric after syung memories showed him his last day before jumped from the bridge. lived with dissapointed of himself cause too busy and forget his family... T__T
but in the end Syung apparently still waiting ric ..
good story, thank you ^^
Chapter 1: hueeeee T_____T
this story make me cry,,,,
thank you for creating this beautiful FF
esluve #8
Chapter 1: Waaaah my heart is so hurt authornim
U make me cry.....this story is sooooo (T_T)
But thanks <3<3<3
hyuu_hikari #9
Chapter 1: Anh..... what did you do to me?
This is beautiful, not sad but definetely made me tearing =') esp the 'playing memories' scene at the end when Hyesung smiled before jumped off of the bridge ;_; heart-breaking ;_;
thanks for the story Anh~
Leanneish #10
Chapter 1: Wow that was just...beautiful T____T I'm crying buckets but my angsty heart is very happy ^^' I'm really glad you made Hyesung happy though rather than sad, it made it much more heart wrenching T^T
Thank you~ x